Be A Master Texter Using These Flirty Emojis

Be A Master Texter Using These Flirty Emojis

Flirting has evolved with the times, and so has the globe. “Hello, how are you?” It is a thing of the past, replaced by flirtatious emojis! In this article, you will how to be a master texter using some flirty emojis.

When did you first hear about texting? We clicked the button three times just to get one letter since we were so pleased about it. Now that we all have smartphones, we can just speak into them, and they will automatically give us a text message. The globe has shifted on its axis, and the times are changing rapidly. For those times when you need to convey your feelings in a clear and concise manner, flirting emoticons are here to help.

Even if technology has progressed, some of us are still stuck in the past and have no idea how to flirt via text or any other medium. I was in the same boat until I learned how to flirt with emojis.

What you need to know about texting with provocative emoticons.

To begin, there is no reason to utilize a flirting emoji in the first place. Isn’t it possible that they’re just being childish? But only in the incorrect context, and only when you utilize emojis appropriately, can you look like a witty and charming date candidate.

When flirting with someone you like, it’s easy to find yourself having nothing to say. You’re unable to articulate your thoughts, and the other person doesn’t seem to receive the full picture of who you are. Adding an appropriate emoji, on the other hand, allows you to communicate without saying a word.

Don’t overdo it, though — that’s the only rule! No one wants to conduct an image-based discourse. Overuse of emojis turns them into cartoonish cartoons. It’s a great conversational tool when utilized carefully and effectively.

Using these flirty emoticons is a must:

A single emoji can completely alter the meaning of a sentence. It’s very remarkable. Flirting via text may be a strength for those of us who are horrible at it, like myself. When it comes to flirting texting, I’ve come up with a list of the most popular flirty emojis.

Winking face.

Let’s be honest, here. Winking towards the camera can have a profound effect on a statement. It’s quite fine to say something like, “Meet me at Wal-Mart later.” A simple “Meet me at Wal-Mart” message can be transformed into “Meet me there later with a winky face” by just adding a smiley face.

Kiss with a wink

The winks are back! Everything gets cuter and sweeter when they wink at each other. This is a sweet gesture that will make the recipient smile or exclaim, “awwwww.” You can never go wrong with the wink.

Heart eyes

Isn’t this one obvious? It’s a way of indicating that they’re so in love with you that they’re bursting at the seams, even when they’re not looking at you. In addition to sushi and avocado toast, I also use this emoji in other contexts. Let’s face it: food and love go hand in hand.

Smirking face

Like the winky face, this one has the same effect, but it’s a little less threatening. You can’t resist its appeal. When you want the person receiving your message to pay attention to the fine print, use this emoji. An excellent flirting emoji, this emoji is sure to spice up any conversation.

Smiles with rosy cheeks

No matter what the subject matter, I always use this emoji when communicating, even when it isn’t a romantic one. Use it in any situation when you want to convey a sense of happiness and contentment.

Waving hand

It’s a funny emoji, but for some reason, it’s more popular among men. The other person’s face lights up, and there may even be a smirk or two heard from them. It’s adorable and completely unharmful. When used correctly, it’s a powerful asset.

Sassy sexy girl

I’m not sure why, but a guy who uses this flirtatious emoji is always a winner in my book. Girls love it because it’s silly and zany. Depending on the context, this could work for a female sender as well, but it’s safe to say that ladies enjoy receiving this text emoji.

A drooling expression

When they think of you, they can’t help but salivate! It’s a risk, to be sure, but it makes a strong argument. If you send this emoji to someone, they’ll know exactly what you’re thinking and there’s no doubt about it.


The answer is yes. We can all admit that it’s a fairly common emoji with a highly explicit and sexual connotation. You’re flirting in full-on sexual territory here, but if you don’t believe they’ll be offended and this is the direction your flirtation is heading, go for it!

A thumbs up

As far as flirting emoticons go, this one has the most potential for multiple applications. You can either mean “okay” in the strictest sense or “fine” in the more figurative sense. It’s also entertaining and lightens the mood. Keep this one in your “most frequently used” section!

I’m confident in your abilities now that we’ve all learned about the evolution of texting and the use of flirting emojis. This means that you may now go out and find yourself a person to send charming, sweet, and sometimes sexually explicit SMS to. Hey, I’m not judging you.

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