Warning Signs of a Player

Beware of Womanizer: 10 Warning Signs that Reveal a Player You Can’t Ignore

Your heart says yes, but your head is warning you otherwise. You’re swept off your feet by his charm, but you can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Don’t ignore the warning signs of a player – learn to spot them and protect your heart.

I don’t think it’s fair to generalize about males because they’re all unique. Some guys will say something nice, which will be genuine and heartfelt. But some males say the same thing with quite different meanings in mind. And there are usually telltale signs that reveal a man’s womanizing tendencies.

Ways to recognize a womanizer in a man

Warning Signs of a Player
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Going on dates is a pain. Dating is enjoyable and a great way to expand our social circles. After the date, what will happen? It becomes more complicated from here on out. There’s a chance he’ll call, but there’s also a chance he won’t. You can never know why he didn’t experience the same spark you experienced.

What is his purpose, even if he does sense a bond with you? Is this more than just another notch on his bedpost, or does he like you? Relationships are more complicated than they appear since you can’t see into the other person’s head. Unfortunately, the womanizer is always easy to spot in the end.

1. There’s an instant uneasy feeling that something’s not right.

Warning Signs of a Player
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I can’t stress this enough. You get a fleeting suspicion that there’s something off about him. You remind yourself that he is likely cute and pleasant and put the thought to rest. Keep that emotion in mind. Why? You’re telling yourself this if you think he’s not being honest with you.

2. His history is obscure.

Asking him about his background reveals he doesn’t have much of one. He might claim he’s never been in a committed partnership. There’s a good explanation, not because he has no history. He does. There are no serious partnerships, and people swap partners as often as they do their underpants.

3. Only want to know shallow things about you.

He seems genuinely interested in learning more about you and only asks questions that support that impression. He doesn’t care what you have to say about the current situation of the country or your future aspirations. Instead, he probes about your employment and whether or not you’re a morning person. Talking to a womanizer is easy, but you can only expect superficial small talk.

4. He has no interest in getting to know you better.

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All he posts about on Instagram are beautiful women. It’s no longer unusual for people to have male and female friends on their social media profiles. But if most of his online friends are female, it should raise some warning flags. It gives a reasonable representation of his actual life.

5. As a result, he is elusive.

If his phone rings or he receives a text message, he’ll make sure you can’t see who it is from by covering it. You can tell he’s full of it and not to be trusted if you catch him hiding items and harboring secrets.

6. Friends? You don’t know them at all.

You may have only briefly crossed paths with them a couple of times. There’s a good chance there’s a good reason why he hasn’t introduced you to his buddies or mentioned them in conversation. Perhaps he has a high turnover rate of female partners and doesn’t want his acquaintances to think of you as a serious person in his life. Therefore, he is careful not to cause any confusion between them. Here are 22 red flags to look out for in a potential problematic boyfriend.

7. His family and friends make no effort to get to know you.

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If they can’t tell the difference between you and a plant, that’s probably for a good reason. That’s fair; maybe they just don’t share your taste with people. However, they may avoid getting to know you if they are used to meeting new girls every week. Are you really surprised? Eventually, you just want to give up.

8. He’s rushing.

He brought you out on a date, but when it came time to get physical, he didn’t waste any time. You may be on only your second date if he hasn’t already declared his undying love for you. Look, he isn’t making an effort to get to know you. Not doing so means he has no interest in being with you.

9. Your pals are trying to warn you.

Let me tell you something: as friends, we’re the ones who aren’t enamored with this person. If we tell you he’s a womanizer because of how he walks and talks, it’s probably because we’ve observed this trait in him. You’re obviously head over heels for him so that you won’t see it, but your pals are probably right.

10. Word got out to you through the grapevine.

Warning Signs of a Player
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In other words, it’s common knowledge that he’s a player. You didn’t pick up on that reputation by chance; he earned it. He probably still is a ladies’ man if he has a reputation for being one.

So, does that make him a player? Consider the signs carefully; we’re talking about your heart here. We don’t want it broken by somebody who doesn’t value you.

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