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What girls should know to start dating

1. If you clearly showed your availability but the boy doesn’t take any initiative, you don’t have a chance. It has nothing to do with his personality. Even a very shy person knows how to express his interest. (Many people around me warned me this before but I didn’t believe it; I was proven wrong.) 2. […]

Is he worthy of dating? Look at how he acts when he is tired

01 Last month, I went mountain hiking with my friends. I deeply realize that age is inversely proportional to willpower. When I was halfway through the trial, I felt that my legs were no longer mine. Friends will help each other at first, but few people care offer helps in the latter half of the journey. A […]

Girls, leave him if he has these behaviors

Whether it is in love or marriage, when a relationship occurs, whoever can’t control his emotions will drive his feelings along with the other’s behavior. The so-called, whoever loves more, loses. The one who loves the deepest is always easy to compromise and be led by the nose. Although this is purely voluntary, for a […]