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10 Things You Need To Know For Your First Relationship

Undoubtedly, the dating scene is a dangerous place to be. It’s possible to have fun with it instead of being paralyzed by fear and bewilderment after figuring out how to use it properly. However, you probably believe you know everything there is to know about dating before you go into your first relationship. Here’s a […]

Things to Consider Before Dating a Person With Type A Personality

Those with Type A personalities are difficult to date, and these characteristics set them apart from others. Now that you know what they’re like, are you ready to go out with them? According to a widely accepted theory of personality, all persons fall into either Type A or Type B behavior patterns. People who are […]

8 First-Date White Lies You Should Lie About

Ever lied on a first date to avoid being judged?

Ever lied on a first date to avoid being judged? No worries. Here are common lies. First-date lies are prohibited. Shouldn’t you just be yourself and let them decide? Why not just be yourself and let people decide if they like you? Yep. If they’re scared off before they know you, this rule shouldn’t apply. […]

The Talking Stage What Is It, And How Do I Get There

The dreaded public speaking portion of the project. After the initial introductions, but before you’re truly dating, this may be a pleasant place. It’s easy to become perplexed. It can feel like it’s going on forever. It’s even possible to have fun with it. However, everyone’s conversational style differs. Some love it and those who […]

9 Signs It’s Time To Define The Relationship

It’s time to define the relationship.

9 SIGNS IT’S TIME TO DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP If only there were a set of guidelines to follow while entering into a new romantic partnership! But only you can decide when it’s time to define your relationship. It’s natural to ask at some time when the relationship will be defined. There must be an understanding […]


10 TOPICS TO BRING UP ON A FIRST DATE TO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING It’s great fun to date, but you must put in the time, effort, and energy to make it work. You are likely to feel slightly scared whenever you go on a date. After putting in the effort to prepare, you begin worrying […]

How To Make A First Date Memorable

First date is not about impressing the other person with extravagant displays of affection, but rather to build a relationship.

HOW TO MAKE A FIRST DATE MEMORABLE On a first date, you should do something unexpected to make a lasting impression. Put your own spin on things! First dates should be memorable in a pleasant sense, not in a way that causes you to shudder every time you think about it. You’re probably feeling the […]


WHEN YOU’RE SINGLE AND READY TO MEET SOMEONE, HERE’S HOW TO LET EVERYONE KNOW IT Then, what are you waiting for? In the past several months, you’ve either just ended a relationship or have been mourning it for a long period. You’ve been wounded emotionally. The most unbearable feeling a person may go through is […]

7 Tips On How To Avoid Awkward Date Silence

Avoid Awkward Date Silence

7 TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID AWKWARD DATE SILENCE There are so many pauses on a date that it seems like the conversation is going on forever. Don’t let those awkward silences ruin your day by remembering these pointers! Even if you’ve known each other for some time, the first few dates can be difficult […]

Texts To Send After A First Date

Text the other person and let them know what’s on your mind after your first date.

TEXTS TO SEND AFTER A FIRST DATE You had your first date, and you think it went well. You need to know what to text after a first date regardless of whether you want to see them again. It’s not easy to get out of the house for a first date. So much so that many […]

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