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Three Simple Steps to Steer Clear of Defensive Pitfalls

Introducing a strategy I refer to as “Three Strikes Towards Understanding” Strike 1 – Pause when the urge to defend yourself first arises. That initial reaction is often our instinct to shield ourselves from perceived criticism or judgment. Breathe. Strike 2 – Resist the temptation to counterattack. It may seem like the next logical step, […]

How a Deficiency in Self-Understanding Could Undermine Your Relationship

The fusion of two souls committed to journey through life as one embodies a glorious testament to love and togetherness. However, even in the most beautiful of stories, hurdles are inevitable. One significant, often overlooked, obstacle that can derail this journey is the absence of self-awareness. When was the last time you embarked on an […]

Harnessing Rituals: Healing Through Meaningful Traditions

Embracing Solace in Symbols In her younger days, my mother faced heartbreak as her teenage romance came to an abrupt end. The emotional whirlwind that ensued was something most of us can relate to. To console her, her brother Richard, having faced similar heartache, took her on a comforting journey in his classic late-1960s Firebird […]

Elevating Conversations: How Your Voice’s Tone Impacts Personal Bonds

Why the Way You Speak Matters In the illuminating book, “The Relationship Cure,” Dr. Gottman establishes an intriguing assertion: in the realm of relational communication, only a mere 7% is attributed to the words used. A staggering 38% is credited to tone. Hence, even seemingly benign words can carry the sting of sarcasm or disdain, […]

The Two-Edged Sword: Social Media in Post-Breakup Recovery

Digital Connections and Heartbreak Recovery In the digital age, the end of a relationship can be accentuated or soothed by our online behavior. Social media, with its vast reach, can offer solace from friends and family across the globe. It also presents opportunities for new beginnings in the romance department once the heart has healed. […]

Rediscovering Yourself: The Healing Power of Solo Travel After Heartbreak

The Transformative Journey of Solo Travel after Heartbreak Heartbreak, often following a divorce or a breakup, can leave us feeling isolated and yearning for an escape. But remember, the best travel buddy you can ever have is yourself. Embracing a solo adventure can be a profound journey towards self-growth. Dr. Suzanne Vickberg, a renowned social-personality […]

Exploring the Influence of Attachment Theory on Social Media Engagements

Influence of Attachment Theory on Social Media Engagements

The Ubiquity of Social Media Platforms Platforms such as Facebook have radically reformed how individuals foster and maintain their social ties, and the influence of attachment theory on social media engagements can’t be ignored. It’s striking that a whopping 86% of adults under thirty are habitual users of social media, exhibiting the profound reach and […]

10 Ways to Stop Being Clingy

Ways to Stop Being Clingy

Clinginess isn’t a charming trait; in fact, it’s bothersome and could hint at a more profound problem. Relationships have room to bloom when you uncover ways to stop being clingy, making it a less possessive bond. Once they commit to a romantic partner, some people simply can’t help themselves. They need to check in with […]

Tips to Stop Being Jealous

Tips to Stop Being Jealous

The green-eyed monster, jealousy, has shattered countless relationships, both romantic and platonic. If you wish to escape its clutches, you’ll need to reflect on the reasons behind these emotions, employing tips to stop being jealous, as part of your self-examination process. There is nothing attractive about jealousy, which is why it has earned the nickname […]

How to Have Fun While Dating Multiple People Without Stress

How to Have Fun While Dating Multiple People

When you say you’re dating more than one person, it sounds like you’re playing people or can’t make a choice. The truth is, though, that learning how to have fun while dating multiple people can help you explore your options and make the right decision. Once you’re married, you have a spouse. If you’re young […]

What to Do After Sending a Sexual Text Message to Another Person

What to Do After Sending a Sexual Text Message

When the inevitable happens, and a private message ends up in the wrong hands, panic can set in. It is essential to know what steps to take to minimize the damage and move forward. Here’s what to do after sending a sexual text message. Imagine the horror, embarrassment, and shame you’ll feel when you type […]

What to Do When You Discover Someone Is Cheating on You

What to Do When You Discover Someone Is Cheating on You

When you’re the other woman or man and you find out someone is cheating on you, knowing what to do can be challenging. In this situation, you have to decide whether to stay or leave, while considering the steps to take when you discover you’re being cheated on. We’ve outlined the essential actions below to […]

9 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If You’re Ready for a Relationship

Questions to Ask to Know If You're Ready for a Relationship

There are a lot of people whose ex-lovers have hurt them badly. They put everything they had on the line, but they got hurt. Most of us have already been there. So asking yourself the essential questions to ask to know if you’re ready for a relationship is important no matter how you look at […]

10 Subtle Ways to Request Your Partner to Get Tested

Subtle Ways to Request Your Partner to Get Tested

It’s normal to feel awkward broaching the subject of sexually transmitted infections with your significant other, but finding subtle ways to request your partner to get tested can make a difference. The STI talk is one of the most awkward things two people can say to each other. You can’t just walk up to someone […]

The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Their Symptoms

Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Their Symptoms

Amidst the constant societal pressure of fulfilling the human desire for physical intimacy, one cannot overlook the importance of being informed about the common sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms, in order to safeguard oneself and one’s partner from the potential health risks associated with unsafe sexual practices. Most people don’t pay much attention to […]

How To Be Secure While Sharing Sexy Images On Snapchat

How To Be Secure While Sharing Sexy Images

Since sexting has become a popular way to spice up relationships, it’s crucial to know how to be secure while sharing sexy images. Whether through Snapchat or other means, it’s important to practice safe sexting to protect your privacy and reputation. It’s fast, it’s visual, and it’s quite powerful, but there are several rules you […]

15 Tips To Hide The Hickey Instantly

Tips To Hide The Hickey Instantly

Don’t let a pesky hickey ruin your day! Discover these effective tips to hide the hickey instantly and avoid any uncomfortable conversations. Hickies, also known as love bites or love marks, are prominent bruise-like blemishes created by kissing or sucking on the skin during foreplay. And just like a regular bruise, they can take time […]

Why Men And Women Should Do Kegel Exercises

Why Men And Women Should Do Kegel Exercises

Better sex, sex organs, and sex control can all be attained with regular Kegel practice. Do you really need any more convincing to join the Kegel club? If so, you probably already know that frequent Kegel exercises are beneficial for both men and women in numerous ways, including the development of stronger erections, firmer pussies, […]

8 Techniques To Get Rid Of A Hickey Quickly

Techniques To Get Rid Of A Hickey Quickly

Feeling self-conscious about a hickey? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with techniques to get rid of a hickey quickly. Whether it’s for work, family, or personal reasons, our natural remedies will help you say goodbye to that pesky mark. Exactly What Is This Thing Called A “Hickey”? Therefore, let’s start with the definition of […]

How To Maintain Your Sexual Appeal

How To Maintain Your Sexual Appeal

Maintaining your sexual appeal is crucial if you want to continue to attract and keep your partner interested. Sexual attractiveness is something that naturally evolves throughout time, but understanding how to maintain your sexual appeal can help ensure that it lasts forever. The first step toward ensuring your sexual allure lasts forever is understanding how […]

10 Telltale Signs Your Partner is Cheating That You Might Miss

Telltale Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it happens. The key is to recognize the telltale signs of a cheating partner early on, so you can end the relationship. As much as I’d like to claim that we live in a world where people who make a promise keep it, the reality is […]

Essential Lessons For Your First-Time FWB Companion

Lessons For Your First-Time FWB Companion

Is the friend with benefits you’re sleeping with inexperienced? Here are some essential lessons to remember when you have your first-time FWB companion. If you’ve never done it before, being “friends with benefits” can be awkward. While there is certainly an element of fun, there are also inherent dangers. You are putting more than your […]

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures?

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Picture

Nowadays, a lot of guys send unsolicited dick pictures from is, and has become a norm. What men are thinking, how to respond, and how to stay safe from unwanted advances are all discussed below. With the rise of dating apps like Snapchat and Tinder among both desperate serial daters and serious singles, it’s nearly […]

Clear Indications You Are a Serial Monogamist

Have you ever found yourself going from one relationship to the next without taking a break in between? It’s possible that you could be a serial monogamist without even realizing it. Let’s explore some clear indications that indicate you might be a serial monogamist. Do you have a history of committed partnerships? Are you afraid […]

How Does Lust Actually Feel Like: Hot Ways to Know it’s Real

How Does Lust Actually Feel Like

If you’re curious about what lust actually feels like, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not always as dramatic as it’s portrayed in movies and TV shows. Here’s what you need to know about the reality of sexual attraction. The way sexual attraction is portrayed in fiction and film is almost always exaggerated. […]

12 Sneaky Ways People Use Breadcrumbing To Boost Their Ego

Sneaky Ways People Use Breadcrumbing To Boost Their Ego

If you’ve ever been left with a broken heart, you might have fallen victim to breadcrumbing. Don’t let someone’s sneaky tactics to boost their ego fool you – learn how to spot breadcrumbing and avoid heartbreak with this helpful guide on the sneaky ways people use breadcrumbing to boost their ego. You might be wondering […]

How To Recognize and Deal With Sexual Tension at Work

How To Deal With Sexual Tension at Work

I understand how difficult it can be to deal with sexual tension at work. It’s a delicate situation that requires a careful approach to ensure that everyone involved feels respected and comfortable. In this guide, you’ll learn practical tips on how to navigate this situation and maintain a professional work environment while still acknowledging your […]

The Fitness Expert’s Guide to Sex, Calories, and Metabolic Energy Expendeture

The Fitness Expert's Guide to Sex

The Fitness Expert’s Guide to Sex: Can you trust the claims that sex can help you lose weight? The caloric expenditure of sex and how it stacks up against other forms of physical activity are detailed below. *Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash Training as a physical therapist has required me to learn a great deal about the […]

How To Quiet Your Pants Down If You Are Sexually Frustrated

How To Quiet Your Pants Down If You Are Sexually Frustrated

If you’re feeling sexually frustrated and helpless, it can be an incredibly distressing sensation. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and techniques on how you can quiet your pants down if you start feeling sexually frustrated to help you avoid getting into that pickle in the first place. Listen to me: human beings have […]

What is Quoiromantic Confusion And How To Recognize It

What is Quoiromantic Confusion

Have you ever felt a confusing mix of emotions towards someone, wondering if it’s more than just a typical attraction? You might be experiencing quoiromantic confusion, and it’s okay. Learn more about what it means and find solace in knowing that you’re not alone. We all get into relationships that leave us scratching our heads, […]

What Those Cheating Dreams Mean And Why You Shoudn’t Freak Out

What Cheating Dreams Mean

I understand that dreaming about cheating can be a nerve-wracking experience that can leave you questioning the state of your relationship. If you’re feeling lost and anxious about what those cheating dreams mean, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. *Image source: Unsplash/Pixelbay/Pexels Dreams should be peaceful and joyful. Consider how wonderful you felt […]

Thirst Trap: Are You Fostering Low-Esteem?

Thirst Trap

A thirst trap is defined below. Why do you follow the trend? Taking sexually explicit photographs may seem harmless, but why are you doing it? There are several benefits to using social media. And if we have a secret crush on someone, we can now get in touch with them without having to risk their […]

Why Online Dating Is Worse Than A Horror Movie

People who have tried online dating say it’s a tremendous struggle, despite the fact that it appears promising.

People who have tried online dating say it’s a tremendous struggle, despite the fact that it appears promising. Here are the reasons why online dating is worse than a horror movie. Why internet dating is more terrifying than a horror movie? At first look, online dating appears to be a lot of fun. Wait for […]

Different Types of Perverts How To Stop Them on a Date

On a date, many women have encountered men with less-than-savory dispositions. So it’s better if you learn the different types of perverts you may encounter on a date. Isn’t he a decent enough fellow? He appears to be a normal-looking guy, perhaps even attractive. Perverts, on the other hand, tend to keep their creepiness under […]

10 Surefire Ways To Tell If You’re In Love

10 Surefire Ways To Tell If You're In Love

Love is an addiction with the same potency as any other drug on the market. It’s impossible to know exactly how addiction begins, just like it’s impossible to know exactly how addiction begins. So how do you tell whether you’ve fallen in love and if it’s real? When you look out for these 10 surefire […]

What Is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome And Why Does It Occur

What Is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome

A few years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy I was highly obsessed with. Our relationship had only been going on for about two months at that point, but I was utterly smitten with him and wanted to spend every waking moment with him. He had a stunning appearance. Then, for reasons […]

Qualities that Make You More Attractive

person watching lake

Qualities that Make You More Attractive True attractiveness is found on the inside, not just on the outside. Attractiveness indicates that people desire to be around you and in your presence. The adjective “attractiveness” refers to the quality of being appealing to others. When you’re drawn to someone or something, it’s because of some quality […]

6 Signs You are Ready for a Long Term Commitment

Ready for a Long Term Commitment

Being in a long term relationship or preparing for one? Here are six signs that indicate that you are ready for a long term commitment. Even though they’re fun for a while, flings aren’t meant to last a lifetime. So, what about finding the real deal??? Is it time to start looking for something more […]

Subpar Relationship: 5 worst Symptoms of Settling for less

Symptoms of Subpar Relationship

Why do we settle? What’s justifiable when dating, and what’s not? Subpar relationships have five key symptoms, read it here. Even the best relationships have their share of bumps in the road, since not every time with your spouse is going to be perfect. There are a number of ways to tell if you’re giving up too […]

MidLife Crisis: 9 Telltale Signs That You Might Have

MidLife Crisis

When we realize that we have a finite amount of time on this planet, it’s an epiphanic moment. Having a midlife crisis occurs when a person is between the ages of 40 and 50. These words conjure up images of aging men in convertible sports cars, but the psychological issue of realizing how much time has […]

19 Best Movies to Lift Your Spirit after a Breakup

Movies To Lift Your Spirit After A Breakup

A list of the best movies to lift your spirit to watch when you’re heartbroken after a breakup and looking to fill the void. It’s impossible to avoid the pain of a breakup. In spite of how bad the relationship was, the end of one brings its own kind of mourning—the grief over a lifestyle, […]

23 BEST Sad Romantic Movies To Watch

Sad Romantic Movies To Watch

Romantic comedies or a classic wedding episode of your favorite TV program are great options when you’re looking for something light to watch. In this article, you will discover some of the best sad romantic movies that you can watch whenever you need to feel better about your own love life. It’s one thing to […]

6 Signs You’re Afraid of Commitment

Signs You're Afraid of Commitment

Many people are not aware that they can be afraid of commitment. In this article, you’ll discover the 6 signs you’re afraid of commitment. Belonging in a committed and long-term relationship can bring happiness to some people while causing anxiety to others. There are some people who truly have phobias or anxieties about commitment thus, […]

When to Leave a Relationship: Top 4 Signs

when to leave a relationship

When to leave a relationship? It’s a tough one. We would like to say – it never happens, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If it is happening for you, try our top 4 signs to help you decide when to leave a relationship. Whether it is in love or marriage, when a relationship occurs, […]

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