Character of a Serial Cheater

Everybody believes they know what to do if their partner cheats on them. But until you’re there, you can’t know for sure. Nevertheless, you should leave a serial cheater.

When it comes to opinions, the topic of cheating is extremely polarizing. It’s natural to speculate about how you’d react in the event of a partner’s infidelity. However, once it does occur, your emotions will change drastically. Whether you should stay, go, see what occurs, etc., is a decision with no right or wrong solution. 

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Do whatever seems proper to you at the moment. Since you know your partner and your relationship better than anyone, you should be the one making decisions about it. However, if your partner is a chronic cheater, you have little choice but to end the relationship.

Once could be an oversight, but twice is a decision.

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Of course, a person’s dishonest behavior in the past does not guarantee any future dishonesty on their part. Serial cheats, on the other hand, are a very different matter.

Their entire identity centers around deceit. They can’t help but frequently cheat on their partners or move from one relationship to the next. We support sexual freedom, but not at the expense of others. To achieve it, you need to be single.

When someone cheats repeatedly, they are called a serial cheater.

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Why are we even asking this? Does serial cheating mean twice, more, or what? Plus, what exactly is the definition of cheating?

It’s a tricky situation that requires careful consideration. When it comes to one individual, kissing is a major turnoff. Another person may not mind kissing, but they have a strict no-sex policy.

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If there were no strong feelings or attachment, some people might be able to forgive. Determining what constitutes cheating is ultimately up to you. You might believe you can manage a kiss, but how would you react if your lover kissed another person without your knowledge?

The problem with cheating is that it disrupts the entire process. You may believe you know, but until you’re there, you won’t. A serial cheater makes everything ten times more difficult, and you know there’s only one way out.

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A person who cheats more than once is known to be a serial cheater. It could start with a kiss and progress to sexual activity with a different person. In other words, you might have sex with them the first time, but then you forgive them, and they move on to kissing someone else.

Here, you’ll need to decide if and to what extent their activities constitute cheating according to your standards.

What to look for in a partner to determine whether they are a serial cheater?

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Most individuals won’t be cool with the thought of their spouse sleeping with other people behind their back unless the two of you have explicitly discussed being in an open relationship.

You should not only obtain an STI test if you’ve gotten yourself involved with a Casanova-type character, but you should also pull yourself out of that relationship. However, how does one ever become aware that they are dating a serial adulterer? Constant indicators exist. And once you are aware of what to look for in a serial cheater, you can easily identify one.

Previously, they cheated on you.

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Even though it’s true that one instance of cheating doesn’t necessarily portend future dishonest behavior, we’ll admit that it’s easier to say than to prove. Nonetheless, it raises the prospect of them repeating the behavior.

We apologize if we caused any further anxiety by calming you down. You should do some investigating to learn the number of relationships your potential spouse has been in and the reasons why they ended. In this way, the truth will reveal itself to you. One can be considered a serial cheater if they have a history of repeatedly cheating on their spouse.

They avoid or are uncomfortable with close relationships because they are afraid of being hurt.

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Maybe they only like the doggy style when you two have sex. That in itself isn’t always terrible, but it is when you’re looking for a private moment.

If they avoid sexually intimate situations with you, they fear letting you in. This also means that they will become emotionally invested in someone, which could throw a wrench into their plans to fuck anybody they choose.

They’re well-connected with people of the other sex.

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You know, just because you have many friends of the other sex doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them.

But if your significant other prefers to spend time with persons of the opposite sex, there’s probably a good explanation. It could be completely innocuous, but if you observe this symptom in addition to others, you should probably be on guard for a serial cheater.

So far, they haven’t made any promises to you.

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They don’t want to commit if you’ve been “together” for some time, but they’re still not ready to say it publicly. It’s just that easy. They still want options; thus, they don’t want to be removed from the sale.

If you’re okay with that because you’d rather not be committed to someone, then by all means. In contrast, if you’re hoping to find more, you probably aren’t doing so.

You don’t have a solid understanding of them.

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They are familiar, but you don’t know them. There hasn’t been a substantial exchange of ideas between you two.Perhaps you’ve told your partner about your traumatic upbringing, but thus far, they haven’t spoken a thing. 

This is because significant parts of their past and present are being kept secret. Because they are dishonest, serial cheaters are unwilling to open up to you. You can’t be completely honest with someone if you’re keeping secrets from them, can you?

Consequently, they alter their routines.

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Suspicion is warranted if there has been a sudden shift in their typical routine. If you don’t believe any of the other indicators, this is the one to focus on.

The truth is always revealed by the behavior of those involved. Even if they manage to cover up their actions, you can tell when they cease doing something they previously did. The average person does not act so impulsively that they try something new every day or suddenly give up habits they have always had.

Things aren’t hot in the bedroom as they used to be for you.

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The sex you used to have with your spouse was sensual, hot, and passionate. It’s dry and boring now. Wow, talk about a 180.

It’s not because they’ve lost their sexual desire, though. It’s because they’re being hot and sensual with someone else. Things like these just don’t switch without purpose.

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But don’t panic if this is the only explanation you can agree with. When you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s common for sex to become routine or repetitive. It’s possible they’re only receiving it from their partner, but it doesn’t make them serial cheaters. They may be overworked, exhausted, or both.

Try initiating sex on your own a few times to see if that helps things heat up a bit more between you. And if you don’t, you might have a serious issue.

They’ve apologized, but it’s all been in vain.

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Even if they’ve cheated on you, they’ll probably apologize if you find out. Apologizing, though, is simple. The challenge comes when it’s sincere. To evaluate the sincerity of an apology, focus on its contents.

Have they simply apologized and walked away from you? And they don’t give a rat’s behind about it. Or did they pretend it meant nothing and avoid making eye contact while saying it? You can tell if someone is sincere in their apology by observing their body language.

This is because they like the pursuit so much.

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Can you think back to the time before you two started dating? The game of cat and mouse you two played? Playing a challenging game may have earned you your partner’s approval. Of course, it was before they captured you. Now that the excitement has worn off, they realize that the pursuit itself was what made them so happy, and so they set out on another.

The adrenaline rush of the pursuit is so captivating that some people can’t get enough of it. The first flurry of excitement fades as a relationship calms down. It’s not a big deal for the vast majority of us since it’s been superseded by something far superior. The first rush is never enough for those who are addicted, though.

There is no record of their long-term romance.

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One or two persons may have been on their dating radar, but that’s all. No one has sustained a long-term relationship for more than three months.

If you’re only 19, that’s not a big concern, but if you’re in your late twenties, it should serve as a huge caution sign. Perhaps they aren’t serial adulterers, but they might have commitment issues.

What should you do at this point?

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That’s up to you, I guess. However, you should seriously consider leaving if you recognize these behaviors in your partner and this isn’t the first time they’ve cheated on you. The truth is that you need to leave.

You merit a loyal companion who will take the time and effort to get to know you. It’s pointless to second-guess your partner’s sincerity regarding their work-related excuses or their actions when you’re not around. Exactly when are you going to be able to relax?

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You will have extreme paranoia and begin to doubt everything at all times. You’re only going to make yourself crazier. Trusting your partner is crucial to your happiness in a relationship. Anyone who cheats repeatedly should be avoided at all costs.

People err; however, those who have truly learned from their experiences rarely do so twice. After you’ve forgiven your partner for infidelity in the past, he or she should work hard to win you back and promise you it won’t happen again.

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They will not do that if they give you the serial cheater treatment. They are, in reality, acting oppositely. You are better than that, so leave. You will almost certainly meet at least one serial cheater throughout your dating career. However, as quickly as you’d like to meet them, you’d like to let them go.

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