Clear Indications You Are a Serial Monogamist

Have you ever found yourself going from one relationship to the next without taking a break in between? It’s possible that you could be a serial monogamist without even realizing it. Let’s explore some clear indications that indicate you might be a serial monogamist.

Do you have a history of committed partnerships? Are you afraid of being alone, so you stay in a miserable relationship. Is there a pattern to the persons you date? There’s a good chance you’re a serial monogamist if you’re nodding your head in agreement.

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Maybe you’re wondering what the issue is. You can assume you are not cheating on anyone if you are monogamous. Yes, but your motivations need to be examined. Being single has many advantages. Focusing on your desires facilitates meeting others who share your morals and interests. A fear of being alone can lead a person to pursue relationships that aren’t healthy for them.

Let’s investigate this matter further to see if you really are a serial monogamist.

To clarify, what does it mean to be a serial monogamist?

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A monogamist is someone who chooses to have romantic relationships with only one other person. However, a serial monogamist is someone who maintains exclusive relationships one after another, without ever taking a break. Someone who is a serial monogamist is someone who enjoys being in relationships so much that they engage in them repeatedly.

Think of a person that exemplifies serial monogamy and we’ll provide them to you as an example. What about Jennifer Lopez? How recently did you hear rumors that J.Lo. was single? We can’t either. She is the textbook example of a serial monogamist, jumping from one relationship to another with alarming frequency.

Is it a terrible thing to be a serial monogamist?

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Both, actually. There is no right or wrong answer; rather, it is determined by your motivations. Possibly there is nothing to worry about if it happens without your knowledge. Sometimes it’s like that in life. It’s one thing if you do it because you want to meet new people; it’s another if you do it because you don’t like being single or alone.

Signs that you’re a serial monogamist:

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One sex is not more prone to serial monogamy than the other. Individuals of any sex can engage in serial monogamy. On the flip side, some people might be put off by this and think twice before getting involved with a serial monogamist.

Think of yourself as a serial monogamist? Find out if you exhibit the classic characteristics of being a serial monogamist and if so, what you can do about it or how you can better understand yourself.

1. It’s simple for you to meet new people and start conversations.

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Some individuals may have a naive outlook. Those who engage in serial monogamy have little trouble meeting new partners. You and your potential partner have an immediate and strong attraction to one another.

In many cases, though, you may make a final decision too quickly. You’ve been fast to label this individual as your boyfriend or girlfriend after only a short time together. Not terrific, that is.

2. You have a strong aversion to dating.

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Obviously, you do. You, however, are the type to avoid it at all costs. While the concept of dating appeals to you, you find the reality too uncomfortable to bear. You should commit yourself fully to one partner.

It’s not just that being coupled is more appealing to you; you prefer it. You value the sensual closeness a partnership may provide. You’ve gone on numerous dates, but there’s just one person who really grabs your attention.

3. Possibly never have you been without a partner.

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Do you stay in an uncomfortable relationship for as long as possible because you fear being alone more than you fear the relationship failing? How concerned are you that you may always be on your own? You might be a serial monogamist if you constantly pursue romantic partnerships without ever being single for an extended period of time. Someone who engages in serial monogamy usually needs constant companionship.

4. You move on to the next person soon after a breakup.

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This certainly links into why you’re never *or hardly* single. You are continually on the rebound, and believe the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else. When a serial monogamist’s feelings for their present spouse begin to wane, they may choose to maintain their independence by keeping their options open. They will start looking for other prospects, even before things have ended, simply to be ready. Just to make sure they won’t be alone.

5. Your relationship priorities are quantity over quality.

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The serial monogamist probably had a great time at first. There is definite chemistry between you, but it fizzles out quickly. You constantly jump from one relationship to the next, and they rarely last more than a few months at a time. This is because you have ridiculously low standards.

Since you’re someone who is frightened of being alone, it’s inevitable that you put quality aside and take whoever comes your way next. But for your own benefit, you really need to learn to be more selective in the dating process.

6. You’re a hopeless romantic.

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Indeed, this is the case. You’re the type to believe that you can only have one true love in your life, and that you should devote the rest of your days to that one special person. If you don’t picture yourself spending the rest of your life with your current spouse, it’s time to part ways. This could be why your relationships are so short lived. That certain someone eludes you, yet you never stop looking. Every time you meet someone new, you’re always so confident this is the one. But then, a new candidate comes along, and the process starts all over again.

7. There’s more of a physical connection than an emotional one.

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Do you feel the urge to constantly show someone you care by touching them? Perhaps you’re even craving it. Do you share more sexual than emotional experiences together? You might be a serial monogamist if you do this. In a relationship, it’s difficult to keep going if you don’t feel an emotional connection with your spouse.

8. Being alone yourself is often a very stressful experience for you.

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A serial monogamist generally has difficulty with independence. It doesn’t imply you’ll always want someone close by, but you could feel uneasy at the prospect of being alone. This is a problematic sign because it reveals a terrible rationale for your actions. Being on your own isn’t a bad thing, even if it’s only to walk to the store or head out for a meal alone. It’s a chance to reflect on the day’s events.

If you have intimacy problems and a dread of becoming bored in your current relationship, you may be a serial monogamist. If you’re currently single, it’s important to take some time to get to know yourself and your true desires before jumping headfirst into a romantic partnership.

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