Clever Flirting Techniques

Clever Flirting Techniques From Teenagers That Adults Should Use

As you age, the rules of courtship can change, but don’t worry, some of the clever flirting techniques you learned as a teenager can still work wonders in your adult years.

As a young adult, life has become more complex. No responsibilities were pulling us away, like money owed or a deadline at work. Every second counted, and we enjoyed it to the fullest. We were schooled in the fundamentals of male-female communication and courtship, but the fun wears off with age. Things take on an air of solemn calculation. When did we stop just going with the flow and enjoying ourselves?

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You could worry that people will see you as immature if you use the seduction techniques you used when you were a teenager. In actuality, however, adult flirting is much more calculated and persuasive, in sharp contrast to the charming and innocent ways in which teenagers flirt.

Why bother if we can’t go back to when flirting was just for fun? When used properly, they can be surprisingly effective in winning over the target sex.

Flirting moves for teenage girls:

1. Giggle. 

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Being present and enjoying life has many benefits. Laughing at men’s jokes, no matter how lame they are, is a surefire way to get them to smile at you. Men prefer to be with women who are carefree and entertaining company, with whom they can share a joke and, who knows, maybe more. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day at the office or elsewhere.

If a man meets you and gets the impression that you’re someone he’ll enjoy spending time with, especially at first, he’ll be eager to learn more about you. An attractive teenage girl’s giggle is one that is both carefree and flirtatious.

2. Slap/punch. 

To the bicep! Do not get any ideas: this does not include the face. Play fighting is a great way for guys to assert their dominance and egos with women. As a result, you’ll feel more at ease in each other’s company and like being in close quarters.

Clever Flirting Techniques
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Many men in today’s society have a hard time sensing whether women are attracted to them, making them reluctant to pursue romantic relationships. Even the most dense men will catch on to your fun demeanor and play fighting hints very quickly if you’re into them.

Flirt back at a guy if you want to get his attention. It’s a good idea to start by slapping or striking them *very* lightly on the arm in faux indignation to entice him into a small playfight and some physical flirting. Maybe he’ll completely enchant you and make you forget everything else.

3. Make funny faces. 

Clever Flirting Techniques
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Facial expressions are a foolish but entertaining form of communication. This demonstrates that you are not too serious about yourself and are able to enjoy a lighthearted moment. It also demonstrates that your face isn’t completely frozen in place with Botox.

They enjoy it because of its inherent silliness and naivety, which appeals to males. While I don’t think guys are inherently childlike or silly, I do think they deserve to let their guard down and enjoy themselves every once in a while. The modern human takes oneself and their image far too seriously. An attractive attribute is the ability to relax and enjoy life.

Clever Flirting Techniques
*Image source: Unsplash/Pixelbay/Pexels

As was previously noted, giggling is another fun, flirty thing that males enjoy, and pulling faces is a great way to achieve that.

Some of our most formative experiences occur during adolescence. Remember that high school was a time of relative carefreeness even if you didn’t have the best social life and weren’t at the top of the social pecking order. You like to joke about and have a good time with your pals, and the thrill of your first interactions with the person of the opposite sex once you’ve begun to “notice” them is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll be a lot happier and more desirable to the other sex if you apply some of these teen flirting strategies to your adult life.

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