Clever Ways to Ditch Your Horrible Date

Clever Ways to Ditch Your Horrible Date

Hearing bad date stories is like listening to nails on a blackboard. Here are clever ways to ditch your horrible date quickly and easily.

Follow these tips to get out of a date quickly if you can relate to my disastrous outing or ever find yourself on a date you want to cancel immediately!

1. Consciously arranged an urgent phone call.

This is a classic when it comes to meeting someone fresh for a date. Tell a buddy that if she receives a text from you containing your “secret code,” she should immediately call your phone and ask you to come to her.

2. Act as if you’re disgusting.

It’s possible that this piece of advice will strike you as miraculous or totally unfathomable, depending on your character. In addition, your level of misery on the date will play a role. Nothing will turn a man off more than a woman discussing her period, whether or not she is having a big one, or how often she has to use the restroom because of it. If your date is going badly, try this tactic to terminate it quickly.

3. Turn into a ghost.

As of now, you have vanished, never to be seen again. Use an excuse like needing to make an urgent phone call or using the restroom. The next step is to leave the table and his line of sight entirely. You should wait about 5 minutes, and then go.

4. Plan a second date.

It’s common practice to have a backup of everything these days, from electronic devices to bags to drives to plans, so why not a backup date? Make things simpler for yourself by informing your backup plan that you will text him at around 8 o’clock to meet you at whatever restaurant you know you’ll be at that night. Your actions here demonstrate an expectation of the necessity of an evacuation plan. Even if you’re having a great time on your first date, you should still send a text to your backup date choice at 8 o’clock to reschedule.

5. Don’t just sit there; tell stories.

As an alternative method of escaping a horrible date, this is a solid option to consider. Raise yourself to the level of a master storyteller. Talk nonstop about your exes and your friends’ exes and never let a moment of silence pass. And if you don’t give him much chance to elaborate, it works even better.

Yes, you can even make stuff up. In any case, you won’t run into this individual again. Tell him that you and your ex-boyfriend are still having sex, even though you’re not, and that you’ve been arrested for stalking one of your exes who obtained a restraining order against you, even though you weren’t, and that you’re actually going to go hang out with another guy you’re talking to once you leave there (never happened).

6. Call your parents on the phone.

There is no surer way to scare off a potential suitor than to introduce him too soon to your parents. In fact, it’s on your current cringeworthy date, which is way too soon. Your parents will be well aware of how miserable you are. There should be at least one uncomfortable pause in the conversation after you’ve spoken. Put your phone against the wall at the dining room table if you’re feeling very daring. Holy cow! Love technology, or what? His mind will be blown, and he’ll want to get away from you as much as you do.

The next time you’re on a bad date and would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard, use one of these eight ways out and get back to normalcy as soon as possible!

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