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Clichés from Romantic Comedy that Never Work in the Real World

Clichés from Romantic Comedy that Never Work in the Real World

The romantically destitute have turned to rom-com as a modern source of inspiration, but are these films of any use? We’re not going to do that.

As far as I’m concerned, the romantic comedy has become a modern-day phenomenon. A scholarly journal would be more appropriate for investigating why this is the case, whether it’s because modern career-chasing rat racers are becoming increasingly isolated or for other sociological reasons. The popularity of this particular genre and how it may influence the actions of individuals who regularly consume it are adequate for our needs here.

It’s the relationship advice from the rom-com.

We live in a media-obsessed world, whether or not we think it’s a good thing. Media has an impact on our actions, thoughts, and decisions… Newspapers, social media, blogs, television, and radio all serve to satisfy our inescapable want to have someone else do our thinking for us. Is this a positive thing, and can it be used in movies to help people build better relationships?

“No,” I feel, is the simplest answer. There are a lot of tired tropes in romantic comedies that don’t hold up in real life. For this reason, the following ten examples of such clichés and their possible real-world consequences demonstrate exactly why this is the case.

From love to hate.

It’s a common trope in romantic comedies to have two strong-willed, outspoken characters who appear to despise one another but are actually falling in love. A particularly violent dispute ends with them kissing, and they’ve never looked back. Romantic happiness to the end of time.

When it comes to romantic comedies, it’s best to think twice before you fall in love with a character. The consequences of kissing during a heated argument are shame, embarrassment, and a possible trip to the police department.

Two worlds apart.

The traditional rom-com trope of a street rat or gutter rat being wooed by a snooty sophisticate of the opposite sex is here again. Lower-class individuals try to up their game when they fall in love, but fail terribly and are mocked by the upper-class. Sophisticate spurns their peers to confess their everlasting love, and the two ride out into the sunset together in the final scene. It’s all very well and good, but it’s not going to happen in the actual world. Certainly not on a regular basis.

The buzzing.

Mr. Hugh Grant’s trademark is that endearingly adorable manner in which he stammers his way around a topic and arrives at a surprisingly brilliant conclusion. Don’t do this if you’re attempting to impress a potential soul mate with this prank. A scorching kiss is more likely than a cold shoulder to be bestowed upon you if you sound like you have a serious mental health problem.

It’s there every time you need it.

Another rom-com cliché is the steadfast buddy who secretly hopes for a romantic outcome. However, waiting for a friend to realize your extra-platonic merits is unlikely to gain you anything other than feelings of desperation, despair, and anger.

The eccentric and the obnoxious.

A romantic comedy trope in which the object of desire is a little out of the ordinary is referenced. A free-spirited hippie, a seductive serial adulterer, or a dreary misanthrope: these are all possible personas. They either ensnare them or save them at some point in the movie, depending on whatever type of straight player is being depicted.

In the actual world, however, this cliché should be avoided. Seeing a movie where it worked out successfully doesn’t mean you’ll get a quirk or jerk on your hands. Within three hours of the date beginning, you’ll be utterly irritated by these twerps. Get real, people!

Physical incompatibilities.

This particular cliché involves an Adonis or Aphrodite type who learns to overcome their superficiality in order to be with the person they love, despite their mismatching appearances. It’s a sad day for everyone since it just does not occur. Even if they aren’t as stupid as sticks, the stick has a certain allure. Any attempt to downplay or ignore this reality will almost surely fail.

A fictitious persona.

This is even more ridiculous than the last because it portrays a classic rom-com cliché in which a character ends up pretending to be someone they’re not in order to win over the person they’re in love with. If this is a path you’re willing to take, I’m not going to dispute your parents’ parenting abilities, but has anyone ever informed you that lying for a long period of time is a bad idea? It has never occurred to me that lying or being dishonest would be a good strategy for winning someone’s affection.

Stupid relationships.

Something about rom-coms always has the male and female characters meeting in the most absurd places. When it comes to romantic comedies, it’s best to think twice before you fall in love with a character. So, is it really necessary for me to elaborate on the lack of potential for romance in such settings? Because of this, you’re more likely to get into legal trouble if you’re caught having sex in these settings with someone of the opposing sex. Please, speak to yourself with great force!

Rain halts play.

It’s raining, so what better place to have sex than in the rain Really? A romantic ransom for some foolish movie moment can result in your other half desperately attempting to get under cover before they stain their nice new clothes, and you might just be getting that taxi home on your own!

If you’re looking for true love, it’s important to be your own person. These movie stereotypes are for amusement reasons only and are not meant to be applied to real-life situations!

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