Cuddle Rules To Keep You From Becoming a Fuck Buddy

Cuddle Rules To Keep You From Becoming a Fuck Buddy

If you’re someone who craves the warmth and comfort of a snuggle buddy, you’re definitely not alone. However, sometimes it can be easy to cross the line from a cuddle friend to a more intimate relationship. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to maintain those boundaries and keep things strictly platonic, then you’re in the right place. Check out these helpful cuddle rules to keep you from accidentally becoming a fuck buddy instead.

The debate between cuddling and f*cking:

I’ll explain what each of these phrases means to those who aren’t familiar with them.

A “cuddle buddy” is someone you only cuddle or snuggle with. Neither party benefits from the other’s company intellectually or emotionally.

A F*ck Friend is like a cuddle buddy, only for the cuddling part to be replaced by sex. In contrast to couples, those who “f*ck pals” do not share a romantic or romantically-like relationship.

In order to have a successful cuddling relationship, you must follow these golden rules:

When people say they desire a snuggle buddy, it’s usually because they long for the closeness and physical affection they formerly shared in a romantic relationship. However, they aren’t interested in being romantically involved for other reasons. Neither of them is interested in taking things sexually further.

Following these guidelines is the norm if you want to have someone over to watch a movie with you and cuddle, but don’t want things to go too serious.

Keep your clothes on.

Keep your clothing on and dial down the thermostat or switch on the air conditioning if you two start to feel too warm. Taking off your sweater can make a huge difference. Simply put, you don’t want to be on that level.

There should absolutely NO EMOTIONS.

You can’t be best friends if there are any sentiments involved. If the two of you are already spending a lot of time close together, it’s just a matter of time until sexual tensions arise. If any of you is experiencing anything, it’s best to keep your distance.

Having jealousy is not an option for you.

To be jealous is to like the other person. If you’re only sleeping together as friends, it shouldn’t upset you if they’re also sleeping with someone else. If you’re getting jealous because someone else is sleeping with them, it’s probably because you want to sleep with them, too. This might not end up being a snuggle buddy situation, but a f*ck buddy one.

Keep your hands off.

Always sleep with your hands out from under the covers. Don’t touch anything that could be considered immoral. As simple as it may seem, touching someone’s chest or stomach can arouse a wide range of emotions. Use standard, kid-friendly hand placement.

Stay away from movies that include sexual content.

When cuddling, watching sex scenes can make things more steamy than you’d like. It’s possible that the images will get the two of you excited, and before you know it, you’ll be making some poor choices. See if you can find movies that feature no sex scenes or at least ones that aren’t too hot.

Don’t go on top.

The girl might be tempted to lay on top of the guy since, in all honesty, that would be the most comfortable position in the world. However, whether laying down or when someone is laying on top of you, there are a number of positions that might cause various body parts to have a field day. To prevent becoming f*ck pals, you should avoid this stance.

Cancel all dinner plans.

Dates equal emotions and the sense that something more than a one-night stand will happen. In that case, they are nothing more than your cuddle buddy. You shouldn’t take your snuggle buddy out on a date if you ever want to settle down with them.

Spell out your intentions.

This should usually be stated initially to ensure that all parties are on the same page. This is a crucial rule to follow. If you invite someone over *often* just to cuddle and they misinterpret your intentions, they may try to pursue a romantic relationship with you. Let them know you just want to talk and hug.

If you start to experience any kind of emotion, whether physical or mental, it’s time to end the relationship.

That’s right, we already spoke about that. Nonetheless, if you start feeling romantically interested in your cuddle partner, you should break up with them immediately. In most cases, feelings lead to more, especially if you’re already in a situation where you’re very close to the other person physically. You can’t let yourselves become emotional if you want to keep your relationship at the snuggle buddy level and not the f*ck buddy or partner level. There are ZERO sentiments, and ZERO bodily desires.

Never turn them into your cuddle buddy if you have dating hopes for them.

You should never make someone you have feelings for your snuggle buddy. That’s merely trying to lure them into a trap. Further, this demonstrates your emotional investment in the relationship, which is frowned upon in platonic friendships.

Having a someone to cuddle up with is a wonderful luxury. Even if it’s not a romantic relationship, they serve to keep you cozy, safe, and cared for. Therefore, if you want to keep them out of the f*ck buddy zone, you must abide by these guidelines.

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