Dating in the 21st Century - Almost Relationships

Dating in the 21st Century – Almost Relationships

Dating in the 21st century, an almost relationships is one that shows promise but never quite develops into anything more serious.

Having a relationship is not a yes-or-no question anymore. The line between singlehood and being in a committed relationship is really blurry. What’s strange is that when new kinds of “almost partnerships” emerge, the gray area tends to expand.

People’s reluctance to make things official may surprise you. With the proliferation of online dating sites, however, single people always have the nagging fear that they may miss out if they settle down with only one partner. And thus we have the emergence of the hookup culture, with all its varied forms of casual dating.

Here’s a real eye-opener for those of you who have never been in an almost-relationship:

Close but not quite dating encounters typical of modern society.

Relationships that are close to becoming marriages are no less “genuine” than any other kind of connection that leads to marriage. But what distinguishes these “nearly relationships” is their inability to progress to the point where both partners are truly invested for the long haul. In this section, we’ll go through some of the most typical examples of near-relationships.

1. Cyber-courtship.

A new message alert pops up in red on your Facebook profile. Everyone knows exactly who sent that message. A cyberflirtation is an “almost relationship” that never quite gets off the ground due to the virtual nature of your interactions. What constitutes your “relationship” between the two of you are “likes,” cute remarks, and passionate texts. There are video games where the protagonists get engaged or married.

2. A non-date.

This is the “almost-relationship” that develops between two people after several “un-dates.” Simply put, what is the definition of a “no-date”? Not quite a date, but more formal than just hanging out. An un-date is a date in which neither of you feel obligated to exchange a goodnight kiss at the end of the evening. While having brunch, lounging in a bookshop, or strolling through a park, you and your date are really simply hanging out and flirting.

3. Pseudo-LDR.

An actual romantic connection between these two could have developed out of their near-relationship. It’s only that one of you had to move away, so you never got around to officially committing. You download every long-distance relationship (LDR) app you can find in an effort to keep the spark alive despite the miles apart… Once your interest has waned, you remove them all.

4. That one based on arousal and desire.

Every comedy relies on the sizzling chemistry between the main man and the femme fatale. This is how it feels to be in a quasi-relationship. The sexual innuendo and the will-they-won’t-they tension are what keep you reading. A little more prodding, a few more shots of tequila, or some more sultry remarks, and you’ll be all over one other. Unfortunately, the tension will remain between you two unless you receive that extra push in the right direction.

5. Having a crush on each other.

This is a gentler, more high school-appropriate take on the almost-romantic tension between two people. You have mutual feelings for one another. It’s common knowledge between you two. Maybe even the whole wide world is aware of it. Despite spending time with one another and having mutual friends encourage you to pursue a romantic relationship, neither of you has taken the initiative to do so.

6. Romance in the workplace.

Given the monotony of your job, you decide to flirt with a coworker. Keep in mind that the person you’re having an almost-relationship with isn’t your typical type and that the only reason you’re doing this is because you need some extra push to get to work on time.

7. Physical connection.

It’s known by various titles, including “friends with benefits,” “f*ck pals,” “casual sex partner,” and others. The physical attraction in this “nearly relationship” just isn’t translating to the emotional connection stage. Only sexuality is discussed.

8. That one is just conceptual.

What he did when he touched your hand wasn’t by chance, was it? Her message included a winking emoji, so she must like you, right? This almost-relationship exists only in the nooks and crannies of your thoughts. If you were to ask anyone else, they would probably think you were crazy. Still, you insist on believing that your crush feels the same way about you as you do about them.

Every relationship goes through the “almost” phase at some point. However, in these near-relationships, that moment stretches into weeks of tense anticipation and, in some cases, regret. The silver lining of failed romantic attempts is that they educate you to save your energy for a relationship that’s truly worth your time and effort.

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