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Dating Rules Girls Must Keep in Mind

If you haven’t noticed, today’s dating scene is more complex than ever. People who rely on their mobile gadgets to stay in touch with others will find this more difficult than cooking an overdone steak in the oven. However, this is when dating guidelines come into play: It’s much easier to identify The One when you’ve put up barriers to keep you in your lane and shield you from those who aren’t so straightforward.

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No one’s dating guidelines should be dictated by anyone else’s desires or requirements. To save you time, energy, and a lot of contradictory feelings, these principles are designed to encourage healthy relationships and discourage ones that could become one-sided or toxic. Make sure that you don’t give up on your own dating rules just because they’re difficult for you to adhere to. Trust yourself, girl—you have a good reason for all you’ve done.

It’s possible that I can assist you in the process of formulating your own set of dating guidelines. Because you can’t rely on Cupid to make all the magic happen, I teach how to develop a good dating life (if only it were that simple…). As a modern romantic, these are my top dating principles to follow. Don’t be afraid to break the rules that don’t work for you in order to discover your own.

1. Date numerous persons at the same time.

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You did hear me right! Do yourself a favor and play the field before you enter into an agreed-upon monogamous commitment. To avoid the most likely outcome, you need to do this: A person you’ve been dating for a while suddenly pulls away or tells you they’re not seeking for a long-term relationship. 

You’re devastated because you’ve put a lot of trust in them, but they haven’t shown any interest in you. Disappointment stings when you’ve grown even a little bit attached to someone. Put your metaphorical egg in multiple baskets to save yourself the pain.

2. Make it clear that you’re looking for a relationship.

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If that’s what you really want. When searching for the one and only, there is nothing to gain, but much to lose if you keep your search secret. One, your emotional sanity when the person you’ve been seeing keeps things casual, and two, a lot of time.

Let rid of the assumption that informing a possible partner (in general, not just with them) that you want a relationship will scare them away or make you appear desperate. By being upfront about your goals, you’re ensuring that no one will ever leave you in a worse position.

3. Focus more on execution than in-depth planning.

However long or short it may take a possible date to contact you, you should not be judged solely on the account of how long it takes them to contact you. Some people just aren’t very good at planning ahead of time! And we’ve all experienced the frantic pace of daily life.

4. After two weeks, give them another chance to get in touch with you.

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I know what you’re thinking—two weeks? But bear with me.

Someone may still need to figure out how compatible they think you and I are and what plans we can make even after a nice date! As long as they text you within two weeks, you don’t have to worry too much about it. For a person to have chosen whether or not they want to see you again, that’s a lot of time. Even the thought of you is no longer a priority for them after this stage.) Next!) When your post-date anxiousness creeps in, remember that how they seek you is more important than how quickly they pursue you.

5. Wait at least a few dates before engaging in sex.

I’m not opposed to sex on the first date, but I’m also not in favor of it. What a must it is to know not only someone’s objectives but also whether their actions are in keeping with those aims, something I know all too well. It’s excellent that you’re attracted to each other sexually. 

In the case of something more substantial, such as a long-term relationship, you should double-check if they have the same objectives in mind. If they don’t commit, having sex merely makes you feel more tied to them…and can potentially make you feel horrible about yourself if they do. That should not be felt by anyone.

6. Don’t get too worked up over who’s going to foot the bill.

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It’s time to stop imposing gender standards on first dates, people. Neither a guy looking for a woman nor a woman seeking a man should have to foot the tab for dates. This is a chance for you to do what is right for you and in accordance with your beliefs.

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