Differences Between A Hookup And A Dating Material

It might be difficult to gauge whether or not a casual date has what it takes to become more serious. Here are some insights to figure out if this person is more than a hookup.

The time comes for everyone to evaluate their present casual partner to see if they have what it takes to become a serious partner. There are always telltale indicators of whether a person has the potential to become your new lover or should remain a hookup.

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I made the critical error of continuing a one-night stand when it should have ended there. Taking things from a casual date to something more serious can seem like a smart idea at the moment.

Despite your feelings for this person and your desire to make them your significant other, not everyone is cut out to be someone’s special someone. Your choice is ultimately up to you, but with our assistance, you might be able to make a more informed choice.

How to figure out if it’s worth pursuing a relationship with them or if they’re better off staying casual.

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How, then, do you know when to make such a major decision? We have done extensive research and compiled a list of comparisons to help you determine if they are worthy of more than a casual hookup.

Traits that make a person attractive in a romantic relationship.

1. You’re looking for more than that. 

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Do you intend to move beyond casual dating and introduce this person as your boyfriend or girlfriend? If you’re feeling something more than a casual attraction, you probably think this could lead to more. If you’re emotionally invested in your hookup partner, they could be a serious romantic interest.

2. They’re keen on engaging with you in conversation. 

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That’s very typical sounding, right? I mean, they keep in touch with you even when there are no immediate intentions to meet up sexually. They randomly check in with you during the day to see how you’re doing, to find out what you’ve been up to, or just to chat.

3. Having ugly people-in-common isn’t all you share in common. 

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If they’re talking to you for a long time and you find out that you share interests beyond just being nude together, that could be a promising indicator of things to come.

4. They’ve piqued your interest enough that you want to spread the word. 

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That’s right, ladies: I’m addressing you! We all know how much you like talking about your special someone. If you’re investing in them, it’s because you see promise in them.

5. Together, you have promising prospects. 

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Visualizing the future with this person, even if it’s simply the two of you out on a romantic date, implies that you’ve been giving this relationship more than a passing thought.

Hookup Traits: How to Determine If You Should Limit Yourself to Sheet Freakouts

1. You two seldom communicate with one other unless it’s to arrange a sexual encounter. 

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This is the single most telling indicator that you should limit your involvement with this individual to a casual hookup and move on quickly. They don’t deserve to date you if they can’t be bothered to get to know you beyond your private parts.

2. You don’t say a word about them. 

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If you were seriously considering this person for more than just a casual hookup, you would be gushing about them to everyone you know. It makes sense that you’d want to gush over other people.

3. It’s clear that you two are completely incompatible. 

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Dating shouldn’t happen if you and your potential partner share nothing in common other than a mutual attraction to one other’s physical appearance. If you two have had any kind of conversation besides making plans, you’ve probably realized that you don’t have anything in common. I don’t see how you could make a one-night stand with your long-term partner if you two have nothing in common.

4. In short, you don’t feel anything for them. 

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Having a sexual desire for someone and actually having feelings for them are two different things. Hookup partners and fling partners rarely become emotionally invested in one another. They will remain in the “hookup” category if you discover that you aren’t interested in them on an intellectual level or if you don’t feel romantically connected to them.

5. You anticipate that this romance won’t last for very long.

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Put another way; you don’t anticipate staying together for very long. If you shrug when asked to describe this individual to your friends or try to avoid their questions altogether, it’s likely that you don’t picture yourself spending much time with this person outside of the bedroom.

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate a brief flirtation from a genuine romance. Fortunately, this list can help you decide whether or not to proceed.

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