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Distinct fantasies of Female Sapiosexuals

Distinct fantasies of Female Sapiosexuals

Do you consider yourself to be a sapiosexual individual? If this is the case, who are the folks you are drawn to the most? A typical sapiosexual fantasy may be at play here.

People who identify as sapiosexuals say that they are drawn to educated, well-read, and supposedly high-IQ individuals. It’s enough to make a sapiosexual swoon even if there’s no proof.

It’s not clear what this means. Sapiosexuality can be defined as the attraction to another person’s intelligence over any other factor. In the opinion of a sapiosexual, a person’s intelligence is the most important factor in the attraction, and other factors are considered secondary.

Many things could play a role in this, but it appears to be largely driven by a person’s definition of intellect. Some are on the lookout for very brilliant individuals with backgrounds in one of the numerous scientific disciplines, while others prefer those who are just well-versed in literature, eloquent, and artistically talented.

In the event that you are a sapiosexual, you ought to decide what kind of intellectual person you find attractive. But until you get to know someone better, you can’t tell how smart they are or what they know.

Individuals who claim to enjoy intelligent people, on the other hand, tend to place more importance on their attractiveness than they do on their intellect. Online or off, intellect is always a distant second or perhaps a distant third.

Although it’s ironic, we’ve compiled a list of stereotypically intelligent persons who are likely the stars of many sapiosexuals’ dreams precisely because of this.

The Mark Zuckerberg of our time.

This is Bill Gates that wears the same color shirt every single day of the week.

The Bill Gates.

Wearing sunglasses under a mess of unkempt hair, he’s the guy with the unkempt hair, yet it’s clean enough to touch. This guy may or may not be an expert in the field of computers, but just looking at his horn-rimmed glasses, you know that he’s definitely the father you’ll have intelligent children with.

The Artist.

A high IQ is claimed for this group. Yes, they’re just as articulate as Plato’s men, and yes, they wear the same color shirt most of the time like Zuckerberg’s family. Although no standardized IQ test results of artists are available to establish this, does it really matter? Since society has already generalized, it is safe to assume that they are all intelligent, with the potential for some of them to be downright brilliant.

Plato’s reincarnation.

I can’t get enough of existentialism. They can quote philosophers incorrectly, but this guy is one of several men who can make you feel like you’re listening to someone who is smarter than everyone else.

The Scientist.

A microscope and a petri dish are all that are needed to save the world. Despite the fact that they’ve relocated to Zimbabwe and their tight work schedules, you still find time to check up on them online. It’s a relief to know that the Nobel Committee is keeping you informed.

The Doctor.

The only available ones are either married to their college sweethearts or too old to carry you over a threshold. They’re the most sought-after catch for late twenty-somethings. They’ve witnessed so much misery and suffering in the ER that they prefer to remain bachelors. A bit of a let down.

The Activist.

The capacity to recite the constitution is a sign of their intelligence. It’s sexy, especially when they’re angry or passionate about it. Politicians who finally put up a stop sign in a dangerous zone have made it one of their favorite pastimes to keep an eye out for and fight for new regulations that might benefit them personally. Hemp-made fabrics, humorous statement tees, or a print of their favorite activist or politician are among their go-to ensembles.

Even if you’re joking, all of these fantasies are real, but they don’t like it when people assume the best or worse of them. Rather than being defined solely by their intellect, they have their own unique identities.

If you’re a fan of intelligent conversation, start engaging in it with others you meet. Focus less on how clever they are. In the event that you don’t meet someone who appreciates your uniqueness, you could miss out on a wonderful relationship.

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