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Does an open relationship suit your personality?

If a relationship doesn’t fit you like a wonderful pair of vintage jeans, you won’t be happy in it. In the same way as there are many distinct kinds of denim, there are many varieties of partnerships. Love is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The term “open relationship” has been bandied about a lot lately, but what does it actually entail?

Does having an open relationship with another person exist?

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If you’re in an open relationship, it means that both of you aren’t dating each other exclusively. Both parties are free to engage in extramarital sexual activity or romantic relationships.

For those in an open relationship, it’s OK for both partners to have other romantic partners. The remainder of the “rules” are up to you and your partner to decide upon. Consensual, non-monogamous partnerships provide the same levels of emotional well-being, sexual fulfilment, and intimacy as monogamous ones do for those involved.

If you’re curious about an open relationship but aren’t sure if it’s suitable for you, keep reading to discover more about what it entails. Before you begin a new relationship, here are some things to think about.

Break Up with Your Monogamous Partner

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Look, every relationship is unique, but the only way to tell if two people are in a committed relationship is if they are exclusively seeing each other. You and your partner should be able to have fun together in whatever setting that works for you. If you and your partner believe that a more open relationship would benefit both of you, go for it.

Getting used to an open relationship can be difficult if you’ve only ever been in monogamous ones; however, once you do (and perhaps wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! ), it will become second nature. It’s normal to feel bad the first time you go out with someone who isn’t your main guy or lady, but you shouldn’t let that guilt get the better of you.

Honesty Is in Fact the Best Strategy.

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Open relationships require that both partners be entirely honest with one another. When defining the partnership, you’ll talk about what you and your partner are both comfortable with. Some people think that open relationships are a license to cheat on your partner, however this is a misconception. 

Here’s why: open relationships are not a license to cheat on your partner. To be able to pursue other people in an open relationship, both of you must be willing to treat each other with mutual respect and be completely honest with each other. That is to say, you have complete faith in one another.

Organize Your Timetable.

Whatever your number of partners, you will need to be able to devote enough time to them all. A couple of nights a week may be necessary, regardless of whether you’re meeting up with them for a long dinner or just a quick rendezvous at their place. An open relationship, like any other, takes time and effort to cultivate.

Involve Your Emotions

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No matter how welcome, accommodating, and trustworthy you are, it’s normal to feel envious when your partner returns home from a night out with one of their other loves. Jealousy is a powerful emotion, so don’t try to pretend you’re alright when you aren’t.

Open relationships can lead to feelings of intimidation and even apprehension for those in them, even if they don’t realize it. Talk to your partner, your friends, or a therapist if you are experiencing unfavorable sentiments about him or her. It’s fairly uncommon for simply expressing how you’re feeling to another individual to have a positive impact.

Don’t Look for a Fix in a Box

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We’ve all seen couples try to mend their relationship by having a child, whether it was on television or in real life. No one can save a relationship that is doomed to fail because it is simply not meant to be.

An open relationship can’t save a broken one, just as a baby can’t save its mother. Opening up a fragile relationship is likely to lead to its demise. Having a solid foundation is essential if you want an open relationship to have any chance of succeeding. Hooking up with other people won’t make you feel better if you’re already anxious about the state of your relationship.

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