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Is it Cheating When you Text Someone Else While Dating Someone?

When you’re in a relationship, technology might place you in a difficult position because of the way it works. Whether texting or conversing on social media is cheating is a subject that many individuals ask themselves. Let’s be clear: If you are attracted to a person of the other sex, don’t just text them and inquire how they’re doing. By “full-on flirting,” we mean something more.

As a result, texting another person can be viewed as emotional adultery because technology is so integral to our relationship with our partner. It’s not uncommon for former lovers, acquaintances, and even friends to cause friction in a relationship by vying for a partner’s time and attention. So how can you know if you’re cheating on your partner emotionally?

Here are the three questions you should ask yourself when evaluating the safety of those texts. Be mindful of the fact that the line between faithfulness and infidelity is thin and that each case is unique.

In front of your partner, would you do this?

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“If you wouldn’t do it in front of me, don’t do it.” This is the rule of thumb for the most successful marriages. If you or your spouse are sending a text message that you don’t want the other person to see, you probably shouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

Is your texting still considered cheating if you don’t know the answer? Tossing things about a bit might help: Think about how your partner’s actions may influence you in the opposite situation. If a text on your S.O.’s phone makes you uncomfortable, it’s most likely not one you want to receive. The rule does not provide any opportunity for ambiguity or debate. It’s a tried-and-true rule that never fails.

Are You Being Unfaithful to Yourself Emotionally As Well?

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A physical relationship with someone who is not your partner is obviously cheating, but when it comes to emotional unfaithfulness, the limits might be more difficult to identify. It’s common for emotional cheating to occur when a relationship has hit a low point and you’re looking for someone to confide in. Texting someone else can help you fill the void of romanticism you had when you first met your partner, even if you weren’t aware of it at the time.

Does this seem like a situation that you and your partner are both comfortable with?

When it comes to good relationships, we’ve already talked about the significance of creating boundaries. Every couple (and each member of the pair) has a varied level of comfort with each other.. If you believe that cheating is only acceptable if you have sex with someone other than your partner, that is a valid conclusion. It’s also feasible to conclude that even a tiny quantity of flirtation via SMS is cheating. Some readers may wonder how both findings can be valid. The short answer is: whatever you’re okay with.

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Set some ground rules with your partner early on so that you both know what is and isn’t acceptable. Perhaps your conceptions of cheating are so far apart that only a few behaviors aren’t considered unethical by you. However, if your spouse isn’t happy with your extramarital relationships, you could be setting yourself up for problems in the future. As with physical infidelity, the best course of action is to work on rekindling your relationship with your partner while keeping yourself as far away from the other person as possible.

Most crucial, be focused on what you want out of a relationship and show it to your spouse through your actions. It’s up to each relationship to determine their own limits, so think carefully before you send that SMS, even if there are no hard and fast rules.

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