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Does Love Make You a Serial Dater

Does Love Make You a Serial Dater?

What’s the point of constantly changing partners? To find out if your relationship addiction is more subtle than you think, we’ve compiled a list of the most common signs.

Relationship addiction is something we’ve all seen or heard about at some point in our lives. People like these can’t be unmarried for more than a few weeks without going insane. For them, relationships are fleeting, and they typically ignore any feelings they may have had for someone else before to their current one. They are quick to attach to new people and just as quick to separate from them, because they have no true fear of the consequences.

Ultimately, they want to be in a relationship where everything is going well before anything goes wrong. You can feel the pleasure, passion, and excitement that comes with having numerous lovers in your life all at the same time. Serial monogamy will become a habit if they keep repeating this behavior and getting the same effects.

The problem is that most of these relationships fail because of the lack of breathing room between the two people involved. As a result, they are unable to avoid bringing their past experiences into their current relationships. There’s no time to think about how the previous relationship went wrong or how they may improve themselves in the future.

Take a test to see if you’re addicted to being in relationships.

A lot of people with a relationship addiction don’t even know they have one. Although it may be time to take a closer look at your connection patterns and see whether you’re genuinely an addict when all of your companions merge into one another,

Being by yourself is a bad idea.

You’re devastated by the thought of not having a significant partner. You’d rather avoid the pain and suffering of a nasty split or a solitary existence than deal with the discomfort of being alone.

You’re desperate for someone to care about you.

As far as I know, after sex, you don’t just roll over and go to sleep. You want to curl up in a big ball with your special someone. There is nothing better than being gazed upon through the haze of puppy love by someone who makes you crave hugs, kisses, and affection. You are fueled by the desire for someone to touch and be intimate with you.

You constantly need someone to cheer you up.

Self-esteem is boosted when you have a new romantic partner in your life. As though being drawn to and interested in someone prevents you from confronting your own inadequacies. Just because someone is wild about you doesn’t mean you’re using them as a Band-Aid to avoid thinking about your past relationships’ problems.

You’re not bothered by new beginnings.

Even though most people require time to grieve over the termination of a relationship, you’re eager to move on and meet new people. Without a little time to acclimatize to the single life, you don’t have a hard time letting go of past feelings and moving on.

You believe that your ex-lovers still care about you.

As a secret desire, you appreciate the concept of keeping in touch with your ex-girlfriends. You’d like to think they’re still pining for you, but it doesn’t always work. Because you believe they will never find anybody better than you, you believe that if you stay near to them, they might start missing you.

You couldn’t recall the last time you were alone.

Although it’s been a long time, it seems like you were last officially single a couple of months ago. You’re not used to being single for an extended amount of time. You despise the thought of being alone because no one wants to spend time with you.

You’re always quick to move on.

You don’t take things slowly. When you first meet someone, you’re virtually never the one to declare, “I love you.” Or, you’re the one to offer to take them on a tropical vacation or introduce them to your family after a few dates. Take your time, and don’t hurry into making a connection just because you want a new person in your life. Allow the situation to develop naturally.

When you have options, ending a relationship isn’t a big deal.

You don’t mind breaking up with someone. You can start a new project only when you know that someone else is accessible. Breaking up with someone when there is no one else available to move on to is extremely rare.

A relationship addiction is not necessarily a terrible thing, as long as you don’t wind up relying on your companions to make you feel better. Time to relish being single and happy.

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