But don't let your partner's sex history break you!

Don’t Let Your Partner’s Sex History Break You

It’s normal to fantasize about your partner’s sex life every once in a while. But don’t let your partner’s sex history break you!

The vast majority of people have dated previously and have a few exes under their belt. The difficulty increases when it involves multiple persons. Men have weak egos and constantly seek to own women. Concerns about one’s physical appearance are a common source of anxiety for women. People of both sexes worry that their sexual performance falls short of expectations.

Thinking about your partner’s sexual history brings up a lot of emotions and experiences. Confronting and embracing this reality isn’t easy, but it is possible. You and your spouse will need to practice honest communication. When in a relationship, it’s important to treat your spouse with dignity and never put them down. Finally, it’s crucial to realize that the past is the past and focus on building a bright future together rather than dwelling on the mistakes you each made in the past.

If you lack confidence, your partner’s sexual history will bother you more. Your lover is just sticking around because they like you. Get over yourself. Your relationship and sense of self-worth will both flourish after you master this skill. This arrangement benefits both of you equally.

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial.

The best way to solve every relationship issue is through open and honest communication with your partner. First things first, if your partner’s sexual history is giving you pause: talk to them about it. Always be truthful, but avoid personal attacks. It’s crucial that you keep your calm. One’s worst possible outcome is to be perceived as envious and neurotic.

Inevitably, your significant other will list all the ways in which you surpass their ex(es). They deserve your trust. Your significant other has already moved on if they are spending time with you. This is something you must replicate.

It’s possible that your mate’s ex was more sexually satisfying than you are. They likely broke up for reasons unrelated to sexuality. While thinking about it over and over and feeling sorry for yourself won’t help, it will just make you feel worse. Actually, it’ll make issues far worse, if anything.

Again, the key is open lines of communication. Your sex life will immediately improve if you are able to be open and honest with each other about it. Absolutely no one is doomed to a life of romantic failure. You may improve and win your lover over by listening to feedback and taking advice. If you give it some time and try to hash things out, you can end up gratifying your spouse more than the ex did. To add insult to injury, you shouldn’t treat it like drills or homework. Discovering your partner’s wants and needs is an exciting process that you should take full advantage of.


It’s common to lash out at your spouse when you’re bothered by their past sexual experiences. This is strictly forbidden. The fastest way to terminate a relationship is to publicly shame your partner for their sexual history. It will be devastatingly damaging to them, at the absolute least.

It’s a reflection on the non-accepting person, not the partner when they can’t get over their spouse’s sexual history. If you’re attacking your spouse because of this, it’s because your own anxieties are keeping you from accepting them as they are. As a corollary, it reveals your lack of maturity.

This behavior is more common among men, but both sexes engage in it occasionally. Recognize that your significant other is your companion, not your possession. You have no right to judge somebody based on their sexual behavior before you meet them. It’s hard to imagine why this would even be a problem. That’s how life is, and you have to learn to live with it. You need to locate someone with a more acceptable sexual history if you can’t get over this.

Do what you can to alter the situation.

There is no rule that says you have to accept your partner’s sex history without question. You may have valid concerns that require resolution. You have the right to request that your partner stop doing so if he or she constantly brings up an ex or compares you to the ex. Naturally, you will be affected by your partner’s sexual history if they are constantly bringing it up.

You can improve your sexual performance, as was already indicated. The thought that you somehow fall short of one of your partner’s ex-lovers might weigh hard on your thoughts and ego. But if you’re both willing to speak frankly, there’s no reason you can’t boost your performance and make your ex-lover a distant memory.

You must learn to live with the things you cannot alter.

When all you can do is alter what you can, you’re left with no choice but to accept what you can’t. There’s no use lamenting the past because you can’t change it. Just accept your spouse for who they are and what they did before you came along if they are someone you know you want to be with.

You’re not alone in that emotion, and if you give in to it, it will destroy you. Please realize that it is only your pride standing in your way. They broke up with their ex and came to be with you. You and your spouse shouldn’t compare yourselves to prior partners. It will only hurt your relationship and self-esteem to keep thinking about it.

Drop the hammer, let go.

One guaranteed method to destroy your romance is to dwell on your partner’s sexual past. Feeling envy of successful people and inadequate oneself is acceptable. The truth is, though, that you must let go. Talk things out, try to make things better between you two, and realize that you can’t change the past. Your relationship will flourish after you get over your pride and jealousy.

Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes ruin what you have today. It is possible to move past your partner’s sexual history, whether you choose to discuss it, learn some new moves, or simply ask them to stop bringing up the ex.

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