Don't Talk To Someone You Like Late At Night

Don’t talk to someone you like late at night

It is said that late at night is the soberest and calm moment of a person, but I don’t think it is necessarily correct at all times. We always do some embarrassing things in the middle of the night. That’s why it’s better if you don’t talk to someone you like late at night.

For example, a late-night snack with a stuffed stomach, and realized in the morning that you’ve gained 3 lbs; For example, if you keep on drinking, you will wake up in the morning with a headache to burst;

For example, if you work all night, you will be groggy the next day and be scolded by your boss for low efficiency; for example, late at night, go to chat with someone you like…

1. “I know it must be dead if I say it. Just let me die.”

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Someone asked me, what is the prime time to talk to girls?

I said, late at night is the best time and the worst time.

Fortunately, people’s small emotions will be catalyzed late at night, and people will become more emotional;

At the same time, your mentality explodes, and it is easy to say the words that are pressing at the bottom of your heart.

When Don said this, I almost smashed my phone.

Don is usually like a patient fisherman; he puts a long line, catches a big fish, and quietly waits for the girl he likes to get the bait.

Don said, don’t confess too early; confessing right now leads to death in the relationship.

Don said that we must slowly cultivate relationships. Even if you like a girl, you should not confide in your heart prematurely. If she doesn’t understand you, she will reject if she is rushed to accept a confession.

Don’t Talk To Someone You Like Late At Night
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All that said, he couldn’t help with it.

Don kept telling me, look, she saw me in the lobby and smiled at me today. Does that me she likes me?

You see, she said she likes lively, sunny, and even a bit bad boys, isn’t that just me?

You see, she asked me today if I fell in love recently. That’s what she meant by pretending to be confused and deliberately testing me.

Look, listen to me. My judgment is accurate. How can I fail with all these symbols?

Don't Talk To Someone You Like Late At Night
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People who fall in love have drama in their minds.

Don likes to talk nonsense to the girl he likes at night; even if the girl blows her hair after taking a shower and doesn’t look at her phone, he will tell me nervously, did he chat the relationship to death? The girl hasn’t responded for so long.

Finally, one day, Don couldn’t help and tell me that I want to confess to her.

I told him that, you should know that you only met once, with only texting no second date, you know what the consequences would be with your expression of feelings.

Don said that I know that confession is just looking for death, but I haven’t slept well for a long time.

Don't Talk To Someone You Like Late At Night
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And… what if she likes me too?

Every late-night, Don would hold the girls’ chat records like reading comprehension and guess what a girl meant. He would be happy or disappointed for a long time because of the girl’s words. Even if the girls went to bed, he would also savor the conversation until three or four in the morning.

Don can’t stand it anymore. Everyone who has experienced a crush knows how torturing this feeling is.

Don went to confess his feelings and got a “You are a good person, but…” card like a souvenir.

He stretched his waist and sighed: I can finally get a good night’s sleep tonight.

2. “You know, and I know you know.”

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“We are running out of time.”

This sentence appears in the intensive care unit and often appears in the senior year on campus.

He often asks himself: Why did I discover that she was so attractive to me when we are in our senior year?

She also wants to know this question.

The university is peculiar. Even if you are classmates, you may not remember someone’s name and how she looked after four years.

The two met because of preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam. They met while rushing to get a seat. They started to understand each other on the subway back to school.

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Everyone who enters the postgraduate entrance examination knows how much they hope they are not fighting alone and how much they want to speak with someone alike.

In this way, the two people started with the excuse of asking course questions and ending up chatting until midnight.

It is easy to bring up feelings when talking at midnight. It is the most dangerous time.

If they have time to get along slowly in the first three years, they could become a sweet couple.

But at this time, one who was going to a northern university and the other who was going southern knew that they don’t have a chance.

So they are trying their best to restrain themselves and try not to let this matter interfere with their postgraduate application.

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Cherish the moment and enjoy the present time; everyone can say, but few people can do it.

He almost typed out “Actually, I have a bad crush on you” several times, but he changed it to “Actually…I think this teacher sucks” in time.

She also typed out “I like you” several times, but she also changed it to “Tell you something, tomorrow I might be late, help me occupy a seat.”

Every time the two talked to one or two points, they would joke and say they are over. Today’s task will not be completed, but know in their heart that it is difficult to calm down and complete the review without chatting.

They all talk about restraint, but if you like someone, how can you hide it? The sudden late at night “We must have a good relationship after this period of time” seems to be overwhelming.

Their last message was from He’s texting at three o’clock in the morning when they graduated:

“He asked the who knew that there was no result if they wanted to be together.”

“I think if you have to go through the security check-in five minutes if the security check is ten meters away, we can kiss for four minutes and fifty seconds.”

3. “It’s just that thinking of you at this time will make me more lonely.”

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Many tribes “after returning home” refer to after nine o’clock.

Amy is like this every day. Considering that she removes her makeup and takes a bath, she can lie in bed and call her boyfriend in another place only until ten o’clock.

If you work overtime, the call will be canceled because it will be noisy your roommate, or maybe your name will be hung up on the question of “your wonderful roommate” and be complained about.

Amy sometimes thinks: I may not need love. Now is my ascendant period. New leaders should focus on cultivating themselves. They work smoothly in the company every day. Although they work hard, they exercise their abilities and live fulfilling lives.

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She often jokes that her focus now is on poverty alleviation.

But only in the dead of night and taking off some precautions will Amy think of how important the person on the other side of the phone is to her.

Your own plan may be rejected, but that person will always praise her creativity;

I have to swallow my anger in front of a scheming bitch, but that person can tolerate himself with a bit of temper

I will be anxious and have insomnia in the future. That person is the best reassurance to plan for the future of two people.

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During the day, we are the stars holding the moon. We feel that we can’t finish the fight and the desire to fight. But only at night, do we realize that what we need most is a voice telling us to go to bed early.

Sometimes, Amy feels that she has changed a different person when she chats with her boyfriend: a vulnerable, little woman. The anxious heart eager to get rid of poverty will also be much quieter.

This time is the most vulnerable time for this rookie in the workplace, and the memories of two people together will make her think about the other half and burst into tears.

Amy’s boyfriend always loves to comfort her while joking: You come to me when you are lonely.

And what Amy wants to say is:

I miss you not because of loneliness, but lonely because I miss you.

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When I finished typing this line, it was already two o’clock in the middle of the night, my routine.

I suddenly remembered what I said to my ex-girlfriend when I broke up a year ago:

“You better block me. I’m afraid I can’t help looking for you every night in the future.”

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