Drunk Talks With Your Date

Drunk Talks With Your Date

If you’re out for a night of drinking with your date, it’s possible that as the night goes on and you have more drinks, you might start to feel more relaxed and chatty. But before you start letting loose with your words, it’s important to consider what topics are appropriate for drunk talks with your date.

Drinking too much alcohol while you’re an adult is not a choice. When you’re an adult, you must maintain a certain level of decorum and avoid humiliating yourself in front of your coworkers and friends as well as your date.

Things aren’t as they used to be when you could go to bed with the guilt, the headache, and so on and so forth. Your date will remember, and your buddies will bring it up again in the future.

Of course, you can’t escape getting intoxicated at some point. Some nights, you’ll find yourself craving another drink or two. Controlling your level of intoxication is something you should strive for. In addition to vomiting, you’ll want to manage the words that come from your mouth.

Drinking and conversation: what not to discuss.


Yes, you are intoxicated. Yes, there will be things you say that you will later regret. If nothing else, reading this list three times over might persuade you to abandon a topic that you later regretted starting in the first place.

1. Ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

If you’re stuck on conversation topics, avoid this one. First and foremost, this date is all about you two. It’s not about the things you’ve done before. Everybody loves to talk about their history, but no one wants to hear about yours..

2. What you dislike most about living.

Intoxicated people who complain about everything and nothing are the worst to have in a room. Unless you’re boozed to the point of insanity, you’ll sound like an elderly man moaning about his aching joints when you try to do so humorously.

3. What’s wrong with the other gender that you don’t like.

The fact that you don’t know this person is a big no-no, because you might state a feature they have.

4. The way you look.

Let your date decide whether or not you’re attractive on their own. A bad drunken smell abounds, which is never a good sign. Firstly, it gives the impression that you’re self-conscious. The second reason is that it will make your date uncomfortable and stifle their interest in you.

5. An aspect of yourself that you find unappealing.

As with chatting about your appearance, it’s the same thing here. The wrong person to hear your insecurities on a date is someone you’re going out with.

Drunk conversation topics:


What to chat about with your date when you’re inebriated has been prepared for this specific reason. This should make sense even if I’m not 100% sober:

1. Funny stories from the workplace.

Not to worry! Even if you’re in the neighborhood watering hole with your coworkers, no one from work will hear you. This is a nice one to try if you’re stuck for conversation starters. You can tell as many stories as you like about your work! And knowing that you’ll be back at work shortly will help you get your bearings.

2. Politics.

It’s reasonable that some people dislike discussing politics. But keep in mind that you are intoxicated! No one can use anything you say against you! Remember not to lose your cool if your date turns out to be a member of the opposing political party to your own. On top of that, it may even be arousing! The depth and intensity with which your date may engage when arguing for or against an idea will surprise you.

3. Your most courageous actions in the past.

Some of your favorite drunken stories may come to mind after a long night of drinking. In this way, your date will learn something new and unexpected about you, and you will learn something new about them. You’ll want to make sure you’re sober enough to handle the most outlandish ones.

4. Secrets.

You’ve heard it said that what you say while drunk is what you really mean. Getting wasted on a date doesn’t necessitate a sexual outcome. Because of this, you’ll finally be able to get answers to the questions you’ve known you couldn’t ask when sober.

5. What your true feelings are for this individual.

I’m not referring to mushy sentiments here. I’m referring to the most genuine, unvarnished expressions of curiosity, awe, and understanding. In a direct and non-emotional manner, tell someone how much you enjoy them now.

It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship with your lover if you do it together. Even if your date doesn’t yet feel the same way about you, you might use alcohol to boost the level of closeness.

Having a few beers with a stranger is a great way to get to know each other. It’s important to set more boundaries when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to dating. It’s not enough to only be safe; you must also be courteous to someone who is still getting to know you.

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