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Everybody Should Know These Relationship Psychology Facts

Everybody Should Know These Relationship Psychology Facts

You may be surprised by these relationship psychology facts, but they explain a lot about how you feel while you’re in a relationship.

Everything changes the moment you lay eyes on someone you fancy. Aside from experiencing new sensations and behaviors, you may even begin to think and act in ways you’ve never done before! Much of what we thought we could control is actually beyond our control. It all comes down to the chemicals released by our brains. To better understand yourself as a person who becomes emotionally attached to another, consider these psychological facts regarding relationships.

True love is said to be irrational, but is it? What’s going on when you get butterflies? Even if it won’t take away the magic or excitement of being in a relationship or the emotions it evokes, learning more about it will help you appreciate it even more!

The most important relationship psychology facts to know..

Love progresses via three stages.

Stranger-to-lover transitions are explained in the first psychological fact about relationships. To begin with, you’re overcome with a strong desire. These are strong emotions that can be mistaken for love since they can be so overwhelming at times. Second, you develop an interest in that individual and a desire to learn more about them. Finally, you develop feelings for someone and become madly in love with them. It’s true that some people don’t feel the same way about the relationship. However, this does not diminish the value and importance of love.

There is a lot of overlap between attraction and obsession.

If you’ve ever heard the term “obsession” used in reference to stalkers or out-of-character behavior, you might think it’s a touch too strong. In fact, your brain behaves in the same way as when you’re obsessed with someone or something when you’re genuinely drawn to them. The reason why you feel butterflies when you first meet a new person, and you’re attracted to them is because of this.

Having children is what drives lust!

It doesn’t matter if you’re aware of it or not, lust is actually motivated by the need to reproduce. Despite its long history, this is probably an old-fashioned reaction. In the days of the cave people, however, reproduction was essential to the human race’s survival!

Having sex with someone makes you less hungry, and you’re not making this up.

Anyone who has ever been in love has heard the adage that it’s impossible for you to get anything done because you can’t eat, sleep, or even think about anything else. At the very least, it appears that the eating portion is correct! When you’re attracted to someone, your brain releases the feel-good chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. It is possible that the combination of these two ingredients will reduce your desire to eat.

You can experience the same high from falling in love if you don’t take drugs.

The high you get when you’re in love is similar to the high you get from using cocaine, but we all know that drugs are bad. I warned you that these relationship psychology truths might surprise you! Scientists recently discovered that a person addicted to cocaine has the same chemical brain patterns as someone who is in a romantic relationship.

Having a sweet tooth is a lot like falling in love with chocolate.

The same thing happens if you only eat one piece of chocolate; it’s not enough. What’s next? Do you devour the entire bar? As one of the psychological truths about relationships, there is an explanation for this. Phenomenon: The hormone that is released when you fall in love, phenylethylamine, is one of the constituents of chocolate. Doesn’t that clear up a lot?

When you’re in love, you can be driven to do the most bizarre things.

We like to make fun of individuals who are in love, yet there is some truth to our jokes. When you’re in love, you tend to put your moral compass on hold and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. You get obsessed with having sex and lose your capacity to think logically!

In this case, it’s not your heart that’s to blame, but rather your head.

We believe that love is all in the heart. However, this has very little bearing on the matter. Yes, your body has a role, but your brain is ultimately in charge of how you feel and act by regulating the release of hormones. The whole “heart” notion is a marketing trick, not a real thing. Putting the shape of a heart on packaging is more appealing than the shape of a brain!

You and your partner’s heartbeats are in perfect harmony..

Your hearts may beat in unison after a long period of time spent together. Those of us who spend a lot of time with female friends know that our menstrual cycles often coincide. It appears that lovers and heartbeats operate in a similar fashion.. What do you think?

The concept of a broken heart is real.

The brain is more important than the heart when it comes to love. When things don’t work out in a relationship, though, a broken heart is real. However, you will experience anguish and your heart may be damaged, even if it isn’t broken in the traditional sense. The medical world has dubbed this illness “Broken Heart Syndrome.” Hormone release can go haywire and work against you rather than for you if this occurs. You may begin to have chest pain and difficulty breathing at this point.

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so out of control when someone new enters your life, you’ve come to the right place. Isn’t it like you’ve lost control of your life? Well, hormones and the three stages of falling in love are to blame!

There’s a chance you won’t make it to the romantic section. Many things can happen in the time it takes to get to the “L” word. However, if you do, expect a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. In the end, no one can accuse love of being a slog. Even if it’s painful at times, love is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

This psychological information about relationships can help you understand your behavior when you first fall in love and begin to do things you would never have done before.

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