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Exactly How Long Should a First Date Go On

Exactly How Long Should a First Date Go On?

So, you’ve had a conversation with someone and are about to meet them. However, how long should a first date be?

First dates can be magical, but how long should a first date be?

Exactly what you expected them to be when you first heard about them. They’re adorable, and their sincerity is spot-on.

It’s also possible that a first date will be the worst night of your life. Despite their awkward dialogue, unpleasant demeanor, or plain strange conduct, you’re gritting your teeth and enduring it. Your countdown to gently leaving has been going on for quite some time now.

In light of all this social anxiety, how long should a first date go on?

Whether or not a 30-minute time limit is appropriate for a first date is a matter of personal preference. To get to know each other, how much time is needed? When the first date lasts 10 hours, is it okay?

How long should a first date last? The true answer is that it should be long enough for you to learn about your date. Regardless of how long your date lasts, you should arrange it accordingly.

When you go on your first date, choose an activity that will allow you to talk and get to know one other without feeling rushed. In our guide on first date etiquette and how long a first date should last, we answer these and other common questions.

Different strokes for different people, as they often say. When it comes time for their first encounters, some people choose 30 minutes, while others prefer a two-hour restriction.

Consider the following tips when deciding how long a first date should be.

Quite a bit of time to get to know each other.

In order to obtain a good sense of the other person, the date should last as long as necessary. A prevalent belief is that people form their first impressions of someone in the first seven seconds of meeting them. There isn’t much time to make an impression on your date with that amount of time available. As a result, before calling it a night, make a firm commitment to allow this individual ample opportunity to get to know you.

If it doesn’t go well, it’s short enough that you can walk away if you don’t like it.

You’re looking for a night out that’s entertaining, energetic, yet still leaves time for small talk. However, you also want a date that you can call off if things don’t go well.

A companion who is willing to take the blame for a disastrous date is a valuable asset. 30 minutes into the date, have your BFF call you. Friends aren’t going to be happy about it if the date goes poorly and you use them as an excuse to depart if you answer the phone. Things are going swimmingly if you don’t answer their phone!

Seize the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner.

If you’re meeting for the first time, anything between 30 minutes and five hours is too long. If you and your date haven’t struck it off right away, you’re likely to have a few awkward moments during the date.

Going on a lengthy date may sound romantic, but if you run out of things to talk about, the date will be ruined.

Break the rules set down by others.

To get to know one other better, some singles like to meet for coffee. When it comes to meeting new people, a coffee date is a terrific way to get to know each other before going on a date. To begin, everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee.

It’s also possible to leave as soon as your cup of coffee is finished. Even if things go well, you may always extend your coffee date by going out to dinner or taking a walk. If you’re going out at night, as most people do, you may end up conversing and getting to know one another until the small hours of the morning.

Considerations for how long a first date should last, as well as other factors:

Here are a few other considerations to bear in mind before settling on a duration for your first date. You may have never even considered any of these!

The longer a date is, the more expensive it becomes.

The expense of your first date should be considered if the other person is picking up the tab. This is an especially important consideration if your income is modest.

And what if you’ve got a busy week ahead of you? It can pile up quickly. As a result, you don’t want to spend your money on someone you may not even like. Unless you and your date are really clicking and you believe things could go further, it’s best to keep a first date brief.

Depending on how long the date is, your impression of the other person can be affected.

Let’s imagine you’re a guy, and you’re footing the bill for a date with a female companion. Your value may be underestimated if you give a lot of your time and money away to a woman without compensation.

For example, if you are a “hot commodity” and have many dates scheduled with other ladies, she may be more interested in you. But if she believes you can keep her company for hours on end, she might assume you’re more “desperate.” I know it’s a bad thing to say, but it’s possible for both parties to make assumptions if you say anything like that.

An hour-long first date can be awkward.

A first date can go awry if you don’t know the person well enough. Maintaining conversation and having fun with each other becomes more challenging.

Eventually, the date could feel like an interview. This occurs frequently. Think about it this way: you’re being grilled mercilessly about your personal life by someone who says next to nothing about their own. Continuing in this direction can quickly lead to exhaustion.

Is that all there is to it? How long should a first date last? This problem has no right or wrong answer.

Don’t let your date end after an hour if it’s going well. Whoops, it’s time to leave if you’ve been rolling your eyes since your date started speaking! Tell your date you have to depart after an hour at the most.

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