10 Forms of Love You’ll Certainly Experience

The nature of love can be quite humorous at times, especially when considering the 10 forms of love you’ll certainly experience. It comes in so many different colors and shapes that it’s hard to know what kind of love you’ll feel until you feel it.

Despite the fact that love can be baffling, wonderful, and even excruciating, it is nonetheless an experience we all hope to have at some point.

You will encounter many romantic situations throughout your life, and in almost all of them, you will feel one of the ten types of love listed below.

And if you live long enough, you can feel each of the ten distinct flavors of love.

Ten Distinct Forms of Romantic Love

Let’s talk about the world as it is and the feelings you’d have in it, rather than getting into theories and models of love that can only serve to cloud your thinking.

If you haven’t experienced all ten of these varieties of love by now, don’t worry; you’ll get there soon enough.

And if you’re skeptical that some of the forms of love discussed here qualify as “real love” in the sense that your mother described it, your brain is fooling you.

Platonic love

The most basic form of love is platonic. There are no sexual undertones or expectations. It’s innocent, welcoming, and something we all go through at a young age when we have no idea why our underwear contains the things it does.

Relationships with close family members, childhood friends, and even a select few adults can all be classified here. When was the first time you really missed a close friend? That was most likely your first experience with platonic love.


Have you ever had a serious crush on someone? The answer is obvious: you have. The feelings of a first crush are intense and unforgettable: butterflies in the stomach, the urge to vomit, and a stupid grin of satisfaction every time you see your crush. Even though it felt like your life depended on it at the time, it was a beautiful experience.

Conversely, limerence is similar to a crush but is much stronger and more unusual. Have you ever had an intense crush on someone you didn’t want to tell they were your one true love? Maybe it was a teacher, a celebrity, or even just a crush. Even if you’re madly in love with someone, you might not want to ruin your happy daydreams by taking any action at all. Have you guys ever been there?

Unrequited love

Almost everyone has felt the pain of unrequited love at some point in their lives. It’s the worst kind of love: liking someone but knowing they’ll never like you back. Someone who uses you in a relationship may or may not be in a relationship with you. You’re falling in love increasingly every day despite knowing you’ll never be truly happy if you stay in this kind of relationship.

This is the kind of love that tarnishes the reputation of love itself. In addition, it teaches you the importance of love that is returned.

Obsessive love

Can you be described as a lover who can’t get enough of their partner? Can’t do anything without having that one person to lean on, or are you feeling hopeless and lonely?

How certain are you that you aren’t becoming too possessive? It’s likely that if you’ve ever been an obsessive lover, you’ve drained the vitality out of your partner and made them so angry that they kicked you to the curb.

Those who are just learning to love often suffer from obsessive love after dealing with the terrifying experience of unrequited love. Persons who are obsessive about their relationships tend to be anxious, insecure, and fixated on keeping things a certain way.

You may even identify with this type or have dated someone who does. This is the phase we all go through when we’re worried about saying goodbye to someone we care about. But if either of you has trust issues, there’s no way this will end well.

Selfish love

Intelligent love is based on one’s own interests. Selfish love, like any relationship, requires at least two people, but in this case, it’s two people who are in love with the same person.

The one you’re with has deep feelings for you. To love you is to love yourself.

Narcissistic, self-centered love doesn’t prioritize the other person’s happiness and fulfillment. You are completely self-absorbed. Assume the label of self-centered romantic if you regularly enter into relationships to enter them, rather than because you truly love the other person.

Those who only enter relationships for their own benefit are called “selfish lovers,” and they are often compared to cunning foxes.

Have you ever dated someone for reasons other than genuine romantic interest? If so, you can cross “selfish lover” off your list. You will eventually use another person in your life if you haven’t already. Don’t fret; it will come to pass in due time.

Sweet love

I just can’t handle how adorable that is. This kind of love is both the most genuine and the easiest to forget. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

Have you ever had a soft spot for pets of any kind? Also, a tree or a car? At various times, we all experience intense feelings of love for something or someone that isn’t a person. At the same time that it’s love at first sight, it’s not the kind of thing you want to spend the night with (mostly). Each of us has felt that warm, fuzzy feeling of awww when viewing adorable baby animals or vacation photos. You’ve lived, and you’ve loved, in another way.

Same-sex love

When you see a friend of the same sex, do you ever feel a strong rush of happiness? You don’t squish or grope each other, and you’re both straight. Yet, there is something about this friend that you can’t help but adore.

Unlike romantic love, same-sex love has more to do with admiration, awe, and respect than it does with sexual attraction, and it’s more likely to be felt by a friend or a celebrity.

Lusty love

Have you ever dated someone who made you wet when they hugged you? Have you ever liked someone so much that you wanted to hurt yourself when you were alone in bed? You’ve had some lustful love, that’s for sure!

When two people who are extremely sexually attracted to each other fall in love, it is called lusty love. In the beginning, it’s all about the sex and the positions, and you only need a few seconds of alone time to throw each other’s clothes on the floor. You know you’re in lusty love, my love, when your relationship prioritizes the bedroom over the outdoors.

Romantic love

Think of Louis Armstrong’s “what a wonderful,” and you’ll have all the imagery you need to describe the sensation of falling in love. The epitome of mushy, sentimental love.

You get butterflies in your stomach and a huge grin that won’t go away no matter what you try. You long for your sweetheart’s company constantly, and you feel lonely whenever the two of you are apart.

Love without conditions

Those couples who find this level of love in their hearts deserve all the blessings in the world. It’s not simple, and most people won’t even attempt it just because of that. But if you ever take that chance, you’ll know what real love is like.

Can you put another person’s needs ahead of your own? Do you value your significant other above all else in the universe? There’s a good chance you’re experiencing the love that knows no bounds right now. Love that gives without expecting anything in return is the stuff of dreams and romance novels. If you and your partner truly care for and love each other, you may have found the rare and wonderful kind of love that so many people spend their entire lives seeking.

Take a chance and allow yourself to fall in love with someone who already loves you if you really want to experience the tenth kind of love. Soon, with some confidence, conversation, and optimism, you might actually get to experience this fantastic event!

And there you have it: the ten kinds of love you’ll definitely have in your life if you’re willing to take a chance and jump into the waters of love. How many distinct forms of love have you known thus far?

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