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Fun Drinking Games For Two During Date Nights

Fun Drinking Games For Two During Date Nights

Parties tend to be overrun with people eager to imbibe and have a good time, thus most drinking games are designed for numerous players. You may also find two-player drinking games, which are perfect for a fun date night.

So if you and a particular someone want to have a good time and drink a lot, these are the games you should play. Keep in mind that you’ll only want to have this type of date night with someone who enjoys drinking as much as you do.

1. Go fish. This card game must be familiar to you because you’ve heard of it before. The majority of us have been playing it since we were little kids. Adult drinking games for two will now be the focus of our attention.

Playing cards, beer, and liquor are all you need to get started. When the other person wins, you sip from your beer instead of the other way around. A shootout ensues, and the winner is determined by the number of matches each player has at the conclusion of the game.

2. Never have I ever. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun game to play with a group of friends. In addition to that, it can be an excellent means of getting to know someone you’re meeting and discovering if you have common interests.

In this game, the rules are rather straightforward. If the other person says something they haven’t done before, they drink. It’s a simple approach to relax and get to know your new date better at the same time. Before you go down, you have five drinks to down. The loser must take a shot if they finish their five drinks before the winner does.

3. Two truths, one lie. Aside from drinking, this is a game that may be enjoyed without the use of alcohol. This is certainly a game you’ve played to get to know someone at work or school.

It’s as simple as telling your date two facts and one lie about yourself, and if they pick the liar right, you’ll get a shot of liquor. They’ll drink if they’re wrong.

4. 1-2-3 tag. When you’re only on your first or second date with someone, playing this game can be a little tough. A long-term relationship, though, makes this the ideal venue for a romantic evening.

Here, you and your date will ask each other the identical question and, after the count of three, you will each respond to see whether your date can accurately predict your answer. On the count of three, you answer “What is my favorite song?” and your date tries to answer “What is your favorite song?” as an example.

After that, you’ll go through a list of possible answers and ask them again. Learn a lot and get a little drunk while you’re at it!

5. Quarters. Watch a movie at home on Netflix or while you’re waiting for the pizza to arrive and play this game. You only need two cups and a quarter to get started. A game of bouncing the quarters into each other’s cups follows. As a rule of thumb, they must drink their entire drink if you make it, and so on.

6. Mustache and a movie. Playing this game with your buddies will be a lot of fun. You’ll need a fake mustache to do this. After that, you can just throw it on your TV and start watching. As soon as you see a mustache being implanted on someone’s face where it would naturally be, you drink.

7. Buzz. Being good in arithmetic and paying close attention are both a must in order to win this game. If you’re preparing supper together or just waiting for your meal at a restaurant, this would be a great accessory.

Counting is all you need to do. The secret is to yell “buzz” whenever you reach a multiple of seven. If one of you forgets to say “buzz,” you drink and start the game over again. Take a look at your height record!

8. Mario Kart. Is this a game that you’ve ever tried out? Video games may not be the ideal date idea, but if your date is a big fan of the genre and enjoys becoming competitive, it’s a great option.

Play the game as normal, and the winner is the one who comes in first place. The loser takes a go at the prize money. Playing a tournament where the losers of each game take a shot, and the overall loser takes a shot at the end, is a great way to mix things up.

9. Uno. Most households have a copy of Uno as a go-to card game. It’s a wonderful drinking game for two, and it’s also a lot of fun. It’s possible to have a lot of fun with only two people playing this game.

The ground rules are clear. Everyone drinks when a “wild card” appears during a game of poker. Drinks will be given to the individual who draws two or four cards. A last-second attempt is made by a loser!

10. Scrabble with a twist. Scrambling while watching a movie is an easy way to have a good time while you’re indulging in your favorite pastime.

Rather than writing words for points, you strive to come up with words that are related to drinking. If you’re looking for words like, “drink,” “alcohol,” or “bar,” you can try to come up with them. Your date drinks if you manage to use a term related to drinking!

Playing drinking games with your date is a great way to loosen up, get to know each other better, and just have a good time while you’re out and about. When you don’t have to worry about having a decent conversation, you can actually enjoy yourself with your companions more.

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