Fun Questions That Will Reveal A Lot About Your Partner

Fun Questions That Will Reveal A Lot About Your Partner

Fun questions that will reveal a lot about your partner can be a refreshing change from the typical tedious first-date inquiries. You’ve likely already learned their middle name, favorite color, all-time favorite meal, and the name of their first pet, so why not switch it up and have some fun with your questions?

Never fear, for we’ll be asking you some amusing questions soon! You’ll always learn something new from these amusing games and even hilarious questions if you’ve been with your spouse for two months or two years.

Questions to ask your spouse for a humorous chat

In place of the tried-and-true method of getting to know your mate, try these hilarity-inducing questions. Get to know each other better with these 17 questions!

Funny questions about life


Sometimes, life seems to play out just like your favorite comedy – more fun to watch than living in some situations! Mishaps aside, these little details that life sends your way can lead to hilarious escapades. What better approach to getting to know your partner than by learning more about their past?

1. What’s been your funniest sex blunder so far?

Even if you’re not currently dating the individual in question, sex mistakes are too amusing to pass up, even if you are! Indulge your significant other in some of their funniest sex mishaps!

2. Have you ever sworn at your parents? Have you ever sworn at your parents?

This is a funny one to ask because of the results you generally get. “Sure!” a friend exclaimed when asked if he had ever used the F-bomb in front of his mother. His laughter was punctuated with a confession: “I was so terrified after I dropped the F-bomb, I raced immediately into the bathroom and shut the door!”

3. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to your cooking?

The morning following their first date, he tried to make his lover happy by making her pancakes. Have you ever had a burnt turkey at a family dinner? Get them to tell you about their worst culinary mishap!

4. Questions to ponder when dating someone funny

What kind of blind dates have you and your partner been on? Relive your partner’s most memorable relationship stories to better know them.

When it comes time to run meet his ex-girlfriend on your institution’s campus, you may not be able to think of her as anything other than “Period Story Girl.” You’ve been forewarned.

Your ex’s most amusing personality trait. For some reason, the ex-girlfriend of my guy would shake and cry if she spotted an earthworm. Mean? Sure. Hilarious? Yes!

5. Tell me about your most memorable blind date or Tinder encounter.

It’s all about the evidence here! Many strange things have happened to people on blind dates, both men and women. Take turns disclosing your most embarrassing dating mishaps.

6. What’s the most painful experience you’ve ever had with a partner?

Is there too much saliva in your mouth? Slobber that made you want to spit it out? A harrowing tale of a first kiss’s jitters? These stories, while usually adorable, may also be quite humorous.

7. Curious but pointless inquiries

Some questions are meant to help you get to know your partner better, while others just make you laugh. Let go of the standard “I’d like to know more about you” queries and ask your spouse some ridiculous ones to start them thinking.

8. The most amusing anecdote about you that your parents have ever shared with me is…

This will not only make for a fantastic story but also spare them the shame of having to tell you this story first.

9. What’s the most memorable prank or surprise you’ve ever played on someone?

Is it possible to be both hilarious and adorable simultaneously with a single answer to this question?

These are some sexual and amusing inquiries.


There are many ways to ask your spouse sexual questions, and not every time, you’ll get a “Would you rather?” response. When it comes to erotic questions, you may find yourself laughing out loud if you focus on the more amusing aspects.

1. Were you and your parents ever forced to discuss your sexuality?

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing about their mate’s parents awkwardly? Being taught about birds and bees by your parents is a terrific conversation starter.

2. How many times have you faked an orgasm? If this is the case, what makes you think so?

Depending on the context, the responses to this question can be pretty amusing. A man replying “yes” is much better!

Even if you don’t ask your partner some of these questions, the replies you get back may have you giggling for days. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner!

Laughing at your partner’s silly questions and answers will improve communication between you and your spouse in the future, in addition to helping you get to know each other better.

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