Ghosting What is it and How Can it Affect a Person


Ghosting is a possibility if a person abruptly disappears from your life. As far as I know, ghosting isn’t a Halloween-related phenomenon.

New people can be met from all walks of life owing to social media. It’s completely flipped the dating world on its head.. With just a few texts, you can meet someone and find yourself on a date in no time. But what if you suddenly decide that you don’t want to be friends with them? You have the option to disappear without a trace. It’s called “ghosting.” vanishing into thin air like a ghost!

What exactly is ghosting?

Ghosting is the act of suddenly disappearing from a romantic interest. Even a close friend or coworker can be affected by this. No matter how long or new a couple has been together, this can happen. When someone pretends you don’t exist, you’ve been ghosted. That’s how you know. Many ways exist for it to appear, with communication being the most common.

A person can be ghosted if you do not respond to them in any way. Even ignoring someone in the middle of the day might be a severe form of this. There are many who believe it goes beyond the basic deleting of a text message. The individual who ghosted you may have pretended that you’ve never met, even though you’re just centimeters apart from each other.

Who decides to become a “ghost”?

Ghosting occurs as a result of human nature’s propensity for evading responsibility. They’re trying to get away from people in this scenario. When a person thinks they have no other option, they may choose to ghost another person.

Even if there isn’t a single explanation for why this is happening more regularly these days, there are some hints.

Safety reasons.

A person who feels harassed, bullied, or antagonized could think that ghosting is the only way to avoid involving other people in their issues.


Waiting for the other person to reach out to you is a common example of this. What do you get when it comes out the other person is doing the same thing? Nothing.

A method of vengeance.

In many cases, ghosters are motivated by a desire to retaliate against a partner. When they’ve been cheated on or betrayed in any other way, it’s common. The lack of closure can be detrimental to both parties in the long run, even if it appears to be fulfilling at first.

It’s a quick and simple solution.

Ghosting is one of the quickest ways to break up with someone. As long as you block them from your life and pretend they never existed, you don’t have to do anything.

Insecurity or shame

Herpes is one of many possible explanations for a person’s decision to ghost you, but it has nothing to do with you. Some people have personal issues that they’re too afraid to tell you about, so they ghost.

What are the psychological ramifications of being ghosted?

  1. Having others assume that ghosting is a socially acceptable fault is unnerving. To have these problems turn into mental illnesses would be catastrophic. As a result, ghosting has become a major problem in today’s society. How many people are aware of this?
  2. In addition, the victim is not the only one who suffers from ghosting. It can have an effect on the person who is ghosting as well as the recipient. Despite the fact that you may think you’ve triumphed, you’ve actually made yourself a pariah in their eyes.
  3. The act of being ghosted itself can lead to mental health issues like despair, anxiety, and obsession.
  4. Abandonment and ghosting are synonyms. A person’s self-esteem can be damaged by both.
  5. If you put someone in suspense, they’re more likely to assume the worst about themselves.
  6. It’s only momentary relief if you’re the one doing the ghosting when you’ve managed to get away from someone you like. Because you didn’t take anything away from experience, it’s possible that it will happen again.
  7. Because you failed to explain what happened, the person you ghosted is left in the dark. As a result, individuals may commit the same mistake again when they meet someone new.
  8. Being able to unnecessarily ghost someone demonstrates that you are a careless, unprincipled, and unreliable individual.
  9. Making someone else feel horrible is not a pleasant experience. However, you’ll always be haunted by the fact that you were a little bitch in the relationship.

When is it acceptable to disappear?

When it’s the only alternative that offers a sense of stability and safety, it’s surely appropriate. Stalkers, domestic abusers, and other people capable of harming you are frequently the context. However, if the situation permits, you’re better off asking for help rather than fleeing. As a result, some ghosted persons can end up following you to places you don’t want them to.

Talk to each other! Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Regardless of whether or not your safety is in jeopardy, if you don’t want to see this person again for any reason at all, let them know. That’s how much you owe them. It’s far preferable to simply sit down and explain your position. Let them know if there are any queries they may have before you shatter their heart. At least they’ll be able to say goodbye. Do you really want to be known as a good person, even if it doesn’t cause them any pain? Being able to communicate what you mean and why you do something takes courage.

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