Good Conversation Topics To Start a Text Message Exchange

Staring at a flickering cursor can leave you at a loss for words. Study up on some texting conversation starters so you’re never at a loss for words again.

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It’s hard to start a conversation. It’s trickier if you don’t know the person well. What exactly do you discuss? Exactly how do you proceed with the discussion? You need more than just “hello” if you want this conversation to progress. What is it? Being prepared with a solid arsenal of SMS conversation openers!

The strain will be off of you if you’re prepared, which is especially helpful if you’re timid or socially awkward.

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It’s unnecessary to sit and ponder until you come up with something. If you do this, you’ll be less flustered when they respond.

Fortunately, you may pick and choose from a wide variety of SMS conversation starters. Some are complete sentences that can be plagiarized, while others are frameworks within which you can inject your own creativity.

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In short, this will save you time and effort when you’re at a loss for words and the cursor is blinking at you.

Let’s brainstorm some topics and narrow them down to a list of examples you may use as conversation starters in your text messages to anyone.

1. If you believe they’d enjoy a meme, send it to them.

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Memes may be a great conversation starter. You can initiate communication with as little as one picture message. There’s also the option of sending them memes that serve as a gentle reminder of how much you miss them. The goal is to initiate a discussion without actually saying anything. Let them respond, and then proceed.

2. Inquire about the things they enjoy doing in their spare time.

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Discussing interests is a popular pastime. And if you are familiar with their pastimes, you have a good idea of what they value in life. Anyone can easily start a conversation about their hobbies and interests. Inquire as to their impressions and preferences. From then, the conversation is likely to be led by them.

3. Don’t be shy about talking about an important event in your life or the world.

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This might be anything from national to international headlines to local happenings. Finding some shared interest is a great way to ease into a conversation. There are many different perspectives on current events. Prompt them to share their experiences.

4. Refer back to information they shared with you.

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Ask them about the concert they said they were going to on Saturday by text message on Sunday if they said they were going. This not only demonstrates your awareness, but also serves as a springboard for a substantive dialogue via text, with the recipient doing the bulk of the effort.

5. Laugh it up.

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Jokes are universally well-received. Even cheesy ones are acceptable if that’s what you choose. It need not be a huge deal. Just go online and send them a joke you found amusing. The terribleness of it will provide fodder for laughter, and the discourse will progress from there.

6. “Have you ever gone skydiving?”

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It’s nice that they don’t understand the context of this inquiry, even if it seems out of the blue. Perhaps you’re debating whether or not to try it. Perhaps you were simply imitating someone else. If they went and are interested in hearing about it, you can tell them about it.

7. “I’m at a loss for supper ideas, can you recommend anything?”

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This is a brilliant idea for starting a discussion by text, as it will surprise the recipient and could lead to an invitation to dinner at your place or a restaurant. It may be the beginning of a fantastic relationship!

8. “Do you have any recommendations for Netflix?”

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It’s lighthearted and entertaining without being overly suggestive, and it could lead to a lengthy discussion of your mutually-preferred television programs. Of course, this may also lead to Netflix and chill if this is someone you’re sort of seeing or crushing on!

9. “Where would you go right now if you could travel anyplace in the world?”

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This one may appear weird, and it certainly stands out from the crowd of texting conversation starters we’ve seen so far. The great thing about this specific text, though, is that you may let your imagination go wild. You could always say that you were just thinking about an exotic getaway the next time someone asks you why you sent it.

10. “To put a smile on your face, I’m sending you this text.”

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This one is a little bit naughty, but it’s a good time to text it to a friend. It will force a grin on their face even if they don’t want one. Texting starters need not necessarily lead to serious discussions; they can often lead to light, even flirtatious banter.

11. “Good morning,” or “Your face just sprang into my head.”

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They’ll appreciate that you remembered them and greeted them as well. A pleasant morning text message is the best way to start the day.

We understand how challenging it is to initiate conversation when you are socially awkward or lack confidence in your social skills. If you want a response from the person you’re messaging, you should prepare some flirty and amusing conversation starters in advance.

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