Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You

Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You

Even though your eyes should be the focal point of any flirtation, incorporating certain hand gestures can make a big impact in catching your date’s attention. Discover the hand gestures that will have your date falling for you.

On a first date, or any other occasion where we want to make a good impression on a potential partner, we naturally want to look and feel our best. For this reason, people invest a great deal of time, energy, and money into looking their best, whether through the acquisition of expensive clothing and accessories, meticulous personal grooming, or the careful selection of eloquent conversational phrasing.

Besides these approaches, few people are aware of the power they have in their own hands to make themselves more attractive on a date. You won’t be touching the other person in any unusual places, but you will be using hand gestures to increase your success rate on dates.

During a more personal chat with your date, your hand movements will not only be noticed and used to aid convey a notion when speaking, but they may also reveal something about your mood.

To know a person is to look at their hands.

1. Always remember that you want to leave the most favorable impression possible.

Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You
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Follow these guidelines and your date will have a positive impression on you. Inappropriate hand gestures are as bad as no signals at all, if not worse.

2. Acquaint yourself with your own habits and motions. 

You probably already had a practice of employing your own hand gestures before you learned about this. Never forget how important it is to use ones that make a favorable impression. Learn your own hand movements and how to avoid making your date uncomfortable.

3. Try not to go crazy.

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Make your hand movements few and clear. Consider it a playful indicator when you want a response from someone or the final touch to your words in a conversation. Don’t make a show of gesticulating wildly while babbling. Your date will either assume you are Italian or that you have terrible epilepsy if you do this.

4. Stay away from your pockets. 

Of course, if your hands are in your pockets, you can’t make gestures. In addition to making you look like a weirdo fondling who knows what, it also suggests that you are untrustworthy and insecure.

Your hands should be in a neutral position, such as at your sides or on the table, whenever they are not in use.

Impress your date with these hand gestures:

1. With palms outstretched. 

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This action is so easy that you can make it your go-to in romantic situations. Both hands are spread wide, palms facing up, as if the person were carrying an imaginary infant. This motion conveys sincerity, openness, and ease. Using this gesture in conversation might help you come across as more genuine, relaxed, and trustworthy.

2. Place hands over heart. 

When you’re the one doing the talking, this gesture shows that you mean what you’re saying, and when you’re the one doing the listening, it shows that you care. This is why people raise their fists in the air when singing the national anthem; it shows that they believe in what they are saying.

3. A swirl of hands. 

Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You
*Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/Unsplash

You can make this sign by raising your hand, palm outward. Fingers are maintained together and a rolling motion is made, as if someone were sketching a circle with their fingertip. The cerebral air it conveys makes the gesture ideal for elucidating complex ideas.

4. A church’s tower. 

When making the steeple gesture, one clasps their fingers together like one would during prayer but leaves space between their palms, making a sort of shaky pyramid. If utilized appropriately, this might communicate a sense of assuredness.

In interviews and pictures, renowned minds often use this gesture to demonstrate their intellectual prowess. This is another option if you want to wow your date with your erudition.

5. Inactive palms. 

Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You
*Image source: Pexels/Unsplash/Pixelbay

Typically performed at a table, this gesture involves placing both hands flat on the surface, facing down, while forming a triangle with your forearms and leaning forward with your upper body. It’s a bold declaration of your interest in your friend or partner.

6. By extending your hand. 

When his lady is getting out of the car or heading down the steps, a gentleman will extend his hand to lend a helping hand. Even if she doesn’t accept your arm, you’ve still communicated your care and protection in a very obvious way. Did we mention it’s also quite chivalrous?

7. Touching. 

Hand Gestures that Will Have Your Date Falling For You
*Image source: Unsplash/Pixelbay/Pexels

Touching is complicated because it involves bodily touch and has a more personal tone than words and gestures. Women, in particular, are particularly sensitive to touching, so considerable care must be given when touching another person. “Safe touches” on the hand, upper back, arms, and shoulders are appropriate here.

Your hands tell what words cannot, or so the saying goes. When on a date, it’s vital to pay attention to your hand gestures because they can convey emotions that words and other acts can’t.

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