Having A One-Night Stand

Having A One-Night Stand and Losing Your Virginity

Looking to having a one-night stand? While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some things you can do to make the experience as positive and enjoyable as possible.

When something happens for the first time, no matter how much we might wish for it to go perfectly, there is little we can do to change the outcome. Ideally, we’d like to make that first sexual connection with someone we love and trust. Nevertheless, we can’t always pick and choose what we get in real life.

The most important thing to remember is that we have complete control over when and if we lose our virginity. If someone threatens to take that from you, you should get away and seek protection. When someone uses force or threats to get what they want, it’s considered coercion or rape. It’s up to you to determine if and when you want to lose your v-card and whether or not you think it’s a good thing.

If you’re thinking of having a one-night stand to lose your virginity, you should give it some serious consideration. There are dangers to consider despite the allure of the experience. Not just physical dangers but also psychological and emotional ones.

Is it better to wait or not?

Think about why you want to be deflowered before you start commissioning random males to do it. How curious are you? Does it sound like something you’d like to do before you hit a certain age? Do you want to draw attention to yourself?

There’s always a justification and an invalid one. Nothing is ever completely clear cut, but if your justifications turn out to be flimsy, it will be easy to see. You’ve got my full support if you’re doing this for yourself. Forget that if you’re trying to manipulate a guy or your parents into paying attention to you.

I wouldn’t advise having sex for the sake of pleasure if you and your partner are both really young. To be honest, I doubt that one of you has a clue what you’re doing.

Do you know why many adults lament losing their virginity so early? Simply put, it was pointless to do so. Having sex is supposed to be one of the most incredible and satisfying feelings ever. It’s painful on the body and the spirit to attempt something like this without any background knowledge.

Your goals and your reasoning should be congruent. Have sex if you believe it will bring you joy. Take a deep breath and think about why you’re conducting this experiment if you’re having second thoughts.

What dangers could arise?

It’s just as terrifying to lose your virginity to someone you love as it is to someone you hardly know. When you’re with someone you know and trust, though, you’re safer since that person can help you cope with the fallout from having your cherry popped.

Despite sex being, hands down, the nicest thing ever, there are still plenty of ways for things to go wrong. Relationships might put you at risk for more than sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. That they exist does not make you any more ready for the potential outcomes. It’s more crucial that you are prepared to deal with the fallout and have done everything you can to prevent it.

When and how should we start getting ready?

Having decided it’s fine to give up your virginity to a total stranger, it’s not a good idea to just “go with the flow.” You should always be ready for anything, no matter how eager you are to attempt something new.

If you anticipate this to be a regular occurrence, and you should give it a lot of thought, ask your doctor what you should do to get ready for sex. Pills, IUDs, and female condoms are all forms of birth control that they might suggest you use. Knowing as much as possible about these matters can significantly increase your security.

But using condoms is the simplest and least expensive way to ensure your safety. You should always use your own. I would advise postponing the act if the ones you packed weren’t compatible with your partner’s package.

Your spouse should never, ever, ever try to talk you out of using condoms. In essence, you are inserting a foreign item into a bodily orifice. You can’t believe your partner’s word since you have no idea where it’s been. This is only a one-night stand. Don’t believe a word of it.

So, what comes after this?

I won’t tell you how to find a sex partner, though. If you want to learn more about that, we have other articles on the site that will help you. This section’s goal is to talk about what to expect while having your first sex with a complete stranger.

Should you confess?

Constantly tell your sexual partner that you are a virgin. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of removing someone’s virginity, even if they merely want to do so for sexual reasons. It’s a reward for a few people. Many others, though, see it as unnecessary extra baggage.

Also, consider how this will help you. The act of giving up one’s virginity ought to be a delicate one. If your partner’s penis presses against your unbroken hymen, you could experience mild discomfort at best and internal bleeding at worst.


Make sure your partner is using a condom before you get started. It makes no difference to me if you’re taking the strongest antibiotics or birth control pills available. Demand it. If your lover doesn’t wear a condom, find someone else. Sadly, there is no room for negotiation here.

Where to even begin?

Foreplay is integral to any sexual encounter, but more so during a devirginization ritual. Learn your options for getting started. Being a virgin is no excuse for being unable to engage in basic foreplay activities like kissing and teasing.

When will this occur?

When you and your lover are both prepared, that’s when it will happen. If his foreplay is really satisfying, you may find yourself craving to be, well, f**ked.

As a couple, you will know without a doubt that the time has come. That might hurt, so brace yourself. The same as hell. Just give it a few minutes, and you’ll feel better. Relax; after your hymen breaks and your vagina stretches, things will settle down.

Have you decided to have an orgasm?

Although I am tempted to say yes, the final decision rests solely with you and your significant other. There’s a chance you’ll get one if he knows how to give them out. If the pain persists, you may not be able to fully enjoy the experience.

If you can, it’s also helpful to have experienced an orgasm brought on by clitoral stimulation before this event, whether it was recently or many years ago. Considering this is your first attempt, reasonable expectations are in order. Congratulations, you’ve made it through the starting line. There’s still a long way to go.

So, following that, what happens?

It’s important to think through every possible outcome of your first sexual encounter before you have one. Now is the time to have that chat with your partner and make your desires known. Find out what he’s looking for by asking.

You can choose to continue seeing each other, but one of you might not actually want to. Do nothing but acknowledge their sincerity and share your own opinion. In this way, you can put the incident in the past and continue with your life as a newly-minted non-virgin.

Sleeping with a complete stranger is not the most romantic way to lose your virginity, but it does have the advantage of being over quickly. The most critical part of this decision is that you are making it rationally and ethically.

Do you feel prepared now that you know the consequences of having a one-night stand? You should give this some thought, consider your options, and remember that there will always be a more suitable time to have your first sex experience.

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