Types of Sexual Bases

Here are 11 Types of Sexual Bases and What They Mean

It’s amazing how the sport of baseball, which some consider to be incredibly dull, has lent its jargon to describe the different stages of a sexual relationship. The concept of types of sexual bases is common knowledge, but it’s fascinating how it was created in the United States to frame these stages through the lens of baseball. However, these stages aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

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Maybe Billy Joel and Meatloaf are a little too dated for your tastes, but they’re still two of the most excellent musicians of the ’70s and ’80s. Do you see where I’m heading with that? The sport of baseball has been used as a metaphor for many years. Even teachers of sexual education employ such analogies when communicating with their charges. They’re now a regular feature in the sex world.

Sexually explicit baseball jargon:

I, too, have sometimes referred to dates with a specific person in terms of bases. You usually just say that instead after you’ve had sex. Until then, though, you rely on sexual foundations. Firstly, if you say “third base” to your friend in front of your parents, they won’t immediately know what you’re talking about. As a result, it’s a helpful method of communicating in secret in public without giving too much away.

What went down at second and third base is common knowledge, right? Maybe you need a refresher course on the many sexual grounds if you’re reading this. This is information that must be communicated to you.

1. First Base

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Getting on base is a thrill for everyone. If you’re struggling to get to second, that base is the one that gives you hope. First base involves a lot of kissing. There is no physical contact between you now; instead, you are simply warming each other up with your mouths.

2. Second Base

What a wonderful thing it is to reach second base and experience life. It’s harmless hilarity, with a touch of sugar and a hint of filth. Physical contact includes skin-to-skin kissing and touching, grabbing or kissing the breasts, and vigorous petting of the genitalia, a$$, breasts, and neck. Although this is performed while wearing clothing, you are not allowed to be naked when playing second base. Here are 20 ways to improve your makeout sessions.

3. Third Base

Types of Sexual Bases
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Now you’ve reached the sex threshold, and that’s third base. It refers to sexually non-active yet subtly intimate contact below the waist. There have been some minor updates, though. Oral sex, such as blowjobs, cunnilingus, and fingering, is now commonly referred to as “third base.”

4. Homerun

In baseball, a home run is achieved when a batter successfully completes a circuit around the bases, resulting in a run being scored for their side. This is the same thing, only with sex. You’re a home run, and then it’s straight to sex. You’ve just won the game with that last point. This is why every baseball player strives to achieve.

5. Strikeout

Types of Sexual Bases
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When a night out at the club goes poorly, some men may use this phrase to describe their experience. Someone will say, “Nah, man, I struck out.” I don’t even know what that means. Short version: they failed to get a date. If a couple “strikes out,” it signifies they had no sexual contact. It might suggest that they didn’t even talk to a girl or perform any foreplay, let alone have sexual relations with her.

6. Pitching

Among gay men, “pitching” refers to the male partner in an anal sex encounter. It’s like saying “pin and cushion” all over again. Being the “pin” indicates that you are doing the dishing out while being the “cushion” indicates you are receiving.

7. Catching

Types of Sexual Bases
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Again, this is a term that only gay men use to describe what they do during anal intercourse. Someone who catches the ball is called a catcher. Simply put, a catch in sex is a man who is the object of an anal sex encounter.

8. Switch Hitter

This is yet another label for a bisexual person. There’s a baseball metaphor there, but I’ve never used it before and don’t think it’s common. Once you know the meaning, you’ll recognize it whenever you hear it. A switch hitter is a player who can also hit the ball from either of their two hands. It makes sense now, right?

9. Playing for the other team

Types of Sexual Bases
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Now, if someone is homosexual or lesbian, you’ll be able to state that they’re “playing/batting for the other team.” To put it plainly, they identify as homosexuals. It’s too bad these baseball terms haven’t been modernized over the years. But then what does it mean for the rest of the LGBTQ+ community? When these labels were coined in the 1960s, being gay or lesbian was still a highly “rare” and taboo subject.

10. Playing for both teams

A person who “plays for both teams” is regarded as bisexual by others who observe them. Assuming you give it a moment’s thought, it makes perfect sense. They’re switching sides and joining the other team. These phrases first appeared in the 1960s, yet they remain popular today. I use these expressions all the time. “Batting for both teams” is another way of putting it.

11. Running the bases

Types of Sexual Bases
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You wouldn’t use this unless you discussed a younger person’s tentative steps into sexual intimacy. Someone who is “running the bases” is engaging in sexual experimentation. They might be sleeping around, experimenting with different partners. Similar phrases include “playing the field” and “running the bases.”

That covers every sexual ground there is to cover, right? Now that you’re caught up, you’ll know exactly what someone means when they refer to “second base” or “third base” in a conversation.

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