High School Sweetheart Reunion: Is The Romantic Story You’ve Been Waiting For

Feel-good love stories are timeless, making them even more enjoyable this year; stories like High School Sweetheart Reunion. It’s good to see love triumph after almost a year of isolated lockdowns, online learning, constrained vacations, and news cycles dominated by violence and hatred. It also seems appropriate to tell this particular story on Valentine’s Day.

High School Sweetheart Reunion

When they were both 13 and enrolled at Los Angeles’ Sun Valley Junior High, Dennis Reynolds and Diane Dubelbeiss first crossed paths. Following graduation, they were married as soon as they realized they were in love. They separated after divorcing after four years and the birth of their two sons, however, they remained close through their kids. The two got back together.

After the two divorced, Dennis, a veteran of the Vietnam War, joined the Army.

Being separated

Their sons initially kept them in touch; they would run into one another whenever Dennis picked up the kids for a weekend. But one of their sons passed away from AIDS, while the other died after undergoing many surgeries for wounds acquired during a military assignment. Dennis and Diane’s daughters from her second marriage communicated frequently on Facebook. Their grandchildren eventually brought them together.

High School Sweetheart Reunion

“We first met after the deaths of our boys. Diane visited my house for the wedding of our grandchild. My Arizona home hosted that wedding,” said Dennis.

It’s not a romantic tale of how they were able to reunite in person. After falling, Diane ended herself in the hospital, and Dennis gave her flowers.

“When I mentioned how I felt upon returning home, my daughter responded, “Mom, he’s not asking you to marry him. He’s just sending you flowers.” And I replied, “OK.” I consequently began to cool off a bit at that point. Who could have anticipated that? “That is the time it would have occurred,” Diana remarked

Those flowers and a trip to see Dennis’ daughter’s daughter, who lived close by, appeared to work. On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2020, 59 years to the day after their initial wedding, they remarried after taking some time to get to know one another again.

Dennis chose to construct Diane’s fantasy home in Las Vegas as a wedding present.

Getting back together

Their loan officer is one of the many whose story has moved.

“Dennis told me about building a house for his soon-to-be bride and their impending nuptials during our phone conversation. He continued by telling me to wait until I heard the rest of the story if I loved how happy I was for him and his fiancée,” commented Chris Lunn of Veterans United Home Loans.

Dennis and Diane are stronger as a pair moving ahead after weathering the difficult times in their relationship.

High School Sweetheart Reunion

“You encounter situations in life that make you irritate one another. Give them some time to themselves, some space, and, you know, be alone with them,” said Dennis. “Although things are back to normal between Diane and me, and she has given me hugs, kisses, and other gestures of affection, we are still only human. You must exercise patience and allow love a chance to succeed.”

It may have been interrupted in the middle of this true love tale, but it’s good to see it all come together again in the end; making for a touching High School Sweetheart Reunion.

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