Hints That Your Partner is Cheating on You

Hints That Your Partner is Cheating on You

Do you suspect your boyfriend might be cheating? Discover the truth with these hints that your partner is cheating on you.

Cheating males always show at least some of the symptoms discussed here and in the introduction.

It’s possible that he’s a laid-back dude who goes to great lengths to cover his tracks when he’s cheating.

He might be more careful with his cell phone and credit card usage lest you discover his infidelity by looking at his next month’s phone bill and discovering his affair.

But even the most unfaithful partners reveal some tells, maybe out of shame or even dread.

If you have a nagging suspicion that he is plotting anything, keep an eye out for these indicators.

Indicators that he’s cheating on you:

1. He often panics.

Ever walk away from your partner after saying, “I want to speak to you about something I just found out…”?

Do you find that he becomes nervous or follows you around like a little lamb, begging you to tell him what’s on your mind, regardless of whether you’re joking or not? Or does he become frantic if you question him about his whereabouts the night before?

2. He’s more handsome from below.

We are not referring to elective plastic surgery. But has he just upgraded to some new, more comfortable boxer briefs, ditching the old ones that are too tattered or faded? Men in serious relationships are accustomed to having more than one tiny hole in their underwear, and that’s not even mentioning stains. Obviously, he is trying to boost his self-esteem or impress someone if he is taking brand new underwear all the way down there in his suitcase.

3. When he returns home, he is welcomed with scents.

When a guy goes out with another women, he shouldn’t lose his manly scent just because he’s hanging out with her. He has heard tales of ladies sniffing their men’s underwear to find fresh scents, so it seems to reason that they would do the same. Keep an eye out for both men’s and women’s fragrances the next time you’re waiting to smell his garments for fresh scents. Even if he claims to smell natural, there’s always the risk that he’s slathered on a bunch of cologne just to be safe. But at the end of the day, a man’s underpants emitting a rich fragrance of perfume? Why does he care whether he smells good down there if he’s just going to change at home anyway?

4. Follow your feminine intuition.

Natural inclinations are quite helpful. They may not always be the most accurate judge, but it can help you recognize warning signals when you see them. Try to learn to trust your gut whenever possible, and combine it with additional indicators to make sure you aren’t wrong.

5. You didn’t know he had an email or social media account until today.

While using your boyfriend’s computer, did you accidentally create a new email address or Facebook account? You may be able to tell more than just a few things by looking at your partner’s computer’s auto fill options and browser search history.

6. Her hair was all over his car seat.

Finding a woman’s hair in their car is a cinch. Even if your cheating partner is so cunning that they manage to shave off all traces of hair, you still might be able to catch them in the act. But remember that it might have been a friend’s hair, so hold off on pulling the trigger just yet.

7. He is constantly defending his actions.

Is he providing significantly more explanations than usual? To make his adultery seem more plausible, a man will often lie about his whereabouts. For example, if you ask him how dinner went with his new friends, and he goes into great detail about it for many minutes when he usually doesn’t give such specifics without being prompted, he may be trying to hide something from you.

Although none of these symptoms can absolutely show that your man has been shaking up another woman, they are almost usually accurate when it comes to cheating males. Assume the best in your man unless you have solid evidence that he is cheating on you. There’s no point in cultivating self-doubt and insecurity until you have sufficient cause to face your man, after all.

Is he having an affair, then? These indicators are accurate, but you should always be aware that there may be exceptions to the norm. You should wait until you’ve seen multiple red flags before approaching your man about his infidelity.

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