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How 8 Women’s Partners Shaped Their Personality – True Story

In this blog, I talk about how 8 women shaped their personality by choosing the right guy that they chose.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that opposites attract or that you’re destined to find someone who is exactly like you. As a best friend, he or she should assist you to become the finest version of yourself possible. Spending your life with someone means you want them to be the kind of person that opens your eyes, helps you quit bad habits, and maybe even gets you to stand up for something you wouldn’t have otherwise done in the past.

Confessions of women who found partners helped them become the people they are today.

True Stories of How 8 Women’s Partners Shaped Their Personality

1. “The only other male feminist I’ve ever met is my spouse,” says one woman.

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Because his mother was a leader in a local feminist group, he was already a huge feminist when we met. 

He used to accompany her to meetings and provide a hand with events when they were kids. Before meeting him, I had no idea what feminism was all about, which is absurd given that I am a woman. As a result of my involvement, I now have a better idea of what feminism is all about.

2. I’ve Become a Non-Shopper

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My purchasing habit is out of control, as well, as I revealed to him. I was confident that he would be able to assist me dig myself out of the hole. For the first months, I didn’t allow him access to my bank account. His intervention helped me overcome my financial and shopping issues by taking the time to sit down with me and conduct an in-depth assessment of my situation. It took me two years to pay off my debt and I’ve now started seeing a therapist to assist me overcome my shopping addiction.

3. My Attitude Toward Children Changed

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“I’ve never been a fan of children and never wanted to have any of my own. It wasn’t anything I had ever considered adding to my bucket list. The fact is, after being together for two years, I’m beginning to think about having a family with my girlfriend, and I’m getting closer to doing so because I know how much having children means to her and because she has proven to me that she and I would make wonderful parents.

4. I’ve become more sentimental than I’ve ever been before.

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Whenever my husband gets home from work, I tell him how much I love him and give him love notes in his lunch bag. I also arrange a big surprise for him on Valentine’s Day. Is that what you’re thinking? Why all the fuss? The big point is that before we met, I would never have engaged in any of this. I was a total romantic snob.

Even before I was married, I didn’t think much of it. I grew up in a divorced household. Before I consented to marry my spouse, my boyfriend and I dated for seven years. That period allowed us to develop a relationship of trust and keep in touch when things got tough.

I’ve taken on a lot of his romanticism through the years since he was always so passionate. The way I’m feeling right now makes me happy!

5. My punctuality is appalling.

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At 8 pm, I’ll be there if the meal begins at 7 pm. Because I am awful at time management, I am prone to procrastination. My partner was instrumental in getting me to make this shift. Because she began fabricating the exact time we were supposed to be somewhere, I initially arrived late. However, after being with her for four years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my relationship with her.

6. I’ve Become Much Less Selfish.

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Until I met my current lover, I was unmarried for nearly five years. My priorities shifted, and I became completely self-centered. Throughout the day, I completed all of the tasks on my to-do list. I didn’t have a concern in the world for anyone else. The relationship progressed to the point that we decided to share a residence. For the first time in my life, I began to do things for him and even prioritized him before myself. I’ve become a lot less self-centered.

In the past, I spent a full weekend in the hospital with him when he was feeling unwell. This was significant because, prior to meeting him, whenever a buddy asked me to do something like that, I would act glumly as if I were missing out on something I really desired (like going to the gym or cooking). Today I do anything for him without question.

7. I Began My Activist Journey

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My partner works in the entertainment sector, and many of his coworkers and friends are passionate advocates for women’s rights campaign. Protests and walkouts have taken up almost a dozen weekends this year. Fighting for a cause is a terrific feeling. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted something like that.


8. Changing My Attitude Toward a More Positive One

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I’ve always had a downer attitude. I’m always afraid that everything will explode or be destroyed. Quite the contrary is true of my fiance. His optimism threw me off guard the first time I met him. But through the years, I’ve discovered that he’s a good counterbalance. His positivity inspires me to look at the world in a new light. I’m no longer afraid of what might happen in a given situation or how I might fail. That means a lot to me.

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