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How Do I Approach a Man for a Date?

Almost every time, this method works. In order to ask a man (or woman) out on a date, follow these simple steps. Congrats!

Dating is a two-thirds battle if you can’t find a partner you can spend time with. (It’s definitely more than half these days.) And I’m completely in favor of you taking the lead. To be bold enough to go after what you want while still being comfortable with taking the lead is a really attractive quality in a possible companion. If you want an almost-certain, overwhelming “yes,” here’s how:

“Consider something you’d already be doing, even if they weren’t here…”

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As a hook for the date, think of something you’d already be doing—whether with or without this individual.

There is a bigger risk of them failing to complete an activity if you ask for a day hike or a fly-fishing trip instead. And the more you ask of them, the more you’re saying about how serious you are.

Here’s one of my favorites: “A brand-new sushi restaurant is about to debut in town. On Thursday, I’m considering giving it a whirl. Would you like to join?”

“I’m doing fun, cool things, and I want you to be a part of them,” rather than “I’d want to spend more time with you.” When you frame the date as a casual invitation, you eliminate the pressure and also give them a glimpse into your vibrant life behind the curtain.

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Let’s face it: No one enjoys spending time with a bore. with a strong sense of current events and the ability to keep up with the times, you’ll draw a lot of attention from the people around you.

In that case, it’s a bummer…but the information you learn from their response is priceless. A response like “I’m allergic to sushi, but there’s a Greek restaurant downtown that I’d want to check out.” “I’m busy Thursday, but would you be available for a meeting next week?”

You may tell they’re not interested if they decline or don’t suggest a substitute, or if they lack the social skills to return the ball to your court. Both ways, you don’t want to be around that person.

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What is your reaction to being “rejected”? Become as courteous and professional as possible by acting like you’re in an office. A straightforward and courteous response, such as “No worries! Have a wonderful week!” Do what you want without their presence.

Before approaching a potential date, it’s always a good idea to have a friend or a potential love interest ready. In place of looking at your phone, you’ll be making plans for your next outfit as you stuff your face with hot tuna, so you don’t feel like a loser.

For the simple reason that you know sushi will make you happy, however you can’t say the same for a first date…

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