How Does Lust Actually Feel Like: Hot Ways to Know it’s Real

It’s natural to be curious about the sensation of sexual attraction if you’ve never experienced it before. Since it isn’t always obvious, the solutions may surprise you.

The way sexual attraction is portrayed in fiction and film is almost always exaggerated. It’s natural to wonder what sexual attraction is like if you’ve never experienced it before. 

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Consider the case of a group of friends who, over time, develop romantic feelings for one another.

There was a time when they felt little in the way of sexual desire for one another. But then, one day, it dawned on them. When a friendship unexpectedly develops into something more, how does it affect sexual desire?

To what end does it serve to have sexual attraction?

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Not the most vital aspect of a partnership, but essential nonetheless. If you’ve never felt the first flush of sexual desire, you’ll never know what it’s like. This is not solely a sexual issue, despite common thought. This kind of attraction is the engine that keeps the world turning, and it’s also the glue that brings two people together.

At its core, sexual attraction is the coming together of two physical beings to form one. Your body releases feel-good endorphins and dopamine, elevating your mood. Lastly, you experience an abundance of desire and enthusiasm for them. You should take note that sexual attraction isn’t just felt between couples, but you can also feel this for anyone.

What does sexual attraction feel like?

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You could think that if you’ve ever seen Sex in the City or any other similarly titillating show, the only way to experience sexual attraction is by ripping off someone else’s clothes. And listen, it is that feeling as well. But it also comes in many ways.

People are strange, and sexual attraction isn’t always an obvious emotion. Everyone has their own unique response to sexual desire because of this fact. Prepare yourself for a journey into the unknown with me as I queue up some tense music.

It’s a sign from your body.

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Your physical form is a peculiar and extraordinary aspect of who you are. It’s insane, and you might not believe it if you’ve never experienced it for yourself, but your body tells you otherwise. Don’t overthink it; despite the fact that your brain is related to the rest of your body, sexual desire originates in the body. Learning to recognize and respond to your body’s cues is essential if you want to perfect the art of seduction.

Your physicality reflects your sexual preferences.

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You probably won’t be aware of the ways in which your body reacts to certain people unless you start paying attention to those responses. Interactional synchronization refers to this imitative behavior and serves as the basis for human communication. How can we help infants learn to talk? Imitating. How can we help people learn to communicate in a new tongue? Simply by following their lead.

Your entire body radiates warmth.

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You’ve probably experienced embarrassment before. The warmth spreads from your lower extremities upward. That’s the way it feels when you’re attracted to someone sexually. Your core temperature rises, your heart rate quickens, and if you weren’t at your high school reunion, you would have already stripped off their clothing.

The release of dopamine.

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You probably didn’t even notice that. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that needs to be understood first. The brain produces a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is largely responsible for the experience of sexual desire. It gives you the flutters and makes you feel sexually aroused.

Dopamine, along with endorphins, is one of the so-called ‘happy hormones.’ There is a negative side to this feel-good hormone; it’s the reason you can become addicted to anything or someone.

You can’t help but touch them.

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Feeling attracted to touch someone is a good indicator of sexual attraction. Maybe you don’t even notice it, but when you’re talking to them, you playfully touch their arm or when you laugh, you’ll touch their shoulder. However, when we talk about touching lightly for fun, we really mean it.

Maintain continuous gaze.

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As to the question of what does sexual desire feel like, making eye contact is an obvious clue. Therefore, it is possible that you are sexually attracted to the person with whom you maintain prolonged eye contact.

You’ve noticed an odd feeling of nervousness whenever you’re in their presence.

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If you’re wondering what sexual attraction feel like, you feel frightened and nervous around them. This is the core idea behind the expression “butterflies in your stomach.” You feel scared and anxious for some reason even if you only see them across the room or know they are around.

The very thought of it arouses your desire.

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This is the clearest example of what is meant by the term “sexual attraction.” If they make you feel excited or sexually stimulated, there’s no point in continuing to talk. There’s no denying that you have a sexual desire towards them.

I’m curious, then, how one describes the sensation of sexual attraction. The key to understanding sexual desire is to pay attention to the signals your body sends. Listening and watching carefully can tell you a lot about whether or not your feelings are those of sexual attraction.

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