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How Men Emotionally Seduce Women Using Fractionation Seduction

How Men Emotionally Seduce Women Using Fractionation Seduction

What is Fractionation?

Fractionation is supposed to be a method of enticing a woman by employing psychological tricks. One of the pioneers of Neuro Linguistic Programming, John Grinder, and renowned psychologist Carl Jung devised Fractionation.

Neil Strauss and Derek Rake, two “experts” on women, designed the seduction section.

The idea of fractionated seduction is based on advanced human psychology and hypnosis, and takes use of this. Fractionation techniques are said to allow men to seduce women within minutes of meeting them. Fractionation seduction is not widely known, but it is gaining popularity among those who are looking for a formula to assist men attract women.

When we’ve given you an understanding of what it is, the question arises: “Is it effective?” Is it worthwhile? What do you think? Is it something that should only be used for academic purposes and not as a means to seduce women?

What’s the procedure?

Neuro-linguistic programming and emotional triggers are used in fractionation to build a strong emotional connection with women. Even if it doesn’t sound simple at first, we’ll go into further detail below.

It’s all part of the plan to send her on an emotional roller coaster, which will make her feel conflicted about you. A woman’s feelings will be clouded by her confusion, making it difficult for her to make an informed choice about you.

The tactic itself is so subtle that unless a woman is on the lookout for it, she will not be aware that it is being used on her.

Fractionation seduction: how to use it

1. Make her notice you. The creators of fractionated seduction begin each course with a few pointers on how to pique a woman’s curiosity. This can be done by donning eye-catching attire, such as a brightly colored shirt, a cowboy cap, or an unnecessarily elaborate suit.

Negging is the other way. Something that irritates the female and gets her into an argument is what we’re talking about here. The comment you make should not be offensive in any way.

Finally, you can capture her attention by starting a discussion, then resigning yourself to the fact that it’s not going to go any farther. Let the conversation dwindle for a little while before picking it back up again. Push and pull will keep her engaged and interested in you, which will lead to a better relationship.

2. Let the woman you want to seduce get to know you better in order to build a small amount of trust between the two of you. As soon as a lady begins to show an interest in you and start a discussion, tell her something about yourself that she might not know about her own self. You can even go one step farther and tell her a little secret. Researchers say that people who open up about their personal life are more appealing to others.

3. Ask her to recollect an experience that made her feel euphoric or pleased, in order to elicit pleasant emotions. Asking the girl about a moment that brought her to a place of happiness or exhilaration is a good idea as the conversation progresses. Before moving on to the next step, give her time to elaborate.

4. Begin by asking her to recollect a time in her life when she was despondent or afraid. You can inject a more somber issue into the conversation after she talks about her wonderful occasion. Share a painful memory from your past, such as a failed relationship or a recent breakup. Talk about the recent death of a family member or cherished pet if you’re ready to put yourself out there. There are other options if it doesn’t work, such as discussing a topic you both agree on or some distressing news.

5. Steps 3 and 4 should be done twice. At least twice, inform your partner that the sad topic is too serious for the time being, and move on. After a more upbeat subject, you can go back to a more depressing one.

What do the preceding steps aim to achieve?

When someone is subjected to Fractionation Seduction, they are subjected to an emotional roller coaster that lasts for a brief period of time. It is the emotional ups and downs that a woman experiences in the above situation that act as the fundamental driving force behind this strategy.

To attract a woman, it is important to find a person she can connect with emotionally. Because you’ve been there for her through the good times and the bad, she’ll start to look to you as a confidante. There’s a link she can draw on from the intense feelings you brought up in the exercise.

Also, the chat leaves a lasting impression because it wasn’t superficial. Despite the fact that many people have similar talks, each one is unique since no two stories are the same. As a result of your growing attraction to this woman, you are able to take the next step in your blooming romance.

How effective is it?

They claim that it will function in 15 minutes, but that isn’t quite accurate.. When it comes to the procedure, it may not function as quickly as expected, as each person has a distinct approach.

If you don’t know how to flirt, converse, and exude confidence, then following the instructions is pointless.

If you don’t successful in any of the processes, the whole concept of fractionation won’t operate. If you don’t practice, you’ll almost certainly fail at this task. It’s possible that you’ll lose a woman due of the strategies you used in step 1. If you ask too many personal inquiries, she may become apprehensive. If you’re not careful, you could inadvertently upset her by ignoring her sensitivity and subtlety.

A person must be confident and articulate enough to pull off fractionated seduction. If a man is able to control a conversation, the concept of fractionation is based on how successfully he can get his message across.

It’s a fantastic idea for individuals who want to try fractionation to practice chatting to their friends and have them evaluate your performance. In front of the mirror, with your grocery clerk, and even with your boss—just it’s as difficult to talk to a woman as it is to chat to a male.

To get the girl of your dreams, you must first succeed in this endeavor. For every failure, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow. Only utilize fractionation seduction in an ethical manner. To avoid being taken advantage of, never misuse it and always be upfront about your objectives.

Are you ready to use fractionated seduction on your next date? See how successfully you connect with the woman of your dreams with these steps.

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