How Much Sex Do Married Couples Have

How Much Sex Do Married Couples Have

There’s truth to the rumor that marriage alters sexual dynamics. But not necessarily in the way you expect. If you’re wondering how much sex do married couples have, the simple fact that you’ve been married for a long means that your sex life will naturally slow down a bit.

Ultimately, it’s up to the couple. Some people allow a sexual rut to settle in and only have sex once a week. Others, however, made the conscious decision to alter their sexual practices, and as a result, they engage in sex significantly more frequently.

To have a successful marriage, both partners need to have a regular sex life.

You can’t leave the bedroom if you don’t become close and intimate there. You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s just as true and useful now as it was when you first heard it. And that’s because it’s crucial in so many ways.

Sex is the glue that holds a couple together. While it’s true that you can become closer to your partner in ways other than the bedroom, it’s much easier to do so if you both enjoy a healthy sexual life. Plus, if you and your partner are both relaxed and at ease, you’re far more likely to have fruitful conversations. That’s a given for any happy couple, right?

Just how frequently do married people have sexual encounters?

If you’ve been wondering this, we can clear things up as you get hitched or struggle with a lackluster sex life. Here’s how to gauge the quality of your intimate relationships.

1. You feel satisfied with your current sex life.

How satisfied are you with the sexual encounters you’ve had thus far? Even if you only engage in sexual activity once or twice a week and you’re perfectly content with that, that’s acceptable too. The most crucial thing to consider is whether or not the frequency is satisfactory.

Perhaps a friend’s remark prompted you to come here and get a second opinion. If both partners are satisfied with the sexual activity, then that is plenty. If you’re happy with what you have, it doesn’t matter if your friend boasts about having more.

2. Your desire to engage in regular masturbation has diminished.

There will inevitably be instances when you feel this way, and that’s natural. The issue develops when masturbation becomes habitual since there is not enough time for it in the bedroom.

If you don’t feel the want to do it regularly, you’re probably content when you’re in bed. If you’re not getting enough, you might find that you’re masturbating more often than you’re actually having sex.

3. You prefer sexual encounters to naked masturbation.

This is a really good indicator that your sex life is functioning normally. If you’re feeling horny, it’s much healthier to wait to have sex with your spouse than to masturbate.

This not only indicates that your sexual life is flourishing, but also that you find your partner attractive and prefer having sexual relations with them to doing it on your own. The health of your relationship is similarly excellent.

4. You’re both equal sexual initiators.

It’s easy to feel like your partner is not into having sex with you if you have to always be the one to start things off. When both partners take the initiative, you can be sure that the desire for sexual closeness is genuine.

You’ve had plenty of sex if you feel this way. If not, either you or they would have to do everything. As long as you’re not being exploited, your sex life should be good.

5. You’re not someone with a weak desire to have sexual encounters.

Even though it may sound counterintuitive, a lack of sex is often the cause of low sex urges. In that sense, sex can be a form of addiction. When you have a lot of stuff, you want more of it.

Hence, if you aren’t masturbating regularly, your sex drive will naturally decrease if you aren’t having enough. It’s possible you haven’t craved sexual activity in a very long time. You know you’re getting enough if you’re having sex regularly and you still feel horny.

6. You do not imagine another person in your fantasies.

Lack of sexual activity between partners often leads to this. When your partner isn’t pulling their weight in the relationship, you may find yourself daydreaming about having sexual encounters with other people.

If that’s not an issue and your partner is the only one you fantasize about having sex with, you’re probably receiving enough sex. Naturally, fantasizing about someone else once in a while is acceptable. Yet it becomes problematic if it consumes your thoughts to the exclusion of everything else.

7. You frequently experiment with new things.

How you spend your time in bed is the best indicator of the quality of your sex life, regardless of how often you engage in sexual activity. Do you keep making the same mistakes? Or, are you experimenting with something novel?

You have a lot more robust sex life than the majority of married couples if you’re constantly experimenting with new things. Your sex life is wonderful as long as you are not bored and as long as you are satisfied while in bed.

8. Despite your hectic schedule, you still manage to fit everything in.

If sex is your number one priority, then you already have plenty of it. Making time to get intimate is a major deal, and it indicates you’re taking sex seriously, even if you’re both really busy with work and life. That’s right; it signifies you’ve had enough.

9. Your life outside of sex is fantastic, too.

Even if you don’t think it does, your partner’s ability to make you feel good in bed depends on how you feel about them outside the bedroom. Your sex needs are undoubtedly met if you are truly content with your life.

When you aren’t, you get irritated and may even start arguments for no reason. As a result, having a satisfying relationship outside of the bedroom is a sign of a satisfying sexual life.

10. You guys constantly discuss sex.

You’re underestimating the significance of this. Couples who never bring up the subject of sexual intimacy typically aren’t getting enough of it or aren’t getting what they desire. You know you’re both having a good time if you’re flirting and gushing about how awesome the sex was.

Your sex life will remain healthy and satisfying as long as you can talk about it honestly. The more you discuss it, the more you’ll improve it.

How frequently do married couples have sexual encounters? As much as is required to ensure their happiness and contentment. So long as they’re content, of course. If both partners know when they’ve had enough sex, the amount of sex they engage in is irrelevant.

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