How To Act After a Sex Call?

So you just had the best sex since you don’t know when. What comes next? Are you going to call your partner? If so, what are you going to say? Here’s how you can act on an after sex call.

The after-sex call is a necessary way to acknowledge that you “did it” and decide if you and your partner want to do it again. It can start with “Thanks for last night” and end with “So, when are we getting together again?”

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It can also be the call that tells you if you still have a chance at a relationship or not. Sexual activity can sometimes make it harder for a relationship to go smoothly. If it happens too soon, the possibility of a relationship might be taken off the table. Some lucky people can even make a relationship stronger by having sex together.

The after-sex call will tell you a lot about the person you slept with, and it will also let you find out some truths about yourself and how you feel about the situation. In terms of the intimate night you just had, this is the call that will make or break your sanity.

Is the call after sex important?

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After-sex calls aren’t necessary for one-night stands, and most people look down on them. If it’s not clear that it was a one-night stand, you can use the after-sex call to find out if the night before will happen again. It’s important because if you don’t know where you stand, you might worry about how your night went. 

Even if you had a great time, you never know how someone will feel about you the next day, especially if you had sex with them. If you don’t care about that, the call or conversation after sex can tell you if the night before was the last time you’ll see each other or if it was the first of many dates or booty calls to come.

When should you call?

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We suggest that you make the call the night after you’ve been together. It will give you enough time to get over your date and give you something else to talk about. Besides that, you and your partner will have some time to miss each other. If you feel comfortable, you can call right after you get home or after your partner leaves. 

You really enjoyed yourself, and you can’t wait to talk to the person you like. There is nothing wrong with that at all. If, on the other hand, you call to see if everything is still fine, you’ll only look desperate and weak in your own eyes, not in theirs. Calling for approval never works out well, and it probably means that you don’t feel good about what you did last night.

What to say on the phone call after sex?

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We’re jealous of you if you’ve never made an after-sex call. Also, your first call after sex can be scary because you don’t know how it will go. It’s okay to be nervous about it, because it’s usually more awkward than cute.

For those of you who have made a lot of after-sex calls, this can also be a wake-up call to stop doing the same stupid things with your dates that never work out.

What to do after a sex call

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#1: Call after work, but before you go to bed. You shouldn’t use the after-sex call to talk to the person you just slept with. Think of it as business. So, you should do it when you and your partner are both free and when your partner is likely to answer the phone.

#2 Give some time to think to what you want. Before you call, think about what you want to say. I’m not telling you to write down a speech. Just make sure you know what you want to say or what you want to ask before you call.

#3 Say “hello” and ask how they are. Be polite. That’s all I’m saying.

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#4: Be clear about what you want. Don’t hesitate. You guys need to talk about what’s next. If you want to be with someone, tell them you don’t want to be f*ck buddies. If you want to sleep with them, ask them if they want to do what they did the night before sometime this week. That’s all it takes.

#5: Ask what they’d like. Not everything has to do with you. You should also hear what your significant other has to say. So, when the conversation is over, you’ll know why they want to continue or end your relationship.

#6: If they’re not interested, let them go. Most men don’t want to be in a relationship with you if they try to sleep with you right away. Most women agree to sleep with men early on for a variety of reasons, most of which have to do with low self-esteem or a need to satisfy their sexual urges.

What not to do on an after-sex call

If you want your after-sex call to go well, don’t even think about doing these things.

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#1: Don’t ask to be with someone. You just had sex. No matter how long you’ve been dating, this is not the time to talk about it. It’s possible that the mind-blowing sex messed up your judgment, and you’re not being fair about the situation. The same is true of your partner.

#2: Don’t call them or text them a lot. Why are you clinging to me so much? Will their answer keep you from a danger worse than death? If they don’t answer, it means they’re busy. It’s enough for one day if you have two servings, and a week if you have three. After that, just stop, because it means they won’t answer or they’ll only call you when they need to scratch an itch.

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#3: Don’t ask for a second chance if it’s clear there won’t be a second chance. Use your gut. If you think there won’t be a next time, act like there won’t be. If the person doesn’t call you back in a few days or doesn’t answer any of your texts, the answer is clear. If we all knew how to use it, common sense could save us all a lot of trouble.

#4: Don’t complain when they don’t answer or get back to you. I know how bad it is. I know it irritates you. But that’s not a good for you to lower yourself to their level and be embarrassed even more. Take care of yourself. Breathe. Let it go.

#5: If they don’t call back for more than a week, let them know. If they called back in a few days, make them work for it. It’s polite to call someone back within 24 hours. If your after-sex call didn’t go as planned, here are a few more ideas.

If the after-sex call didn’t help you figure out what to do next, here are a few more things to remember.

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#1: Don’t hang out with jerks. You deserve more than a guy who just wants to sleep with you. Don’t give yourself false hope, especially if the signs are there: No calls or texts after. He sends “Still up?” texts late at night. He will never again take you out on a real date. The drive-thru at McDonald’s is not one of them.

#2: Don’t think about it too much. People who put a lot of value on sex can’t understand why some people don’t care about it. You should accept what happens to you and let it go, even if it’s not the best thing.

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#3: Don’t give up too much. If both of you want very different things, like sex and a relationship, don’t give in to whatever they want just to make them happy. It’s fine to make some changes, but you shouldn’t give up on what you really want.

Even though the after-sex call can be awkward, it’s important to talk things over with your partner. If your partner is no longer interested in you after you’ve slept with them, just move on. There’s no point in being sad about just one night of sex.

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