How To Avoid Awkward Date Silence

How To Avoid Awkward Date Silence – 7 Useful Tips

Have you ever been on a date where there are so many pauses in conversation that it feels like it’s never going to end? The awkward silence can ruin the moment, but don’t worry, here are some helpful tips on how to avoid it and make the most of your time together.

Even if you’ve known each other for some time, the first few dates can be difficult to navigate. Then there are the awkward lulls that occur when you overthink what to say to someone you’ve never met before. Though you may feel shy at first, know that you’re not the only one who is hesitant to speak out on a first date.

A passionate goodnight kiss at the door and a romantic stroll along the boardwalk aren’t just for chick lit and summer movies. They can happen in real life, too.

Awkward silences are part of being human, especially when getting to know someone for the first time and not knowing where the ‘uncrossable’ line is.

Avoiding awkward silences on a date is easy with these tips:

To avoid those dreaded awkward silences, use these wonderful ideas the next time you find yourself feeling overheated and wriggling your sweaty toes uncomfortably.

Recognize the silence.

Be honest, and you’ll be surprised how effectively it works in a tricky circumstances. “Well, this silence is embarrassing. Let’s try to avoid that, shall we?” is a humorous way to break the ice. Talk about something absolutely unconnected to what you were chatting about before.

Don’t relive the past.

Unless they bring it up, you should likewise avoid talking about the past unless they specifically ask about it. When it comes to the first date, it’s not a good idea to inquire about your date’s previous relationships or why they’re no longer in contact with their parents. Awkward pauses are sure to follow questions of this nature.

Turn the conversation to you instead to defuse the issue. Don’t hold back if you want to talk about your past, but remember to focus on the positive aspects and ignore the negative ones.

Stay away from controversial issues.

Don’t bring up hot-button issues until you’ve had some time to get to know your date a little better. Avoid conversations that could lead to one person taking a strong stance against the other. Even if a passionate debate is good for you, you may want to save it for a later date when you have a better understanding of the other person. After awkward silences, nothing is worse than being walked out halfway through a date!

Do you have any special plans?

Having a conversation about the wonders of the world is a certain method to get the conversation flowing. Find out where your date has been and what they liked best about the areas they visited. Include stories about the people you met, the foods you ate, and the places you saw on your personal trips.

Friends and family members are included in this group.

When you’re unable to come up with something to say, start a conversation about your siblings and friends. It’s safe to talk about your friends and family because it’s considered a non-threatening area.

Whether you’re attending your nephew’s retro-themed first birthday party or reminiscing about your college roommate’s backpacking trip, your friends and family members can provide a wealth of conversation topics.

Learn about your accomplishments by asking about them.

Self-promotion is a favorite pastime for many. Individual’s lives are shaped by their mistakes and successes, and most people aren’t afraid to talk about how they got where they are. Even if your date’s profession isn’t doing so well, they’ll have something to say about it, their hopes for the future, and so forth.

Participate in a leisure pastime.

Moving on to something that doesn’t require much verbal exchange is another option. If you and your loved one can do something together, you may be able to have a better talk. As a last resort, look for inspiration in your surroundings or a third party.

A margarita or two can be all that is needed to break things up and get things moving again if you and your date are still unable to talk after a few drinks.

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