How To Avoid The Embarrassing Drama of Drunk Texting

How To Avoid The Embarrassing Drama of Drunk Texting

The only thing worse than having to read about the drama you caused while drunk texting the night before is having to walk of shame. Learn how you can avoid the embarrassing drama of drunk texting with the techniques we’ve collected in this article.

Undoubtedly, we had pleasant interpersonal interactions and avoided making fools of ourselves by exaggerating little issues. We used to prevent each other from making drunken phone calls or getting behind the wheel. We can now take up our phones secretly and engage in drunken texting.

Prevention is still the best treatment for drunk texting. When planning a night out drinking, it’s best to take precautions to ensure you don’t end up regretting something stupid you did.

If you find yourself texting while inebriated, try one of these strategies.

Picking up your phone in the morning to investigate the repercussions can be about as pretty as how you acted the night before when the bar lights came on, which is to say, it can be worse than getting up to do the walk of shame. These tips will help keep the drunken texting drama at bay.

Identify your inner Jiminy Cricket.

Explain who Jiminy Cricket is. Just ask Pinocchio. Most people could use a more loyal friend. They won’t give you the answers you’re hoping for. They unquestionably deliver the goods when it comes to telling you the truth. Make careful to appoint a watch guard if you have reason to believe trouble could ensue if you begin drinking.

They can put away their “sober” pins for the night. They only need to know that it is their responsibility to keep you safe from harming yourself. Call your trusted friend to stop your drunken texting.

Remove your phone’s ability to receive calls.

Imagine you’re going out with no other agenda than to have a nice time. As soon as you begin to relax, they send you a humiliating and maybe dangerous text message. Most likely, they are aware that you are embracing your independence and having fun.

If they are jealous because you have a life apart from them, the first thing they will do is interrupt your fun with a text in the hopes of getting a reaction. What’s the easiest method to avoid it so you can have a quiet night? Shut down any communication with them immediately.

Don’t bring it here.

This probably sounds totally off the wall, and I get that. You have to force yourself to open one eye in the morning just to see. Nothing. Sadly, you discover that your phone has vanished. Nothing was damaged because of your interference. Or, if you were angry, you might have said something you didn’t mean, which would have the same effect as if you had revealed too much.

If you refrain from sending texts while under the influence, you’ll be able to start the next day fresh, with no regrets or regrettable statements to deal with.

If you’re feeling down, instead of drinking to numb the pain, consider spending time with a loved one.

I know this is a ridiculous idea, but I had to put it out there. If you’re having trouble with a significant other and don’t know what to say to them, maybe it’s best to stay in instead of going out drinking or, even worse, texting while inebriated.

Instead, you should visit them to apologize and talk things out. I realize it’s dumb, and it wouldn’t be my first pick, but I figured, as an adult, I should at least propose the possibility.

Swap out your contact info, especially your phone numbers.

I’m not trying to imply that you’re dim, but sometimes I become so frantic and confused that I transpose people’s phone numbers. Then, when they suddenly appear, they throw off both the person I’m with and me. This is a rare situation involving multiple people. There are some people in my life who aren’t healthy for me, and the only time I hear from them is when one of us is drunk.

You can make it more difficult to find the people you need to text to get into trouble if you don’t show them to the person you’re with or, more generally, to your inebriated self. The more inebriated you are, the less likely it is that you will succeed in locating the number before you get into trouble, right? Whatever needs to be done, must be done.

Make sure what you’re sending is what you mean before sending that inebriated text, even if it was written with the best intentions. Even if you think it’s hilarious or adorable, there’s just a small chance the recipient will agree with you.

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