How To Develop The Right Kind Of Spark

How To Develop The Right Kind Of Spark And Flirt

After a fantastic first date, you’re left wondering, “What should I do now?” After your first date, you’re about to discover how to develop the right kind of spark and flirt.

Like going on a first date isn’t stressful enough. Now you must learn how to flirt with people after the first date to let them know you’d like to go out with them again. Naturally, you can always tell them the truth and listen to what they have to say. The simplest way to determine whether someone wants to see you again is through this.

But not everyone is willing to be direct since it might be intimidating. I don’t even have the confidence to ask someone if they’d like to see me again. After the initial date, I often waited to see how the conversation developed. I would then start dropping hints until they either moved or didn’t.

After the first date, how to flirt.

So, don’t worry if you’re not someone who enjoys being a straight arrow. Even if you don’t express it out loud, you can still let someone know you’re interested in them. However, doing this will call for some flirting.

Let’s face it, flirting is enjoyable when you feel secure and at ease. Getting the hang of it could take some practice, but once you do, you’ll be a flirting force to be reckoned with. So, if you’re wondering how to flirt after a first date, here’s how to flirt your way to a second one.

1. You’ll probably flirt with people via messaging.

After the first date, I’ll presume that you’ll mostly communicate via text unless you call each other and have a conversation. Good for you folks, first off, if that’s the case! Additionally, you can still apply these suggestions. But for the time being, I’ll speak of them as though you were texting me. It merely makes things simpler.

2. Any encouraging text is encouraging.

You probably want to see them again unless you’re texting them to say, “Hey, I didn’t sense any chemistry, but it was good meeting you.” Any text you submit that isn’t a rejection text is therefore interpreted positively.

Texting, “I had such a nice time, thanks for the sushi,” will open up the conversation if you’re hesitant to start being flirtatious immediately.

3. How was the first date itself?

On the first date, did you two flirt at all? Or was there an air of awkwardness? You should match your text message; therefore, this matters. It doesn’t make sense if you didn’t seem interested in the date but then start messaging this person as though you’re in love with them. So, consider your date when deciding what to say.

4. Analyze the situation before diving in.

Sending an extremely flirty text message is possible if you’re daring. It’s possible that it won’t be well welcomed. Go lightly on the flirting instead. Delay before entering. Since you’ve only had one date with this individual, you don’t truly know them.

5. Text them at the right time.

Yes! Because there isn’t a specific time when you should text someone, I don’t want to concentrate too much on timing while discussing how to flirt after the first date. However, there are certain general principles.

Give it a short while after the date before you message them. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to text at 11 p.m. There is no reason to send the first text after your date after 8 o’clock unless you’ve made up your mind to develop a booty call relationship.

6. Be playful rather than crude.

Okay, even though it ought to go without saying, I feel compelled to say this. You’re free to flirt. Don’t go too far into being crude. Have fun and be lighthearted, but avoid acting disrespectfully. You will not benefit from this in the now or the future. Recognize the boundary and adhere to it.

7. Tell them how much fun you had.

Tell them whether you enjoyed your first date if you did! Acting mysteriously and saying you had no fun is not appropriate. Be true to who you are.

Let your opening text message express how much fun you had. “I had such a terrific time; I never met someone with such an amazing grin, eyes, laugh, or sense of humor,” is all that has to be said. By starting the conversation out on a flirty note, you invite it to do so.

8. Mention a specific event from your date.

You must be strongly drawn to the person you were on a date with. Why not bring up an incident from the date? Maybe they told you an amusing anecdote from their history or spilled their drink on you by mistake. You can now utilize the flirtatious phrase “You’re going to have to come shopping with me to pick out a new shirt” to your advantage.

9. Mention a second date subtly.

Slide the topic of a second date into the discussion if you want to. You gave me shivers with how stunning you are, and now that I know you enjoy Indian food, I know where we’re heading next. See? It was easy, seamless, and clarified what you wanted to the other person.

10. Follow your instincts.

I can give you suggestions for what to say, but ultimately you need to trust your gut. Go gentle if you sense that this person isn’t interested. If there was strong chemistry, try out your flirtatious side. Everyone’s first date will be unique; therefore, you must trust your gut to get you through.

Now that you have these tips, you know how to flirt after the first date. Just keep in mind that they’ll decide if they want to meet you again or not at the end of the day.

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