How To Differentiate Limerence and Love

How To Differentiate Limerence and Love

Limerence and love may seem similar at first. But you’ll have to figure out whether this is real love. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can differentiate between limerence and love.

Limerence and love may seem like they have a lot in common, but recognizing the differences between the two is crucial. If you don’t, you could wind yourself putting your heart and soul into something that isn’t love.

It’s not a healthy relationship, even if you think you love each other. Despite their vital importance, we rarely broach the subjects of love and lust. You’ll learn what makes a good and loving relationship work, and you’ll get insight into your current relationship in the process of processing your prior relationships.

Here are the crucial distinctions between limerence and love.

The term “limerence” doesn’t seem to fit. Limerence is a term that needs to be defined before we can talk about how it differs from love. Limerence differs from lust in that it involves more than physical attraction. Simply said, limerence is a form of obsession. This “love” for this individual is so intense that it borders on obsession.

Luring attention is at the heart of limerence.

Here, we combine the two concepts of love and limerence. Extreme sexual desire for another person is called “limerence.” But this emotion has nothing to do with true love.

When you’re with them, you wonder how you ever got along without them.

When you’re head over heels for someone, you don’t want to imagine a world without them. When you have limerence, however, you feel as though you simply must have them. They’re very dissimilar from one another. The notion of being separated from them causes anxiety and pain over losing their love and attention.

Your connection may and should develop further.

Whether it’s the beginning of a new relationship or there isn’t really a relationship at all, limerence is common. This occurs before you know the person on a deeper level. When you imagine a future with them or see them as you would like them to be, you are, however, living in a fiction.

Emotional dependence is limerence.

Your mood will likely reflect that of your limerent object of affection if they are not enjoying a particularly nice day. If they stop talking to you, you’re likely to feel sad and helpless. Your feelings have nothing to do with you and everything to do with how this other person is doing. Limerence is when you feel an overwhelming desire to consume limes.

The world of limerence is not real.

One problem with limerence is that it isn’t grounded in genuine affection or even common interests between its participants. Yes, this person does exist; but, you only know them as a concept rather than a real person. True love exists when one accepts another despite knowing all about them, flaws and all.

The two of you have a unique bond.

Whether it’s love or limerence, this is something that can be felt by others. On the other hand, there is a significant distinction. When you experience limerence, you sense an overwhelming affinity for a person you have never met. True love exists when two individuals sense an intense bond and also share a solid foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

You follow their every move like a hawk.

When you have limerence, you find yourself captivated by the smallest details of that person’s life. If you know this person, you probably stalk them on social media to learn more about their life and the people in it. Every aspect of your day must accommodate their needs.

You raise them up on a pedestal.

Although you have no idea of this person’s true identity, you don’t mind one bit because of the limerence. Your preconceived notion of them is accurate, and you have no desire to learn more about them. So you elevate the idealized version of that person in your mind, making them appear perfect even if they are truly awful.

Limerence has a way of making individuals act irrationally.

It’s a rather intense feeling, and it may bring out the worst in people, so be careful if you ever get limed. Some persons experiencing limerence are known to give away all their money, get married early, and even abandon their loved ones. This is a dangerous obsession that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Consider your current relationship or crush in light of your newfound understanding of limerence and love. If you think about it, what exactly is it that you feel for this person?

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