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How to End a Date Without Becoming Rude

Whether it’s the date or the person, there’s always a reason to avoid it.

Why would you go through with a date that has already been set? There are many possible explanations. You may have organized it while intoxicated, but now you’re severely second-guessing a decision that looked acceptable to you before.

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The date could be a blind one, or it could have been set up through a dating service, and you’re feeling a little nervous about it all. If you’ve already been on a date with someone and were persuaded to go on another against your better judgment, it’s possible that this is the person. For every one of these scenarios, an equally imaginative explanation exists.

You can use this list to get yourself out of a date before it even happens. As long as the date isn’t too long, you can use many of these ideas for a mid-date phone call or text message. Just be aware that some of these reasons are meant to cancel a single date, while others are meant to end the relationship in its whole! It’s important to pick the correct one!

1. Auto-death.

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A mechanical breakdown is the perfect get-out clause if and only if you are going a considerable distance to the date. There is no other way to see it through. Make sure you don’t let the other person see you drifting around town the next day.

2. It’s too early.

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You’ve just left a relationship and realized that you’re not ready for a new connection just yet. Additionally, expressing that you don’t want to put the other person in the position of having to deal with a rebound relationship earns you brownie points.

3. Rain is falling.

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For women, claiming that your hair would be ruined if you walk outside in the rain is a stupid excuse, but it actually works. When it comes to the feminine psyche, men are completely awestruck and will believe anything you say.

4. I’ve got a lot on my plate at work.

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Being “forced to remain late at work” is a tried-and-true method for getting out of a date. Even though the other person is disappointed, they may admire your dedication to your profession.

5. Too intoxicated to drive.

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Again, if you must drive, claim that you are intoxicated and cannot be trusted to operate a motor vehicle. Depending on who you’re speaking it to, this could have quite different effects.

6. Where is grandma??

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Why not pretend you have to cancel because you can’t locate a chaperone, and watch the men flee in terror. That was the last time you would hear from him!

7. There’s a crisis in the family.

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Emergency situations with family members are always a good idea. In addition to taking my grandmother to the hospital, I have a few other errands to run. Your date has no choice but to embrace these responsibilities, which would be churlish to ignore.

8. Sickness.

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Explosive diarrhea or projectile vomiting is the first choice of date-shirkers everywhere, guaranteeing a get-out-of-jail-free card. Ebola, on the other hand, may have gone too far!

9. It’s that time of the month for me..

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Guaranteed to please both men and women. Using the “p” word is enough to make most men want to sever their own limbs!

10. I’ve run out of money.

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For starters, you’re broke and have no method of getting to the date. As one of the best tactics for getting out of an awkward situation, it’s best to come up with an excuse that’s both cheap and unlikely to be taken seriously.

11. I’m not particularly interested in you at this point in time.

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Just to be clear: if you’re prepared to try some of the above justifications, it would be less brutal to just tell them the truth instead of making excuses!

No dates must be set in stone. Take heart; there is always an easy way out if you’re having second thoughts about the matter at hand. A little amount of creativity can go a long way.

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