How To End Your Single Life

6 Best Golden Rule: How to end your single life

The longer someone stays single, the more he loses the ability to communicate with the opposite sex because he hasn’t been in contact with the opposite sex for a long time, and the longer it goes on the road of single dogs. Read further and you might end your single life now.

Therefore, the one who gets a date always gets a date, but the singles keep as singles. So today, I’m here to teach you something you can actually take away.

Matthew principle in the emotional world: the more a guy gets in touch with women, the more he understands women’s needs, the easier it is to get in touch with more women (the same goes for women);

6 Rules to Follow to End Your Single Life

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Rule No. 1 – Don’t be a couch potato

The essence of love is that two people are happier together. If someone feels more boring with you than by himself/herself, what’s the point of being together?

If you have a regular 9 to 5 job, guys will only watch movies and play video games when they return home, and girls follow the latest drama every night with potato chips. No hobbies, no specialties, even the narrow circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller; excuse me, but how could it be possible that the “right person” suddenly appeared in front of you, loving you and wanting to be with you the rest of your life?

A man can have no money or good looks, but he must not be without his own life and hobbies.

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Learn anything, let it be musical instruments, dancing, skateboarding, or playing Rubik’s Cube; small hobbies outside of work will make your life full of fun. It will also help you enter a new circle of friends because of a particular hobby and expand your social network.

Getting to know more friends besides classmates and colleagues and keeping yourself in a closed social circle will make you more social phobia. When I was in college, I was in an engineering school. Many of my classmates went to college for four years. Besides, not many people in different life circles, and there are few opportunities to communicate with the opposite sex. Many male compatriots take it for granted that as long as they graduate and find a good job, the relationship problem will be solved naturally, but it’s rarely the case.

Take the initiative to experience some unknown areas, even if it will be initially embarrassing; breaking the cocoon is originally painful. Follow rule number 1 and you might end your single life.

Rule No. 2 – learn to talk

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In this age where everyone focuses on their phone, it’s challenging to gain attention, but it is easy for girls to like a guy who often chats with them.

But you need to chat correctly

Do not check his/her life, such as the following classic counterexample:

  • Hey, how are you?
  • I’m fine, thanks
  • What are you up to?
  • Nothing
  • Our profiles kind of match 😊
  • Maybe
  • Are you still in school?
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This is not a chat. This is an interrogation.

And a “nutritiousless prologue conversation”:

  • Hello
  • Hey, who is this?
  • I’m nobody, can we chat?
  • No!

This kind of dull opening makes the girl lose interest in interacting with you at the beginning.

  • Are you there? What are you doing? Have you eaten yet?
  • Ouch, distressed, drink some hot water
  • Wear more, take care, it’s cold outside
  • You are busy, good dreams, get some rest

If you talk to each other often and say this, trust me, you are for the most just a spare tire.

Here are some tips for everyone to end your single life:

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Throw the topic, continue the topic, end the topic, and then cycle.

If you are not good at expressing yourself in words, texting can provide you with buffer and room for maneuver.

According to this mode of communication, can reduce the probability of you becoming too dull.

Throw a topic:

I saw that your circle of friends is very fashionable, you should be a fashionista

The other party replied: Uh, I work for fashion magazines

Continuing topic 1:

I heard that the fashion industry is particularly hard-pressed, and there are devil heads.

Reaction from the other party: he understands my life.  Then she starts to talk about her boss and coworkers.

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Continuation topic 2:

I heard that female model are miserable in this industry and often deal with gangster harassment. It must be challenging to work in the field and scares many people away. You are doing very well, that’s impressive.

Response from the other party: She will be a little proud when she hears you compliment her.

Closing topic:

Do you have any entertainment after work? (Foreshadowing the invitation)

The Rule of Breakaway 3 – Pay attention to details

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Detail-oriented men are a kind of creatures that are more likely to be favored by women, and the so-called sweet men are those boys who are especially good at teasing girls through details.

Compared with men’s carelessness, women pay more attention to details and emotions several times than men.

To give a simple example: when you are on a blind date, you feel that you are pretty good, but your wrinkled trousers, dandruff on your white shirt, and not so fresh breath in your mouth have already let the woman sitting next to you pass silently.

What decides whether a girl will have a good impression on you is such a minor detail. In girls’ eyes, boys who can quickly capture what they want and give feedback are an impression score of +99.

Such as:

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  • Help the girl open the car door first when getting in and out of the car
  • When walking, move to the outside towards the street to let the girl walk inside
  • Leaning towards girls when holding umbrellas
  • Offer to help when she was carrying a heavy object

Moreover, many boys have nasty habits

  • Girls caught a cold: drink more hot water
  • Girls on their periods: drink more hot water
  • Girls are in a bad mood: drink more hot water

This kind of ineffective care is so weak that you should say “open the door” at this time.

The Rule of Breaking Away 4- Learn to Take Pictures

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If you ask me to list a skill that is the easiest way to get a girl’s favor, I think it’s taking pictures.

The meaning of learning to take pictures here is not to let you buy expensive cameras or lenses. A simple study of photography skills, such as composition, photo editing, etc., is enough to take your goddess out of it. Do you think you would add points to her heart and will eventually end your single life?

The Rule of Breaking Out of Order 5-Making Ambiguous

I remember answering a Zhihu question before, “How to turn a friend into a girlfriend.” The core point is to create ambiguous emotions.

Many people missed the chance to get out of the singles because they didn’t do a good job at this point:

I met a girl who fits me well in all aspects, and even the other person has a good impression of me, and they talk every day. In the end, we became best friends, but she is not my girlfriend.

Upgrading the relationship is done by creating an ambiguous way.

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Intentionally or unintentionally, make a little physical contact, whether it was holding her hand when crossing the road, petting her head when she was aggrieved, or touching the corner of her mouth when she was eating, and gently wiped it off.

Be nice to girls, but not unconditionally, please, and don’t confess when you are not confident with it.

Let her get used to your rhythm, enjoy your company regularly. Then intentionally or unintentionally, let her see you talking to other girls, let her see, let her guess, let her not figure out what you are thinking.

Congratulations, at this time, you have captured her heart.

Rule No 6 – Grasp the Signal!

Many times, girls have already secretly promised, but if you give them a chance, you won’t use it.

For example, this one:

  • If I win this game, I’ll be your girlfriend
  • Sure, but I won’t lose!
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Even if they have a good opinion, most girls will not take initiative, but will express them in some obscure ways. If men don’t get the girl’s careful thoughts at this time, then there is no way to go.

The notable signals are:

  • Proactively contact you;
  • Never refuse most of your invitations;
  • Likes to chat with you when she is in a good/bad mood;
  • Paying more attention to her image in front of you, and some physical details can convey this signal, such as: playing with her hair

Most importantly, if you want to use the above methods to get a girl, please make sure you are ready to enter a relationship with her. If you tease, please mean it. I am most afraid that you are addicted to ambiguous, but she is seriously thinking about a relationship. Don’t forget to have the 3 skills a guy needs in dating a girl this might end your single life forever.

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