How To Improve Your Love Life With Flirty Texts

How does texting, one of the most popular forms of contact between couples, affect your love life? Here are the statistics to help you find out!

Advice for the modern dater, via text message.

Therefore, we have collected a collection of information that you may find interesting and useful in terms of enhancing your interpersonal and communicative skills.

1. As time goes forward, married couples tend to text less frequently. 

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Don’t lose your cool. That’s excellent news! This indicates that they prefer face-to-face interaction to digital ways of communication.

2. Relationships are like a delicate balance, and too much texting can disrupt it. 

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Relax. You can still have regular conversations, but studies show that excessive messaging about trivial matters can strain relationships. Avoid unnecessary pauses and instead focus on the conversation at hand.

3. Relationship dissatisfaction is higher among men who text frequently. 

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Since men are hardwired to believe that they deserve praise for taking care of their partners, this may have something to do with male pride. In this situation, they express their love for one another via text messages. The inconsistency in attention levels can and will irritate them.

4. Happier relationships are found among women who text more. 

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As such, it would appear that women get their motivation from the adulation they receive via text message. It doesn’t matter if their spouse texts as frequently as they do until there’s cause for concern, as when a guy stops texting altogether.

5. Both sexes benefit from receiving texts of praise or compliments from their significant other. 

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Sending meaningful texts to your partner, preferably statements of love and flattery, can soothe your worries about points 3 and 4.

6. Attempting to solve marital issues via text message is unhealthy for the partnership. 

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When spouses resort to texting to work out their differences, many partners report feeling less satisfied with the relationship. The couple would rather have an open conversation, while their partners would rather remain anonymous behind their phones.

7. While women may enjoy receiving texts at work, men would rather not. 

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One possible explanation is that working is more important to males than it is to women. Sending pointless texts to coworkers isn’t a display of affection. The same holds true for when males send unnecessary texts to their wives or girlfriends, albeit it may not be as irritating to them.

8. One-word texting that doesn’t use capitalization or punctuation is annoying. 

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Not really, is it? Another sign of a troubled partnership is when one partner uses this tactic as a pretext for an argument.

9. If you text them too passionately and flirtatiously, they can get scared away. 

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All of this is irrelevant before or on the first date. Both sexes find it tiring, unpleasant, and, dare we say, unsettling when strangers are overly affectionate.

10. Most people will leave a date at first sight of texting. 

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This behavior is extremely unpleasant, impolite, and boorish. The point is that everyone who witnesses a diner texting while at the table will be turned off by the sight.

11. The majority of couples between the ages of 17 and 25 communicate mostly by text message. 

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This makes sense, as many young people today have a greater degree of leisure time than their parents did and have little control over spending it on frivolous activities like texting.

12. Around 20% of those who regularly text their significant others end things via text. 

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The figures don’t lie, but it’s one of the saddest statistics I’ve ever read.

13. When people spend too much time communicating through text messages, everyone involved in the relationship is less satisfied. 

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Someone who derives pleasure from texting yet experiences profound sadness when that contact is severed a deeper problem than their relationship.

14. Individuals who are confident in themselves have no need for the constant reassurance that texting provides. 

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You can’t base your entire life on texting. These are the folks who don’t need constant affirmation and don’t analyze the meanings of the messages they receive on a superficial level.

15. Those who lack confidence often rely on their partners’ texts for reassurance. 

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People who lack confidence often rely on texts for reassurance. Even though it’s only a social reflex, they know they’re cared for because of the texts they receive.

16. Anxious people are more likely to practice self-control in other areas of their lives, particularly their relationships, and to avoid letting their texting habits define how they interact with others. 

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A person with abandonment concerns will either not text you at all or will text you often. The point is to stop feeling helpless and start making decisions.

People’s relationship satisfaction is correlated with how satisfied they are with their smartphone usage. If a couple enjoys texting together, that’s a good sign. In any case, the trajectory of this discussion is plain to see.

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These evidences only prove the majority of scientific discoveries. Instead of assuming these things will always happen, think about whether or not you want to build your entire relationship on text messages.

Keep in mind that being present is more valuable than sending an SMS. Engage in conversation, spend time together, plan a getaway, and let your freak flag fly. Those times are more important than any amount of text messaging.

The use of text messages is becoming commonplace. But new studies show that not all texts are created equal. Using this information, make sure your texting is a strength, not a weakness, in your relationship.

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