How To Increase Your Sexual Tension Together

The intensity and force of sexual tension can be powerful. Yet, what about the sexual tension that exists between partners? Isn’t that a sign of things to come?

The sexual tension between two people is a telltale sign that they have a genuine connection. It’s palpable from the first moment of meeting and communicating, and it seldom fades away on its own.

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If you’re already in a relationship or don’t want to lose a friendship, the inability to act on such desires can be a serious problem.

An issue might arise when one partner is experiencing sexual tension because of an unexpectedly strong urge to engage in sexual activity with another partner. Mutual sexual tension, though, might be a precursor to something sizzling for the single set.

In what ways does sexual tension manifest itself?

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There are many potential causes of sexual tension. Sexual desire can be triggered by feelings of love, attraction, or even hatred.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself. You accidentally touch hands or lock gazes when you’re sitting next to your office crush or maybe just a cute stranger on the subway. A part of you wants to kiss them so badly that your heart races, and you start to sweat.

The absence of satisfaction and perhaps some danger is to blame for this.

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During those times, your body is flooded with hormones that are out of control. Your thoughts are torn between giving in to an immediate want and acting in your best interests in the long run.

How to read the indicators of sexual tension in a relationship:

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Follow these guidelines to figure out if the tension you’re experiencing with someone is actually sexual in nature.

We also have advice if you know you don’t want to act on such emotions. Okay, but if you do? Then, by all means, do it!

1. High rates of eye contact.

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Constant eye contact is a sign of mutual sexual attraction.

It’s natural for two people who are sexually attracted to each other to spend a lot of time gazing wistfully into each other’s eyes.

2. Embarrassingly quick flirting.

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When you and someone you like have an immediate sexual attraction, you may greet each other extremely flirty upon first meeting.

Attraction is instantly sparked upon meeting, and it’s clear that sexual thoughts are in both of your minds.

3. Lots of smiling.

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Around a person you have a sexual attraction to, you won’t be able to control yourself. As soon as the pressure increases, your flirtatious side will emerge. When we’re in the company of somebody we fancy, it’s only natural that we want to strike up a conversation.

4. Horniness.

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This one ought to be self-evident. The sexual tension between you and someone is high if you find yourself fantasizing about making love to them.

5. Sexually suggestive gestures.

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A lot about your emotional state can be gleaned from how your body reacts. Do you want to have a closer conversation with the other person? Are you smoothing out your clothes, biting your lip, and idly caressing them? If that’s the case, and if they’re doing the same, it seems like there’s some serious sexual tension going on between you two.

6. Interacting solely by gazing at one another.

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You can’t help but look at them, no matter how far away you are. They’re gazing right back at you when you look at them.

This is a major indicator of sexual tension between you two. It seems like you can’t stop staring at one another. The desire to go into each other’s pants is obvious.

7. You just feel it.

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You can physically sense the sexual tension in the room. Each person’s experience with this is unique, but it isn’t the same as having a crush on someone.

Typically, you’ll feel it all over your body. The erogenous zones are the primary locations where you feel it. Body parts that are brought to the fore during sexual activity include the neck, breasts, and crotch.

8. Intimate jokes.

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They use you as a test subject for some mildly inappropriate jokes they have hidden in their arsenal. The jokes seem harmless at first, but gradually they take on a naughtier tone, hinting at their true intentions. As the crudeness of the jokes increases, so does the level of sexual tension between the two parties.

9. Blushing.

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If you blush easily, you’re probably anxious. There’s a rationale for your blushing at their praise or when your hand accidentally brushes against theirs.

10. Deep longing for something.

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Although it may be evident, a major contributor to sexual tension between partners is a strong want to be with that person.

Even if you don’t actually slobber over this individual, you can’t deny that you’re attracted to them. You just want to be with them, kiss them, and let things develop naturally.

11. Daydreaming.

Whether you’re dreaming about them or not, your mind is pining for them. Your mind is revealing your hidden desires if you can’t fulfill them in the real world.

12. Something that lights the fire.

Do you know how there needs to be that certain thing in a relationship? And you can count on this individual to be your fellow companion in this. You may not be interested in dating or getting serious with this person, but something about the two of you sparks intense feelings of attraction.

It’s awesome when two people are sexually attracted to one another—if they can act on it. It can be a living hell if you’re already in a serious relationship or don’t want to sever a close connection. But take pleasure in it for what it is: the knowledge that you both make each other aroused.

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