How To Make Things Go Well When Someone Sleeps Over?

It can be fun to spend the night at a guy’s place, but the next morning can be very awkward.Are you wondering how you can make things go well when someone sleeps over? Follow these 10 tips to avoid awkward situations. 

It’s one thing to get into the living room of your boyfriend. The big step in the relationship is when you sleep over at his place. He is letting you come into his safe space and even spend the night there. It should be a great time you can enjoy, right? Shouldn’t you be glad that he’s letting you in? Usually not.

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Many women worry a lot when they sleep over at someone else’s house. Since you are sleeping at someone else’s house, the rules may be a little different. What do you need to do? What do you need to take? Would your morning breath bother him? What will happen if his roommates see you walking to the bathroom?

What you need to know about staying at his house

List of things you should do the first night you sleep over at a guy’s place to make sure nothing goes wrong.

#1: Tell someone else.

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Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to let someone you trust know where you plan to stay the night. If you know the exact address, you can text it to a friend.

#2: Carry cash.

This could be the most important and useful thing you need to carry with you. Also, who doesn’t carry around a little cash when they go out? If your guy can’t drive you back to your place, you should have enough money for a taxi. You might also need to buy toiletries, especially if this sleepover was not planned ahead of time.

#3: Bring toiletries

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Underwear, and maybe an extra shirt. When you sleep over, you don’t need to bring a whole suitcase full of stuff. If you’re carrying a suitcase on your way to his place, he might think you’re moving in right away. Just bring the essentials, like a toothbrush, makeup remover, underwear, and a change of clothes, unless you don’t mind going home in the clothes you wore on your date the night before.

#4 Stop by the store on the way home. 

This only works if you’re having a sleepover on the spot. There are 24 hour stores everywhere these days, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one. When you get there, get the things you’ll need, like a toothbrush and maybe some condoms. The guy you’re with might have everything you need at his place.

#5: Use light makeup or bring something to take it off. 

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When you want to wish your guy a good morning, you don’t want to give him raccoon eyes. Even though you want to look great with your smokey eyes and twelve coats of mascara, try to look like yourself when you put on makeup. If you don’t, the guy you’re with might think he took the wrong girl home.

Also, when you’re sleeping over, makeup remover and moisturizer are your best friends. Before you put your head on one of his pillows, clean your face. Trust us when we say that a guy would rather wake up with a clean face that doesn’t have any makeup on it than with a face that could scare Freddy Kruger. Read: 10 easy ways to look hot without trying.

#6: Don’t act like you’re disgusted. 

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When you walk into his space, you feel a little bit of worry. You never know what you’re going to find in there. So if you think the house could be a little neater or cleaner, try not to say anything that sounds like criticism. Since you were invited in, the least you can do is show a little more gratitude.

#7: Don’t let his ex’s stuff scare you. 

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The thing about guys is that it might take them a while to get rid of things around the house that they no longer need. They might put it in a neat little pile in the corner of the room, but once they get used to it just sitting there, they won’t even notice it anymore. So don’t yell at him if you see things that belonged to his ex-girlfriend that are feminine. Most likely, he’s already embarrassed that you saw his ex’s stuff.

But if you get the feeling that he might still be with his “ex” (because her clothes are in the hamper, women’s toiletries are in the bathroom, their pictures are still up on the wall, etc. ), now might be a good time to start asking him questions. If he isn’t with her anymore, her things shouldn’t be all over the place, right?

#8: Be nice to your roommates.

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Yes, it can be both inconvenient and uncomfortable to sleep at a place where other people also stay. The space belongs to both of them. Try to be nice, if not outright friendly. First of all, you’re all adults. When their roommate brings a girl home, they probably already know what’s up. Once they’ve said hello, they should leave you guys alone to do your own thing.

Also, keep in mind that you’re only a wall away from the people who live with him. We already told you that they know what’s going on. They don’t need to hear what you guys are doing to know what’s going on.

#9: Remember that he might not look as good when he wakes up. 

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When you’re out and about, your guy might be the perfect guy. But as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes, his instinct to act in a certain way is still getting ready. So, to avoid being surprised, keep in mind that no one is perfect. in the morning

He might have crusty eyes, bad breath, and drool on his pillow. Some women find this endearing because he looks so cutely helpless. If you don’t think that kind of thing is cute, just get ready to see it in the morning.

#10: Have a plan for leaving.

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You know those people who never leave when they should? Don’t act like them. Even if your guy doesn’t have anything else to do for the rest of the day, don’t stick around unless he asks you to. It would be a lot more awkward if he made up an excuse that you could see right through.

Don’t take the fact that he doesn’t want you to stay much longer as a personal insult. Some people just want to be alone for a while. Having someone sleep over doesn’t have to be a big scary deal. Just remember these tips, go with the flow, and have a good time with your friends.

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