How to Read Someone Like a Book

It only takes a few inquisitive inquiries to quickly “suss” someone out. Try out some of these first-date inquiry suggestions today.

Asking someone a series of well-thought-out questions is a great approach to learn more about them. You shouldn’t corner them in a dark room and bombard them with questions, but you should sneak a couple into the conversation at appropriate times. So you want to know everything there is to know about them after just one chat, just like reading a book? Use this list of questions to get to know someone better on a first date.

If you don’t have the questions ready to ask to actually get to know someone, how are you meant to find out more about them and decide if this is someone you’d like to spend more time with? In order to get to know you, they will inevitably ask you questions; therefore, you should be ready to answer their inquiries as well.

What are some good questions to ask someone you just met?

Let’s take a look at the best questions to ask a new acquaintance so you can work them into your next discussion with someone you’re interested in learning more about.

Tell me about the best show on television.

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Find out what specific subculture they belong to by asking this question. Is there humor in this? Can we call it terror, if so? Does the law punish this? Is it suspenseful? Then again, it’s also possible that they’ll offer you an extremely general response; “Friends” is a common choice.

What songs did you prefer to listen to at that time in your life?

Everyone enjoyed embarrassing music when they were teenagers, so this is bound to make them blush a little. Perhaps it was a boy band or a truly awful Europop ensemble. At the very least, curiosity is piqued.

Who in the Hollywood industry do you have a major crush on?

This is a great question, and it will definitely put them on the spot for a little while! Perhaps this person is someone you’ve never heard of, or even someone who has passed dead, but for whom they continue to feel affection.

When it comes to sports, which do you prefer, and why?

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Maybe they just don’t like sports, but I bet you that even if they don’t, you like at least one kind of sport on occasion. A person’s interests in sports, whether team or individual, reveal a great deal about who they are.

To which meal do you most frequently turn?

This is an excellent topic to ask a potential date because it reveals whether or not you two would get along on a dinner date. Tensions may arise if they are fish lovers and you are not. This is a great icebreaker topic to ask a new acquaintance because everyone has at least one favorite dish.

Where is your favorite place to chill out?

If I may clarify, you are not asking this with the intention of following them. Where people go in their spare time is something that piques my curiosity. Perhaps they visit a place where they can relax and unwind, or perhaps they seek out the company of others. It’s possible that you frequent some of the same hangouts.

Do you live with any animals?

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It’s crucial that you learn whether or not the individual cares about animals. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong showing compassion towards animals. They may have a menagerie of pets at home or long for the day they can get one. They may start reminiscing about their late pets if you ask them this question.

Like being alone yourself?

Many people find time spent alone to be uncomfortable and unsettling, and would much rather have company. However, there are many who prefer the quiet of their own company. To learn more about the person you’re talking to, try asking them this question.

What kind of pet owner are you—cat or dog?

Personally, I think this is a great way to get to know someone and see if you’d be romantically compatible with them. People who are more fond of cats are probably more independent-minded than those who like canines. Of course, it’s all up for interpretation, but finding out is half the fun!

Which occupation would you pick if you could have it all?

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It’s a shame, but the vast majority of individuals aren’t working in their ideal profession. Some people are, and that’s wonderful, but most people have a dream job they’ve never had the chance to prepare for. Discover theirs, and don’t forget to share yours with them in return. What a person wishes they were doing might tell you a lot about who they really are.

What would you alter about yourself if you could?

When someone claims they wouldn’t alter a thing about themselves because they’re flawless, you need to go further. Whether it’s their outward look or inner disposition, most people wish they could alter at least one aspect of themselves.

You can’t go wrong with these conversation starters for a new acquaintance. Then you’ll get a chance to learn even more about them!

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