How To Recognize and Deal With Sexual Tension at Work

At the same time, exciting and terrifying, sexual tension at work can have a wide range of effects on both parties involved. How to tell whether you’re experiencing it and what to do about it.

This strange occurrence at work is common. You’ve probably done the one when you stare at a coworker for a little bit too long. You sense a stirring within, an uneasiness that hasn’t been there before. What about that? There may be sexual tension on the job.

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Maybe you’ve had a major crush on a coworker for years, and now they’re paying you a lot of attention. Or perhaps you see a shift in your boss’s treatment of you, but you have no idea why.

It’s possible that the sexual tension in the office is something you look forward to and like, or that it’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable and increasingly angry as you try to focus on your work.

Do you feel there is sexual tension among coworkers?

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In terms of sexual harassment, the workplace is obviously a hostile place. Not knowing how to handle sexual tension with a coworker can be quite distracting. Work productivity may suffer, and office rumors may spread. What’s more, if you act on it and things don’t work out, you’ll be in for some serious social discomfort at the very least, and a terrible heartbreak at the worst!

What do you do if you sense the sexual tension between you and a coworker? Let’s look at a few of them right now.

1. Keep your eyes on the other person. 

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When you can’t stop looking at each other, it’s a symptom of sexual tension at work. If you see a coworker gazing at you every time you look up, it’s possible that they have a crush on you.

2. Justifications to visit you. 

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Is there a coworker who you can never seem to get away from talking to, or who always seems to be popping by your desk with inquiries or wanting to chat? If that’s the case, sexual tension will rise.

3. Sensual exchanges. 

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How often do you joke around and talk about sex? To what extent are you receiving compliments? Or simply something sexist. Do you find that it’s impossible to have a discussion that doesn’t eventually become sexual?

4. Seductive emails. 

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Do you send your coworker flirty emails while you should be working? A tense sexual relationship like this is practically guaranteed. When you’re actually looking at each other, the feeling becomes exponentially stronger.

5. Taking the time to eat lunch together. 

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Do you regularly have lunch together, or at least manage to have a few words during your breaks? It’s obvious that there’s chemistry between you two since you spend so much of your free time together at work.

6. Happy hour is the time to unwind with a drink after a long day. 

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When office romance moves to the after-hours stage, tensions rise. You know you’re getting along great if you two go out for drinks after work. It might start as little more than a casual office romance, but things might always heat up.

7. Sexy handholding. 

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Do they hover their hands behind your chair and lightly touch your shoulder? When you sit close to one another, do your legs touch? Sometimes do they offer you a tiny hug? An increase in physical contact is a strong symptom of rising sexual tension.

8. Teasing. 

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Tease is a subset of flirting. If someone is always making fun of you, it’s generally because they have a crush on you.

Solving the problem of sexual tension in the workplace:

Consider the possibility that you and a coworker are flirting with one another and that sexual tension is rising as a result of all of the above. What to do about it is not always obvious. Some considerations are listed below.

1. When did they stop dating? 

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Before making any moves, you should find out if the person you have your eye on is available. Try to find out even if you don’t know them very well. It’s usually not a good idea to involve yourself with someone who has strong feelings about the circumstance they’re in.

2. Just how well-informed are you about them? 

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The mystery is what makes it so interesting, even if you think you like them. You may find that you do not like them after getting to know them.

3. Do you have a very close working relationship? 

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Are daily encounters with this individual mandatory? Do you happen to share an office or work together? Before making a switch, consider all of these aspects; otherwise, you may come to wish you’d chosen a different organizational structure.

4. Just how much do you appreciate them? 

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Assess how much this person means to you. Can you tell me if this is merely a crush, or do you genuinely like this person? Before you act, check to see if your emotions are shared by them. You risk serious injury if they are only interested in light flirtation or a one-night stand.

5. Should you risk losing your job? 

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Having an office romance is a great way to spice up your workday and add some enticing mystery to your life. This is surprisingly common, particularly if the individual in question does not enjoy their work.

The issue is that if you take action and then change your mind, or if you end up as a couple, but things go wrong, this might seriously jeopardize your career. Seeing their face every day may be too much of a trigger for negative emotions such as embarrassment, pain, rejection, anger, and so on.

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If you are unable to settle problems at work, disciplinary action may be taken against you. Perhaps you’ve reached a breaking point at work and want to quit.

That’s especially true if your flirting with a higher-up at work turns into something more serious. Despite how unethical it is, people in authoritative positions are frequently used against their subordinates. It’s possible that you’ll be discreetly removed from a position you had no intention of quitting.

Sexual tension in the workplace is common. Whatever you choose to do about it is entirely up to you. The key is to catch the warnings early and decide whether or not to take action.

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